7 Best Kickass Torrents Alternatives 2021 (That REALLY 100% Work)

Kickass torrents was the prime torrent site that spread the torrent system to the people all around. Once the kickass torrents used to be the most visited torrent site, it was the big moth that cannot be beaten in comparison to others.

Later on, it got blocked and left the other torrent users in the dark alley. The kickass torrents’ alternatives came forward to provide these users with a path to fill these users’ requirements. The best kickass torrents alternatives will be able to fulfill the desire a consumer possesses.

7 Best Kickass Torrents Alternatives Which Are Safe To Use

The content library, seeder availability, download speed, safety, etc., factors play an important role while choosing a good kickass torrents alternative. Here we’ve discussed the best alternatives to kickass that will pave the way for entertainment.


1. 1337x – Reliable With A Massive Torrents Library

The content library is the key factor that makes a torrent site preferable to torrent users. 1337x is known for its massive torrent library that can fulfill any type of requirement of a user.

1337x – Reliable with a Massive Torrents Library

Having so much content on a single website increases the possibility of being a complex interface. However, the torrent site offers the best deal with an attractive and simple interface that is easy to navigate.

Many torrent sites force the user to provide their personal information and log in before being able to download any content. In 1337x, no id is required, and any visitor can download any torrent file as he wishes.

1337x Features:

  • Founded in: by record 133x was found in 2007
  • Built-in media feature: 1337x contains a built-in media feature that allows the consumer to watch content without waiting hours to download it; instead, they can watch the content directly on the website.
  • Download speed in average: the download speed was found more than 4 mbps speed in average
  • Anonymous download feature: an anonymous feature is available that can be used so that even the cache and cookies do not record the downloaded files records.
  • Mirrors or substitutes: some of the mirror sites for 1337x are 1337x, x1337x.eu
  • Blocked: countries like australia, uk, ireland, etc., have banned 1337x so far.

2. Limetorrents – Millions Of Torrents In Every Category

Having tons of torrent files does not prove that it can fulfill your requirement. The contents should have a good chunk of content under every category, or else only a certain type of consumer will get the benefit from the site. Others will shift to another torrent site that suits them.

LimeTorrents – Millions of Torrents in Every Category

In limetorrents, they have divided contents into different categories. Every category contains tons of content that are well organized and sorted. And people will find their desired content easily.

Limetorrents Features:

  • Founded: official website of limetorrents was found in 2009
  • Badges: the uploaders who are verified on the website are marked with different badges. If downloaded their content, there is a greater possibility of getting greater speed and less possibility of trojan horses.
  • Download speed in average: the average download speed of the website was tested at different times. The result shows the average speed as 3.1 mbps
  • Mirrors or substitutes: many mirror sites of limetorrents are found. Some of them are limetorrents.info, limetor.club, limetorrents.asia
  • Blocked: countries like australia, uk, france, etc., banned limetorrents. Vpns can be used to use the limetorrents in those regions.

3. YTS – Best For Movies

One of the most visited kickass torrents alternatives is yts. Yts contains all the key factors that a torrent site needs to have. The interface of yts is top-notch. The interface is very simple, attractive, and user-friendly; thus, their interface is being adopted by different organizations like netflix.

YTS – Best for Movies

Yts possesses a good number of seeders. Even the old torrent files can be downloaded from yts as the torrent files do not usually become seedless in yts.

YTS Features:

  • Founded in: the official yts website was found in 2011.
  • Download speed in average: the tests show the download speed of yts on average is more than 1.2 mbps
  • Mirrors or substitutes: some mirror sites of yts are yts.unblocked.mx, yts.am, etc.
  • Blocked: till now, only ireland has banned yts in their region.

4. RARBG – Multipurpose

If top torrent sites are searched, RARBG can be located in every list of best torrents. RARBG has everything that a torrent user demands. It has a huge content library with a simple interface. The interface does not contain much information, thus making it easy to navigate.

RARBG – Multipurpose

Not only content files but also recent trending news of hollywood movies can be found in the RARBG.

RARBG features:

  • Founded in: the official website of RARBG was found in 2008.
  • Download speed in average: the download speed on average for RARBG was found to be 1.9 mbps.
  • Mirrors or substitutes: is a substitute link to use RARBG.
  • Blocked: several countries have blocked the RARBG site up until now. Denmark, portugal, uk, etc., to name a few. Even in asia, countries like pakistan, indonesia have blocked RARBG.

5. Torrentz2 – All In One

If you like to have a variety of content, then torrentz2 is the way to go. Torrentz2 contains more categories than most of the torrent sites. Torrentz2 is the perfect site, especially for a music lover. In fact, you’ll find this torrent site bigger than other music torrent sites. Torrentz2 consists of music from different times, different types, and different cultures.

Torrentz2 – All in One

The simple interface amazes anyone who visits torrentz2 and makes their search for content more comfortable.

Torrentz2 Features:

  • Founded in: the official website of torrentz2 was found in 2016.
  • Download speed in average: tests shows the download speed of torrentz2 on average is above 1.9 mbps
  • Mirrors or substitutes: some of the mirror sites of torrentz2 are torrentz2.me, torrentz2.is, etc.
  • Blocked: no record is found of torrentz2 being blocked in any country or region.

6. Nyaa.Si – Best For Anime And Software

This site is mostly dedicated to the anime industry. As the popularity of the anime industry is increasing, a dedicated anime site is much needed. Nyaa.si does the job. Nyaa.si has a great collection of software as well. Any paid software can be found in nyaa.si for free of cost.

Nyaa.si – Best for Anime and Software

Nyaa.si has a great interface that assists the visitor to find their desired content with relative ease.

Nyaa.Si Features

  • Founded: the official website of nyaa.si was found in 2005.
  • Download speed in average: the average speed to download from nyaa.si was found around 2 mbps
  • Mirrors or substitutes: nyaa.eu, nyaa.net are some of the alternative sites of nyaa.si
  • Blocked: the nyaa.si website was found to be banned in the australia region. Vpns can be used to use nyaa.si in blocked regions.

7. The Pirate Bay

One of the most eligible substitutes of kickass torrents is the pirate bay. This site exceeds the requirement of a good torrent site in every aspect. If you’re looking for rare content, it’s the highest possible option to find it on the pirate bay. It has one of the most enriched content libraries that can provide anything a consumer might need.

The Pirate Bay

The number of seeders and the download speed of the pirate bay is top-notch. Every torrent user has at least once used or heard about the pirate bay.

The Pirate Bay Features:

  • Founded in: the torrent site was found in 2013.
  • Download speed in average: the pirate bay’s average download speed is usually more than different torrent sites provide. To be exact, the speed is around 2.9 mbps.
  • Mirrors or substitutes: some of the mirror sites of the pirate bay are tbpmirror.org, thepiratebay.red, etc.
  • Blocked: a list of countries has blocked the pirate bay. Argentina, ireland, italy, kuwait, malaysia, sri lanka, spain, the uk, uae, etc., to name a few.

Kat Alternative – Proxy List

Though kickass torrent got blocked, some good alternative proxy is available that can be used to use the site. Some of the proxies are given below in the form of a list:

What Makes A VPN Good For Torrenting?

As the torrent sites often get banned or are illegal, so you need to use a vpn that can keep you safe while torrenting. A good vpn must have some key features. Some of them are given below:


  • The main job of a vpn in a torrent site is to hide the user’s ip address.
  • As torrent sites do not have the authority to share the contents they provide to the user, so using torrent is illegal. In many countries, you will be fined or even be prisoned for using torrents. So, this feature shouldn’t be overlooked that will restrict any from tracking you.
  • Vpn changes your ip address and provides your device a different ip address, so your device cannot be located. It prevents anyone from looking over your internet activity as well. Usually, the isp or even the government tries to keep an eye on your internet activity. Vpn should be able to prevent that.
  • Even some vpns sell the information of the user to a third party. These possibilities should be minimized, or else using a vpn might harm more than it does good.
  • Privacy is one of the most important features that should be confirmed in a good vpn to protect your sensitive data.

Unblock sites:

  • In reality, torrent sites often get banned in different regions or countries. If you are a torrent user, from tomorrow morning, you might not be able to log in to your preferred torrent site anymore. Even if it might so be the case, and no torrent site is accessible from your area.
  • Vpn should be able to unblock these sites for the consumer to enjoy torrenting. You should choose a vpn that can unblock any site at any given time.


  • The server speed is very important while using a vpn. As the user’s pc is getting connected to a virtual server, if the server cannot provide enough speed, then the use of the vpn is useless.
  • Different vpns provide good speed for different country’s servers. And you should go with a subscription that meets your needs. For example, if you are using a torrent that can only be accessed from a certain location, you should use a vpn with a server in that country.

Easy to use:

  • The vpn should be easy to use for any kind of user. All the users might not be a rocket engineer; some of them might even be uneducated. The vpn should have an interface that is suitable for every vpn user.
  • The vpn should be easy to connect. There are vpns that can be connected with one single tap. The vpn will find a suitable and fastest server by itself.
  • These are the key factors that a consumer should look into before choosing the vpn to use.

What Is The Best VPN For Browsing Kickass Torrents Alternative Site?

The kickass torrents alternatives need to be used while connected with a vpn. Among thousands of available vpn, the vpn’s that are suggested by us are given:

1. ExpressVPN Review

The very first requirement of a vpn is that it can unblock any site. Expressvpn does an extraordinary job in this case. It can unblock any blocked torrent sites at any given time. During our tests, it has not failed to unblock any torrent sites at all.


The time required to connect the vpn to a server is a few milliseconds only. Thus, the vpn is very fast, and it works on any device as well.

Considering the cost in terms of quality, no one can beat this giant. It only costs 12.95 dollars a year, which means less than 2 dollars a month. So, the deal is up to grab. The money-back-guarantee is provided with a month-long free subscription. So, if you do not like the product during the test run, you do not have to pay a single penny.

2. Cyberghost Review

Cyberghost is a trustworthy vpn among torrent users around the globe.

Cyberghost does not take much effort from the user end. Only tapping a single button connects the device to a server. After that, any torrent sites can be used freely.


The cost is a key factor as many cannot afford to spend money on a vpn. Cyberghost only costs 2.75 dollars a month, which is a fair price for any consumer.

Once subscribed, you do not have to buy another id to use it on another device. A single subscription can be enjoyed on up to seven devices, so if 7 people pay a collective cost of CyberGhost vpn subscription, it will feel like using a vpn free of cost.

3. Nordvpn Review

If the size of the torrent file is an issue, then nordvpn is the way to go. And you can’t find other vpns as fast as nordvpn that made it better in these circumstances. Any size of content can be downloaded in no time with nordvpn if the seeder is available.


The cost of nordvpn is only 3.71 dollars a month, which is a very low cost compared to other vpn that provides speed close to this one.

Nordvpn contains more than 4500 servers, which are p2p protected. Thus, ensuring good speed of the servers.

One subscription can be used on 6 different devices, so the whole family can enjoy the servers and security that nordvpn provides with only one subscription.

Frequently Asked Questions

So, every torrent lover experienced trouble when the kickass torrent wasn’t found live. But we’ve listed the best alternatives to kickass that will leave a good experience but might not like your favorite one.

Is kickass torrents still available?

No. The us government has already wiped out the kickass torrent site, and isn’t available right now. There are many mirror sites of kickass torrents available on the web, which consist of a similar interface and many contents. These mirror sites can be used if needed instead of the original kickass torrents.

What happened to kickass torrents?

However, to take kickass torrent down, the homeland security department and the itrs of the united states introduced the joint law enforcement operation. Since then, the torrent website has not been online ever.

What is the best kickass torrents alternative?

Above all, pirate bay is one of the most popular torrent sites right now, and people consider it the best alternative to Kickass Torrents. This site has got a number of contents, a number of seeders, and an average download speed similar to Kickass Torrents.

Final Thoughts

Kickass torrents was the best torrent website at its time. The us government took it down by force, which has hindered millions of torrent users’ entertainment. For these users, the best kickass torrents alternatives are available to be explored and fulfill their need for entertainment content.

So, if you want to experience the best entertainment platform as a kickass alternative, why don’t you use any of them listed above?

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