9 Best Putlocker Alternatives (That REALLY Awesome) in 2021

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Thomas Smith
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Thomas Smith is the editor of ForPrivacy, overseeing a team focused on building the voice of the cybersecurity world through guides, reviews articles and community. His background is as a writer and seasoned software industry veteran with 10 years of experience.

If you’re a streamer and love to watch your favorite movies online, then it’s certain that you’ve heard about Putlocker streaming service. Yeah, I’m right, and it’s one of the most popular streaming services than others. Due to its popularity, it has derived several ISPs not to block users from accessing it.

The online streaming site has already touched many hearts as it stores movies in a locker that is easily accessible from any device. Unfortunately, the service is no longer available, and we’ve listed some popular sites which are the best Putlocker alternatives to stream movies and TV shows.

Best Putlocker Alternatives to Stream Movies and TV Shows

So, the young generation loves to stream online for movies and TV shows than other offline programs. In a sense, Putlocker has become versatile for its vast store of movies and other programs. But we’re here to provide the best Putlocker alternatives to stream movies and TV shows.


1. 123Movies – The Largest Library

When it comes to the online streaming site, the name that comes ahead is 123 Movies. It is widely known among the youth generation for its unique and consumer-friendly features.

123Movies – The Largest Library

123 movies facilitate you with not only movies and TV shows but also cartoons and dramas. The very streaming site contains many movies, TV shows, Cartoons, and dramas on their list that makes the difference among other online streaming sites.

Using non-affiliated third parties in all contents makes 123 movies somehow legal. No signup is required to start watching this streaming site. Besides, you won’t find more ads than most of the free streaming sites.

123 Movies Features:

  • It offers to watch online seamlessly, and you don't have to download it.
  • The streaming site will help you to save your bucks. You don't have to pay for movie tickets, or any monthly/yearly subscription is required here.
  • You can run this site on all kinds of devices.
  • This site is full of various content, and you won’t feel bored while streaming on this site.
  • This site is faster and secure than it was before.

How to use

You have to use a high-speed and secure VPN that offers strong encryption. It also needs to have global servers to bypass any geo-restrictions. Install it and connect to the server in your targeted country. Now it is done, you just need to visit the site and enjoy watching it.

2. SolarMovie – The Overall Best for Movies

SolarMovie is one of the best websites for watching free movies online, and you’ll find plenty of movies and TV shows on it. You can play this streaming site on devices such as Fire TV, Amazon FireStick 4k, Android Tv boxes, PCs, Tablets, Phones, and many more.

SolarMovie – The Overall Best for Movies

This streaming site works similar to 123 Movies. This streaming site is free, and it has gone through several name changes and domain switches in the previous phase.

SolarMovie Features:

  • You don't have to pay for streaming here as it is free for the end-users. So, no subscription fee is needed to create an account here.
  • This will save you valuable time as it requires no time to download. Here you can watch the programs without downloading.
  • You will never get bored of using that site as it will present brand new- content before you.
  • The site is compatible with any device that supports the internet.
  • This site shows less advertisement and relatively faster than any other streaming site.

How to Use

Firstly, you have to install a VPN and connect it to your target country. Search and select the Silk Browser option, then click on download. After downloading, click open to launch the browser you prefer. Now, you need to select options to move forward. Launch the browser wherever you want and then click on the search icon and enter the URL- www.solarmovies.co and click GO. This is it. You're almost finished. You need to search for whatever you want to watch and enjoy the show.

3. Primewire – One of The Oldest Platforms

You will be offered to watch movies and show here in three possible video quality: low, medium, and high. The positive thing about this site is you can choose the video quality here. So you can stream on this site using mobile data, which is the best thing about Primewire.

Primewire – One of The Oldest Platforms

Primewire offers you a huge list of both Hollywood and Bollywood blockbusters and many more.  Crackle, Vudu, Tubi, IMDb TV, Pluto.TV are some of the sites to watch free Primewire alternatives.

Primewire Features:

  • You can get numerous movies and TV shows here, and there has come plenty of options to choose from.
  • You don't have to pay for theater tickets as you can enjoy them sitting on your bed.
  • You don't have to worry about security here; it is safe and fast.
  • You can enjoy the movies here without so many advertisements coming on the screen.
  • This streaming site facilitates the user's choice of video quality to download and watch while offline.

How to Use

You have to start by installing a VPN and connecting it to the desired server. If it’s done, then you should go for creating an account. After that, a payment method will be visible to its local address. Then try to use it; if the site doesn't load promptly, then clear the browser's cookies and reload the page.

4. GoMovies – Very User Friendly

The feature that will please you more is that this streaming site lets you choose between two different homepage layouts. The default homepage features a well-designed search bar, and other functions are well-organized in the site.

GoMovies – Very User Friendly

What can be more cheers if you find an option to sort the movies in terms of trending, most views, and IMDb rating? Besides, this site also offers you a night mode feature it. This feature helps the user to watch movies late at night.

GoMovies Features:

  • However, you’ll find this streaming site free to watch films and TV shows.
  • An application is available for android, IOS, and Windows operating systems, which makes the user experience more comfortable.
  • You can experience a late-night movie marathon while on the night mode.
  • You can get all the brand-new TV programs and movies here for free of cost.
  • Users don't have to suffer a lot choosing the best content to watch as it offers different sections containing different types of shows and movies.

How to Use

Install and connect the VPN and then open GoMovies in your browser. Now, you should write your favorite movie name on the search bar. Afterward, go to browser extension and seek Advert Blocker. Then click on Obtain, and then it will begin within just some seconds.

5. Watch Series Online – Great For TV Shows

Watch series style streaming has added a new version named Watchseries. Ninja recently on their site. You must have heard this name if you're really a streaming site fan. You can easily access this site and get all the recently released movies and TV shows here.

Watch Series Online – Great For TV Shows

All of the contents released here benefits from full HD quality and no advertising. Every movie and TV show here is dubbed in a foreign language and also with English subtitles for hassle-free streaming.

Watch series Features:

  • The website has a database containing more than 10 thousand movies and 60 thousand episodes, so you will never get bored of streaming here.
  • This streaming site tried its best to publish content without advertising. But due to some third parties hosting videos, they can't get fully rid of this.
  • Using this streaming website will save you time. You can both download and watch seamlessly from this site.
  • This website facilitates users with subtitles of their own language.
  • Your streaming experience will be smooth with fewer advertisements.

How to Use

Firstly, you need to have a secure connection to access this site. Install a VPN and connect to your target country. Then, open a browser on your device and type the URL- https://wtchseries.ninja/. You will reach the home page of this site. From the search bar, find your favorite movies or TV series and enjoy the streaming.

6. LOS Movies – Best for International Content

LOS Movies has been the best site to watch movies and TV shows online for free. And many people prefer this site to stream the newly released movies or other favorites.

LOS Movies – Best for International Content

LOS Movies have been down recently because of streaming pirated content. Before it was banned due to this violence, it was on the top of the streamers' choice list.

LOS Movies Features:

  • This will offer you free watching online TV shows and movies.
  • The free streaming site is secured, and the users don't get any threat while streaming.
  • This site contains numerous contents from which you can pick your favorite one.
  • You can choose the video quality, which will save your data expenses.
  • However, you’ll enjoy streaming without any advertisement.

How to Use

Install a VPN and connect to the target country for a secure connection. Then type URL- https://losmovies.live/ to get access to this streaming site. Afterward, you will reach the homepage of LOS Movies, and you will see a search bar there on the top. Search whatever you want to watch and enjoy streaming.

7. F Movies – An Excellent Search Functionality

This site contains a series of piracy websites that hit links allowing users to stream movies and download them as well for free. This streaming site is like Netflix but what makes it different from Netflix is this needs no payment. And no subscription-fee is needed to stream on this site.

F Movies – An Excellent Search Functionality

F movies are the best legal alternatives and sites for online streaming on the internet. You don't have to be concerned about the security threats while logged in to this site.

F Movies Features:

  • This streaming site offers you excellent search functionality with numerous movies and TV shows.
  • This requires no payment method before accessing this site that saves money.
  • It will entertain you with numerous content, and you will never get out of content
  • You can browse this streaming site with all kinds of devices such as laptops, Tab, Mobile phone, Android TV, and so on.
  • You can download and watch online both from this streaming site.

How to Use

To get started with this streaming site, you should have a strong internet connection to access this site. You need to connect on a targeted VPN. Then you have to open your chrome browser and type the website link there. You will get direct access to the homepage where you will get the trendy movies and shows for free.

8. Yes Movies – Stream Great Documentaries

Yes movies offer you instant search and find the best websites to watch and stream movies and TV shows online.  In the cinemas, you can catch up on the newest episode of your favorite movies.

Yes Movies – Stream Great Documentaries

Yes Movies Features:

  • This site is fast working and full of contents.
  • You need not pay for using this streaming site as it requires no subscription payment.
  • You will not see an advertisement coming on your screen frequently using this site.
  • The streaming site will thrill you until you’re streaming on it.
  • You’ll also find an app version of it on the Play Store.

How to Use

First, install the extension to chrome and click on the Yes movies icon that will pave the way for direct access. When you’re on that page, you can write on the search bar to enjoy your favorite movie. You must ensure that you're connected to a VPN and targeted network, which will protect you from any sort of threat.

9. AZMovies – Offers A Lot Of Mirrors

Like all of the above, Azmovies is an illegal streaming piracy website. This website is well-known for streaming content for free without having any permission from the production houses or the content creators.

AZMovies – Offers A Lot Of Mirrors

This pirated website has a rank of 378,460, which is tremendous. This page also has 2.9 pageviews daily per visitor. These statistics are enough to prove the popularity of this site among streamers all around the world.

Azmovies Features:

  • This streaming site contains tons of movies, series, and TV shows to entertain the users.
  • You need not pay a single penny for downloading your favorite movies and TV series.
  • You will see fewer advertisements coming on the screen in comparison to other free streaming sites.

How to Use

This streaming site requires nothing special to get access to it. You just need to add on a secure VPN and open a browser on your device. Then type the link of this streaming site in order to get direct access. You will see a search box in the middle of the homepage. Put the name of whatever you want to watch in it and enjoy streaming.

Why Use A VPN for Online Streaming

We use VPNs mostly for streaming our favorite online content from any location around the world. This will neither lessen your speed nor hamper your privacy. Let’s learn about some factors that made VPN essential for online streaming.


If your route on any public server, any online spy or hacker can track your online activity. But if a VPN connection can sub-mask your IP address to protect your sensitive information.


A good VPN ensures your safety, and all the data you’re losing on the internet are encrypted. So, no online spy can interpret them and blackmail you.

Unblock GEOS:

Some countries have geographical restrictions, and if you’re traveling to some places- like China, then you can’t watch your favorite programs or TV shows online. Then a VPN comes and lets you break the restrictions.

What is the Best VPN for Watch Putlocker Movies?

So, are you planning to purchase a VPN subscription for streaming online? But you’re confused about which one is perfect and safe for your browsing.

1. ExpressVPN Review

ExpressVPN is one of the fastest servers around the world, delivering high-quality buffer streams; this VPN unblocks almost all the major streaming services from any location. However, you’ll get a decent 30-days money-back guarantee with this fastest VPN.

A one-year subscription will cost you 12.95$ per month, which includes 30 days of a free trial.

ExpressVPN Features:

  • Unblocking Site: You can enjoy unrestricted access worldwide using this VPN, which allows you unlimited access to video, music, social media, Amazon Prime, BBC Iplayer, DAZN, ESPN, and Disney Plus.
  • Anonymity: Whether you’ll access any site through this VPN, it’ll sub mask your IP address, and you’ll enjoy browsing as anonymous.
  • Compatibility: A single subscription to this VPN facilitates you with easy-to-use apps for Mac, Windows, Android, iOS, Linux, and so much more.
  • Safe Torrenting: Hide IP, No Logs.

2. CyberGhost Review

CyberGhost is a big name in the VPN industry that also provides a secure and private connection to its users. And it will also provide full protection to your network. Besides, no spy can hack your identity while browsing on the internet, and it hides your IP address for your safety.


This VPN offers you 100% off on the 1st month. This is currently offering 68% off on a 3 years plan costing 1.88$ per month. Besides, a decent 30-days money-back guarantee is offered from the provider.

CyberGhost Features:

  • Secured: It keeps your data safe from third parties or any tracker. Your identity will remain safe always as it uses 256- bit encryption.
  • Unblock sites: It offers unlimited access to your favorite streaming site like- YouTube, Facebook, tinder, Pandora, Spotify, Pinterest, and many more.
  • Torrenting: Safe torrenting with no-log
  • Connections: You can enjoy numerous devices with a single subscription.

3. NordVPN Review

NordVPN is one of the safest and fastest VPNs all around the world. While using this VPN, no one can hack your browsing data as it promises to safeguard your identity.


Besides, the premium users will find a CyberSec service that will protect your system from any virus or ransomware. However, the Military Grade Protection is used to ensure safe browsing.

This will cost you just $89.00 for the first two years, which saves 68% of the actual price. This also offers a 30-day free trial.

NordVPN Features:

  • Protection: This VPN is safe while using public Wi-Fi, accessing personal networks, and working accounts on the road.
  • Encryption: It uses AES-256 bit encryption to secure your anonymity.
  • Log-Policy: No-log policy.

4. Surfshark Review

Surf Shark VPN is a feature-packed VPN that offers you almost every single thing that you may ask from a product. This VPN offers access to around 1700 servers of around 60 countries.


This will cost you $2.21 per month with a 3 months free trial also. Currently, a purchase will save up to 83% off for two years.

Surf Shark Features:

  • Kill Switch: In case of dropping your VPN connection, there’s a Kill Switch to secure your data.
  • Unblock Sites: The VPN offers you access to your favorite sites like -Netflix, BBC iPlayer, Hulu, Amazon Prime, and HBO.
  • Whitelist: It enables some specific sites to bypass the VPN.

5. PrivateVPN Review

Military-grade encryption gives protection to you from governments and hackers. Starting from video streaming to social networks, this VPN works almost everywhere.


This VPN pack will cost you $2.07 per month for a 24 months pack, which saves 65%. This will also offer you a 30-day trial period.

PrivateVPN Features:

  • Torrenting: It offers safe torrenting with a zero log policy.
  • Encryption: it supports OpenVPN with UDP/TCP protocol to secure data.
  • Unblock Sites: The VPN unblocks Netflix, BBC iPlayer, Kodi.

Frequently Asked Questions

However, we’ve documented the best putlocker alternatives, we’ve put some secured VPN services to stream online for safe browsing. Here’re some other queries that you should know.

Has Putlocker Been Shut Down?

However, the Putlocker was blocked in the UK in May 2016 as it was considered a piracy threat claimed by the Motion Picture Association. Besides, it was very popular and placed in the top 250 streaming sites around the world.

Is Putlocker Legal?

Putlocker is a pirated movie, and TV shows streaming site. No pirated websites are legal anywhere. So, it is not legal to stream on Putlocker.

Is It Safe To Use Putlocker?

If you’ve purchased a secured VPN connection along with a good ad-blocker, then you can easily stream on this site to enjoy your favorite programs.

What Are The Best Putlocker Alternatives?

Our experts have discussed almost nine Putlocker alternatives above. From those nine, the best pick will be 123 movies without any doubt because this very site offers the possible service to its streamers.

Final Words

It's never easy to pick the best alternatives of Putlocker as there are so many streaming sites available on the internet because all the sites offer the same opportunities in most cases. So, we’ve listed the best Putlocker alternatives to stream movies and TV shows.

We will tell you just to go through our experts' recommendations, and the rest of the decision is totally up to you. Many of the streaming sites display so many advertising videos while watching movies or Tv shows. We must avoid this type of streaming sites.

Thomas Smith
Thomas SmithEditor and Publisher at - forprivacy.org

Thomas Smith is the editor of ForPrivacy, overseeing a team focused on building the voice of the cybersecurity world through guides, reviews articles and community. His background is as a writer and seasoned software industry veteran with 10 years of experience.

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