Best FREE Streaming Sites for Movies & TV Shows in 2021 [100% Safe]

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When it comes to watching streaming movies and TV series, Netflix is indeed the best platform. But the platform arrives with a high price tag which makes it too expensive for most of the peoples.

But, thanks to the best free streaming sites that let you stream unlimited movies and TV shows. Some of them even arrive with quality features and optimizations to offer you a decent streaming experience.

However, you may not find all the preferred movies and TV shows on the same site. That is why we are going to present you with the 11 best free streaming websites of 2021.

Best FREE Streaming Sites for Movies & TV Shows in 2021

Check out the review of the top-notch streaming websites for movies and TV series from below. The websites have been picked based on our research by considering the quality and optimization of the site.


1. Hoopla: Best Overall

Hoopla is a public library that lets you access unlimited TV shows, movies, audiobooks, music, eBooks, and many more things. Come into the service in 2013, Hoopla offers more than 500,000 titles to watch directly. You can access the platform by using a library card free of charge.


Hoopla also supports offline downloads to let you download and watch your preferred title anytime. The best thing about the platform is it is legal and offers original content. It is currently available at 6,000 locations in the US and Canada. However, you can access it from anywhere with a VPN.

The only drawback of Hoopla is you can check out only a limited number of titles per month. It also lacks some features that could have offered you a better streaming experience. Apart from these, Hoopla is one of the best streaming platforms that offer you an ad-free streaming experience.

You can access Hoopla from its official link.

  • Enjoy movies, audiobooks, eBooks, music, and comics from one place.
  • Available at 600,000 locations around the US and Canada.
  • Let’s you enjoy original content free of charge with a library card.
  • Include 500,000 titles on various genres and growing rapidly.
  • Compatible with most of the smart TV, smartphones, and PC devices.

  • You can only watch up to 5 to 20 titles per month, depending on the location.
  • Only accessible from the US and Canada.

2. Kanopy: Best Movie Selection

The Kanopy is another free streaming service funded by the libraries and universities. Though it is considered a new platform, it has around 30,000 titles and the number is growing rapidly. It includes most of the popular movies, TV Shows, and documentaries.


The Kanopy website enables you to enjoy the contents legally with a supported library card. It has agreements with Major publishers like Paramount, HBO Documentaries, PBS, and much more. Kanopy also allows you to find less popular but insightful titles.

You can enjoy HD quality free of charge. Moreover, the platform is compatible with all the major platforms of smart TV along with the smartphone, Windows, and Mac PCs.

You can access Kanopy from the link.

  • Offer 100% free streaming of popular movies, TV series, and documentaries.
  • Well-optimized and responsive User interface for ease of use.
  • Include movies and documentaries of Paramount, HBO documentary, PBS, etc.
  • Explore high-quality and insightful foreign movies and documentaries.
  • Compatible with smartphones, PCs, and all popular Smart TVs.
  • There is a limit on how much you can watch monthly based on your library.
  • Include mostly educational content.

3. Fmovies

Fmovies is one of the popular Netflix alternatives currently. It features a fully-equipped movie player that lets you watch and control the movies easily. You can find massive arrays of movies and TV shows from the Fmovie website.


The Fmovie feature a Netflix-like interface, ensuring you a better streaming experience. Moreover, the titles are categorized in genres, countries, A to Z, Top IDMB, etc. That means you can easily find the preferred title from the site.

However, there are some issues with Fmovies. As an example, it shows you a lot of ads and refers you to scam websites. That is why the website is often removed from the internet and change the domain name. It is also accused several times of infringement of copyright.

You can access Fmovies from the link.

  • Include a large number of TV series, films, and Documentaries.
  • Let you easily find the chosen title from the category or utilizing the search bar.
  • Brings you the latest movies faster than the other free sites.
  • User-friendly and responsive interface with built-in media player.
  • The site is not legit/doesn’t show you original contents.
  • Shows a lot of advertisements and transfer you to scam sites.
  • Accused of the infringement of copyrights.
  • No permanent domain addresses.

4. Tubi: Largest library

Tubi is considered the finest Netflix alternative with an extensive range of movies and TV series library. The platform is owned by the Fox Corporation and brings you a large number of popular titles. It features a personalized engine to offer you a better user experience.


There are around 20,000 movies on the Tubi apps. As like most of the free streaming platforms, it also shows you ads. Though it includes a massive number of titles, the service is completely legal. You can enjoy all the contents at Semi-HD or 720 pixels.

The Tubi include a modern user-interface that recommends titles according to what you are viewing. You can also create watchlists on the platform for a personalized viewing experience. It also supports parental control. You can enjoy Tubi from anywhere at free of charge.

You can access Tubi from the link.

  • Intuitive interface for a personalized viewing experience.
  • Let’s utilize parental control and create a watchlist.
  • The streaming service is 100% legal.
  • Includes optimizations for smooth and buffer-less viewing.

  • You may not find the latest content on the platform.
  • Shows advertisement frequently.

5. Pluto TV: Hundreds of live TV channels

Searching for a free alternative to the expensive cable TV service? Pluto TV can be the right option for you. Pluto Tv offers you more than 250 TV channels free of charge. You can also watch around 1000 on-demand TV shows and movies on this free streaming platform.

Pluto TV

Pluto TV is owned by Viacom, which means it is completely legitimate. It features a built-in web-based player that is optimized for smooth streaming. There are various news, sports, and entertainment channels in the streaming service.

Pluto TV is available for almost all popular smart TV devices. Besides, you can also utilize it on computers and smartphone devices by browsing the website. If you think that Pluto TV is the right streaming platform for you, then visit it now.

  • Offers more than 250 cable TV Channels free of charge.
  • Include an extensive array of on-demand TV shows and movies.
  • Built-in player with options to control the media.
  • Features an optimized interface to offer you a similar cable TV experience.
  • Shows a lot of advertisements.
  • Lacks a lot of popular cable TV channels.

6. MoviesJoy

If you don’t think much about the piracy of the platform, then the MoviesJoy will be the perfect streaming solution for you. It includes a huge array of movies and TV shows in different genres that you can stream smoothly from the website.


The MovieJoy not only enables you to enjoy the movies for free, but you can also save the media from the website. More so, it doesn’t disturb you a lot of advertisements. The website doesn’t monetize the media but you may find some ads from the host end.

The MoviesJoy lets you filter movies by IDMB rating, country, genre, popularity, and views. As the service is website based, you can access it from any devices. You can access the MoviesJoy from its official link.

  • Include a large number of movies and TV shows.
  • Enables you to download the movies apart from watching.
  • Shows less advertisement than other services.
  • Let’s you find suitable control by using different filter mechanisms.
  • Shows pirated content from different host sites.
  • The content quality can vary depending on the host.

7. Vudu: Solid Kids Selection

Vudu is a top-rated streaming platform that has a large user base for its impressive service. It brings you the latest TV shows and movies free of cost. It also includes some premium content which you can rent or buy at a small charge.


You can easily search for the preferred content by genre, Rotten Tomato rating, MPAA rating, etc. You can access it directly from the website and also from the app. The app offers you better control as you can set up parental control and utilize kid mode.

Vudu includes a huge library with popular and latest movies and TV shows. What amazed us about the platform is it includes plenty of child programs. Vudu can be the best platform for those who are searching for a safe entertainment experience for the kid.

You can access Vudu and also download the app from the link.

  • Kid-friendly platform with a lot of child programs.
  • Include kid mode and parental control for a personalized viewing experience.
  • Include a huge library of popular and latest titles.
  • Let you find preferred content by genre, MPA rating, and RT rating.
  • Additional contents are available at a small one-time charge.
  • It shows advertisements throughout the streaming.
  • Premium contents are pretty expensive as charge per title.

8. Crackle: Some Hard-to-Find Gems

A crackle is a place where you can find some of the rare movies and TV shows which are not available on the other sites. There are around 700 movies and 100 TV shows on the platform. The number may seem small but include a substantial number of quality titles that you will surely enjoy.


The nice thing is you don’t require any sign up for using the Crackle streaming service. However, you can still signup to add titles to your watchlist. The interface of the platform is not sophisticated but smooth enough to enjoy a decent streaming experience.

You can enjoy the titles at standard 740p on the platform. Apart from the web version, there is an app for the smartphone and Smart TVs. The Crackle streaming platform is completely free but it is monetized by advertisements which can be a little disturbing.

Follow the link for browsing the Crackle platform.

  • Includes around 700 movies and 100 TV series.
  • Enables you to watch the videos at 740 pixels.
  • Offers watchlist option and basic parental control.
  • Accessed from both web and mobile applications.
  • Shows a lot of advertisement.
  • The interface is a little bit old-fashioned.

9. IMDb TV: Slim pickings

IMDb TV is a new player in the streaming industry that is making its way to the top. It is a subsidiary of Amazon and brings you some of the best titles free of charge. The well-designed platform ensures you the highest streaming performance amongst the free streaming sites.


It offers you simplified access even without an account. But creating an account lets you create a playlist and keep track of your preferred contents. You can also watch the titles on high-quality from the platform. It even allows you to control the streaming quality.

All the titles in the IMDb TV include related information and rating, which is very helpful for the viewers. It also brings you some original content, which is very rare on the other free streaming sites. At IMDb TV, you will also find actor interviews and trailers of upcoming movies.

You can access IMDb TV from this link.

  • Offers you a decent and buffer-less streaming performance.
  • Enables you to stream at good (480p), better (720p), and best quality (1080p).
  • Include recognizable and popular movies, TV shows, and upcoming trailers.
  • Compatible with various platforms including smartphone, Smart TV, and PC.
  • Don’t include many original contents.
  • Shows advertisement frequently.

10. YouTube: Last Resort

Youtube is not a conventional streaming platform but it does include a lot of movies and TV series. The best thing about Youtube is its well-engineered interface, letting you enjoy the smoothest streaming experience.


Youtube is also faster and buffer-free than the other typical streaming platforms. It is also quite easy to find the preferred movie or TV series on Youtube. Simply search with the name and you should find it if it is available.

Another great thing about Youtube is there is a lot of original content in the platform from Youtube Red. Youtube is completely free but Youtube Red may cost a few bucks.

Youtube doesn’t even require any login to watch the videos. Here is the link to access Youtube.

  • Well-engineered and smooth video player.
  • All contents are obtainable free of charge.
  • Show less advertisement than other streaming platforms.
  • Intuitive UI, easy to find the preferred content.
  • Only a few numbers of movies and TV series are available.


Yify TV is a torrent-based streaming platform. It offers you a safe environment through the titles included in the sites are copyright infringed. Yify TV updated the Movies and TV series faster than any other streaming sites.

Yify TV

The Yify TV includes a built-in video player that lets you control the media quality. Besides, the titles are categorized based on genres, release years, popularity, rating, etc. so that you can easily find the favorite one.

While streaming the movies and TV series from the platform, you will need to go through several advertisements. It has no application and you can only stream from this website.

  • Include massive arrays of movies and documentaries.
  • Include video player to control video quality, speed, etc.
  • You can easily find the preferred title by browsing the category and searching.
  • Never show popup ads or ask to install apps.

  • Don’t include much TV series.

Disclaimer – Some of the streaming sites in the list may include copyright infringement. Besides, these sites may show you some advertisement and refer to various scam sites. We recommend the viewers to be careful while choosing the free streaming platform.

Final Thoughts

Why pay for a streaming site when you can watch the movies and TV series free of charge?  You can easily find the preferred title from these free streaming sites easily. They may show you some advertisements but you can enjoy a smooth streaming experience from these sites. Again if you are looking for the best free streaming sites then this article will be a great help for you.

Thomas Smith
Thomas SmithEditor and Publisher at -

Thomas Smith is the editor of ForPrivacy, overseeing a team focused on building the voice of the cybersecurity world through guides, reviews articles and community. His background is as a writer and seasoned software industry veteran with 10 years of experience.

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