Astrill Vs Expressvpn – Which VPN Works Better?

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You can now know which private network is good for hiring between astrill vs expressvpn and having a stable connection. VPNs fulfill the objective of giving you a better network connection, eliminating blocks, and protecting your IP address. Know all the details that each vpn shares so that you can compare each other and hire the best one.

Find out how each VPN works in connection, speed, price, security, and some key features that make it the best. You can know how good the customer service is with each vpn so you can contact them at any time. With this key information, you can motivate yourself to hire the best VPN to have unlimited browsing.

A Quick Comparison Chart:

In the following comparative table, you can know a summary of the functions that each vpn presents for you to acquire now:

Details of Factor Astrill Expressvpn
Connection Speed & Stability 102.8 Mbps 121.6 Mbps
Pricing 10.00 $ 6.67 $
Security & Privacy Military encryption

256 Bit connection

IKEv2, PPTP, OpenVPN protocols

256 Bit Encryption

Leak protection

Military encryption


IKEv2 and L2TP network protocol

Features Reduces 60% of online connection

15 ms to connect on the internet

P2P connection for 10 devices

It only reduces 25% of the internet speed

Available in almost all countries

P2P connection for 5 devices

Streaming support Works with Hulu, Netflix, HBO, etc. Works for Hulu, ESPN, Youtube TV, Netflix, HBO, Disney +, etc.
Customer Support 2,100 servers available in 61 countries

24-hour support

2,500 servers available in 94 countries

24/7 support


Astrill Vs Expressvpn: How to Choose a VPN?

Astrill Vs Expressvpn

If you want to choose with astrill vs expressvpn, you must know some data on how it works, such as:

1. Connection Speed ​​& Stability

The first thing you may worry about when you hire a VPN is the connection speed and stability. You should choose a private network that does not limit your connection, which is reliable while you use it. Both private networks are excellent at their connection, but one will always stay ahead of the game.


With Astrill, you can have a connection speed higher than 102.8 Mbps that allows you to surf quickly. This vpn not only encrypts your IP address but avoids slowing down online for you to use in streaming. You can use the IP address of almost any country with several available switches.


When it comes to connection speed, Expressvpn can be the best option giving you up to 121.6 Mbps on each website. You will have an upload speed of 25 Mbps, being very high and stable for you to use in different online services. ExpressVPN updates itself with the most trusted IP addresses, so you don't have a hard time getting blocked.

2. Pricing

Without a doubt, the price makes the difference between the best private networks and their money-back guarantees. You can motivate yourself to hire a VPN based on how affordable it looks in your monthly or yearly payment.

Astrill Vs Expressvpn


The amount of money you have to give to hire astrill is very high according to some clients, exceeding 10 dollars. The private network may be good, but in prices, it may exaggerate for you to contract. If you opt for the Astrill membership, you will have 7-day money-back guarantees.

Astrill Vs Expressvpn just works work


If you want to hire Expressvpn, you will have to invest $ 6.67, being a price for many people. The private network offers you discounts for an extended contract for up to one year if you wish. Money-back guarantees on ExpressVPN cover the next 30 days from when you sign up.

3. Security & Privacy

With astrill vs expressvpn, you can see a similarity in the security and privacy of the data they keep. You will have safe navigation each time you visit the web pages; you will avoid the filtration of data, advertisements, etc.


The base level of security in Astrill offers military encryption not to have problems when exposing your IP. The private network has security protocols in OpenVPN, PPTP, iKev2, and a stable connection by 256 Bits. You will have several connection switches to change your cloned IP address as many times as you want.


Expressvpn gives you multiple connection protocols spanning OpenVPN, iKev2, leak protection, L2TP, etc. You will enjoy its military encryption and several switches in your system to change the IP at will. Every time you use the VPN, your IP address will be updated, and you will always have the best connection bridge.

4. Features

You must know the special characteristics that each vpn presents before you hire. The P2P connection may change in private networks and reduce the internet in some countries.

Astrill Vs Expressvpn just works work


This private network offers you a data reduction covering 60 countries like the United Kingdom and France. You will have a P2P connection with up to 10 devices between Windows, Mac, IOS, Android, Routers, etc.


If you use ExpressVPN, you will have a minimum data reduction of only 25% in the UK and 22% in France. You can connect to your Windows, Linux, or Mac computer seamlessly, just like on mobile devices. In P2P connection, the server works for 5 devices.

5. Streaming Support

The streaming connection of both servers is incredible, allowing you to enjoy new series and movies from other countries. You can use these private networks for streaming only and have a stable connection for the whole day.


If you use Astrill for streaming, you can connect to Hulu, ESPN, HBO, Netflix, Disney Plus, and other online servers. You will be able to load the broadcast live in HD quality, without pauses, and under the best servers. You will never have problems trying to connect to these servers, your IP will not be blocked, and you will not suffer from advertisements.


If you use Expressvpn for streaming, you will connect to almost all foreign servers like Netflix, HBO, Hulu, ESPN, Disney +. The connection to these television channels is high fidelity comprising a resolution of 4K. You will be able to see your best shows, sporting events, movies, and others under the best online connection.

6. Customer Support

In case you have questions or connection problems with private networks, you will need good technical support. These private network agents should give you online chat and 24-hour help.


If you have connection failures, Astrill technical support will be there for you by email or phone number. You can contact these agents online and solve your problems in less than 24 hours.



After you sign up for ExpressVPN, the help desk is on the lookout for your complaints 24 hours a day. You will have contact via email, live chat, or a phone number that the website gives you.

astrill vs expressvpn expressVPN

Final Thoughts

Now that you know the special features of astrill vs expressvpn, you will choose the best private network. ExpressVPN may win the contest by showing superiority in available servers, technical support, and loading speed. With ExpressVPN, you will also have better money-back guarantees compared to Astrill.

Thomas Smith
Thomas SmithEditor and Publisher at -

Thomas Smith is the editor of ForPrivacy, overseeing a team focused on building the voice of the cybersecurity world through guides, reviews articles and community. His background is as a writer and seasoned software industry veteran with 10 years of experience.

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