9 Best Torrent Sites (Safe & Free) in 2021

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Thomas Smith is the editor of ForPrivacy, overseeing a team focused on building the voice of the cybersecurity world through guides, reviews articles and community. His background is as a writer and seasoned software industry veteran with 10 years of experience.

While living in a global village, the first requirement is to have access to any content. Torrent sites are there to ensure just that. What torrent sites do is let people share the content they own with others who need it.

This way, the users do not have to hit a dead end while looking for the content that they need. The issue here that arises is the safety of the user. As the torrent files are created and distributed by the users themselves, lack of ethics, anyone can hinder the consumer’s safety. So, the Best Torrent Sites (Safe & Free) in 2021 should be reviewed before choosing the right one to use for any requirement.

Best Torrent Sites that Still Work in 2021

Everyone knows that torrent sites aren’t permeable to browse. Even when you are reading this content, torrent sites are getting banned in many regional locations. The Best Torrent Sites (Safe & Free) in 2021 are given below:


1. 1337x – Reliable with a Massive Torrents Library

The torrent site contains a vast amount of content in its library that anyone can get lost while browsing the site. This huge library is easy to use even for a new torrent user due to its simple and attractive interface.

1337x – Reliable with a Massive Torrents Library

The average download speed will make you feel like copying the file instead of downloading it. No logging in is required to download contents from the site either.

1337x Features:

  • 1337x shows the time the torrent was uploaded. You will find the most recent files that were uploaded. So, if you are worried about the pirated movies video quality, you can download the latest print available.
  • The site is free of cost and available all around the globe.
  • It supports a magnet, so you do not have to download even a single torrent file. You can directly download the content that you wish to download from 1337x.
  • It provides an anonymous download feature, so no one can track your download on the site.
  • The site comes with a built-in media feature that allows watching the contents without even downloading in the first place.

Torrenting Tip:

The site provides a register and login option, though it does not force the user to do so. Simply browse to the official website given below, write the content’s name, and search by pressing enter.

The new webpage will fill you with a list of the contents with similarly named torrent files. The seeder numbers sort the list by default for 1337x.

You may sort by your preferences or simply choose the content and download using the provided magnet link.

2. LimeTorrents – Millions of Torrents in Every Category

The layout of LimeTorrents is pretty simple, which helps people feel user-friendly while surfing through the site.

LimeTorrents – Millions of Torrents in Every Category

The newer torrent files get a huge chunk of seeders, so any recently released content can be enjoyable on the site.

The site does not usually get banned due to less popularity compared to other torrent sites. So, people can still rely on this site when they need it.

LimeTorrents Key Features:

  • The interface of LimeTorrents is refreshing and user friendly. The categories make the work easier for any consumer of the site.
  • The verified torrents are marked with various badges. So, you do not have to wait for hours to get the file downloaded only to find out that the wrong content is attached to the file.
  • The authority always updates their content for the availability of the right content. They provide a list of 100 recently updated torrents to keep the visitors up to date.
  • People can exchange messages and communicate with other users and uploaders on the site. So, if seeders are not available, you may contact them and let them know when you need the content to be seeded.

Torrenting Tip:

An account is not necessary while using the torrent site to download content. Simply browse to LimeTorrents, write the content name and press the enter button to look for the torrent file.

The list that appears contains a health column that shows how good the torrent file is. Higher the health bar, the higher the possibility of available seeders in this case.

The uploaders are also marked with badges if they are verified. So, a consumer can choose the best torrent file from the list with relative ease.

3. YTS – Best for Movies

YTS is one of the most known torrent sites in the market for a long time now.

YTS – Best for Movies

The site provides a good interface, which is now adopted by bigger companies like Netflix.

You’ll find enormous movie collections on this site, and because of this reason, its popularity is still high. While looking for a movie to watch, anyone browses YTS, and usually, they do not get disappointed by YTS.

YTS Key Features:

  • The site is prepared for movie lovers. The search filters are well organized so that any content can be found with relative ease.
  • Many sorting options are available, as well. For instance, people may sort the search list based on the seeds available; as a result, people will find the file with the most seeders on the top.
  • The download option is around 1.3 Mbps, as many of the older contents have lost seeders.

Torrenting Tip:

YTS’s homepage consists of different covers of movies that show the IMDB rating while the cursor is placed over them.

This way, the consumer gets a pretty good idea about how good the movie is based on the user’s rating. Clicking on any banner will open the web page for that file.

A download option is available on the current page to download on the pc space. The movie trailer, screenshots, and comments are also available on the same page, which helps the consumer decide which movie to download.

4. RARBG – Multipurpose

The RARBG is another popular site for quite some time now. The site earned popularity for containing contents of different types. It contains everything a consumer may need for entertainment.

RARBG – Multipurpose

The interface of the RARBG site is not very attractive, but it is effective. It contains all the categories and short descriptions of the trending news in Hollywood.

RARBG Key Features:

  • RARBG does not provide unavoidable ads that a viewer has to watch. So, the user-friendly environment is maintained properly in RARBG.
  • Almost every category provides a top 10 list. Thus the user can pick trending content to watch.
  •  The community is very active, so the seeder is available for any torrent file at any given time.
  • The site is blocked only in 3 European countries. Apart from these, anyone can use the site without a VPN.

Torrenting Tip:

To keep it simple and user-friendly, no identification is required to download files from RARBG. The site contains a vast chunk of content from different categories.

Just choose the right one for you and start downloading without worrying about seeders. The seeders are from around the globe, so seeders are available around the clock.

5. Torrentz2 – All in One

The powerful P2P search engine of Torrentz2 makes it different from the other torrent sites.

Torrentz2 – All in One

Torrentz2 contains different types of content in one space, though their collection of music is second to none.

Torrentz2 provides a simple interface with a search bar and some rules written below. Though the search result never disappoints the user of Torrentz2.

Torrentz2 Key Features:

  • The site does not deliver torrent files of their own. Instead, they link other sites' torrent files into their website. As a result, the database of torrent files is very large.
  • You’ll find very few sites like it that is still accessible from any country or region. So, anyone can use Torrentz2 without any hesitation.
  • The download speed of this site is found to be around 1.9 MBPS on average. This is pretty generous, especially for older and rare content.
  • Torrentz2 is known as the best pick for music lovers for its huge library of music.

Torrenting Tip:

Torrentz2 is very simple to use from any kind of device. It only requires a name on the search bar, and it will find all the similar contents in no time.

The user has to choose one from the list and click the magnet link, and the rest will be taken care of.

6. Nyaa. si – Best for Anime and Software

The Nyaa.si is a famous name among the anime lover population. The collection of anime is very rich in Nyaa.si.

Nyaa.si – Best for Anime and Software

The usage is pretty easy and does not need much expertise in English either.

In a time when Netflix is adopting anime to make movies, PewDiePie is suggesting to watch anime in various videos; the consumer needs to start watching the original anime. Nyaa. si is there to assist them to this less-explored side of entertainment.

Nyaa.si Key Features:

  • This site provides you a guest id as soon as you log in to the site. So, you will get your preferable content as suggested on the website without logging in with your personal information.
  • The search list can be sorted using any sub-heading based on your preferences.
  • The site is mostly used by anime lovers as their anime collection is second to none.
  • On the home page, a torrent file for different types of content is available with different types of logos. So, if you want to download content that has anime and movies both, you do not have to worry about downloading the wrong one.
  • Every category can be divided into many sub-categories, as well. This way, it is even easier to find the desired type of content from the sea of torrent files.

Torrenting Tip:

Finding the desired torrent file is the first task in Nyaa. si. If sorted by date, all recently released content will come on top, thus making the job easier for the consumer.

If preferred, the consumer can search the name of his favorite content as well in Nyaa. si. Once chosen, clicking the magnet link will start copying the file from the seeders and saving the files in the consumer’s storage.

7. The Pirate Bay

It is one of the few sites that do not require any introduction. If you have ever heard about torrents, then this is the site you have heard of.

The Pirate Bay

The pirate bay provides the most seeders for any content and the highest average speed available among the torrent sites.

The pirate bay Key Features:

  • If you search through the web, then you will find out the pirate bay as the most used torrent sites available.
  • The download speed is more than 6 Mbps on average for the pirate bay site. Even the torrent sites with the lowest seeds get a generous download speed.
  • Any torrent file that is not available anywhere else can be found on the pirate bay website.
  • You’ll find the most seeding files on this site. Even most of the torrent files contain more than 100 seeders.

Torrenting Tip:

The pirate bay prefers the users to search the contents by writing the name of the content. Based on the search, the site provides a list that is sorted by the number of seeders on the website.

Once the desirable content is found, then clicking the magnet link will start downloading the file for the consumer to enjoy.


If you find some torrent sites free of ads, this one must be on your hit list. It does not cost any money; neither does it show any unwanted ads during browsing.


The interface is full of titles of different contents and category names. However, it’s considered one of the oldest sites for torrenting.

EZTV Key Features:

  • Browsing on the website is very user friendly and easy to use. Anyone with zero knowledge about torrents can use EZTV with relative ease.
  • The torrent files are added on a daily basis. So, tv-series fans prefer the website as they can download the new episodes as they get released.
  • The average download speed of EZTV is higher than 3 Mbps that is more than the average speed of most other torrent sites.

Torrenting Tip:

Just like many other torrent sites, EZTV can be used without any verification. Searching for content and starting downloading is part of the user. However, you’ll find a great speed on this site that will take care.

How to Choose the Best Torrent Site

Torrent files are the master key to unlock the magical land of entertainment. Though there are many torrent sites available that offer various torrent types, you should pick the best one based on your preferences. The factors to consider to choose the best torrent site is given below:

Download Speed:

The download speed is one of the key factors while choosing a site to download torrents. If the download speed is below average, you might have to wait days, weeks, or months to download one single file.

So, this factor is one of the key factors for torrent based websites. Several websites like pirate bay provide very good speed for most of the torrent files. They maintain more than 6 Mbps average speed for the consumer to get files downloaded. So, people can consider this site or other substitutes.


The number of seeders available for an individual torrent file is very important in order to choose the best site. Many websites contain a huge library of content but with a very low number of seeders available.

Files from these websites cannot be downloaded even though the file is available due to a lack of people to seed the file. So, people should consider a site that provides a good number of seeder ratios while choosing a torrent site they will be using for the years to come.

Region-Based Sites:

The region-based sites have a two-way impact on a torrent user.

First of all, many local contents are usually not available or popular in the international market. For example, movies from Bangladesh are not usually available on the biggest torrent sites due to a lack of popularity worldwide. So, if you are looking for content made by your country and popular within your country, you should pick a local torrent site.

On the other hand, the seeding time depends on how much you will enjoy a torrent site. For example, if you are using a torrent site based in the USA and you are living in a country where the time zone is 12 hours ahead of the USA. Then, it might often happen that when people are seeding, you are not available and vice-versa. As a result, a very good site with good download speed might not fulfill your requirement.

Content Library:

The content library of a torrent site matters a lot while choosing the one. If you like anime and choose a site that does not contain anime, then the choice will backfire. Even if the site contains your desired type of content, but the content is very limited, you will be mostly disappointed while looking for content on the websites.

These are the factors that must be checked before choosing the torrent site you will use for the years to come.

How Do Torrent Sites Work

The working process of a torrent site is described in brief:

  •  A torrent site does not contain an mp3, mp4, etc., files. It contains a torrent file. An uploader converts a file of any format to a torrent file and uploads it to the torrent site. This uploader is known as the uploader as well as a seeder. The uploader is usually the very first seeder of any torrent file on any website.
  • As soon as a torrent file is uploaded, it is ready to be downloaded. A user cannot directly use a torrent file to watch the content or use software that the torrent file contains. He needs to use a third-party application like qBittorrent, Torrnado, etc., to download content that the torrent file contains.
  • When the consumer starts downloading the torrent file’s content, it is known as seeders. The seeders keep uploading the file as they are downloading; even after the download is finished, they keep uploading the file to another user. As a result, as the download of the torrent file increases, the number of seeders increases.
  • And then people can download the file from any of the two seeders. He will enjoy the seeder’s internet speed to download the file even if he runs a low-speed internet.
  • If a seeder shuts down his pc while seeding, then another seeder will start seeding from that point, so the user will have an uninterrupted experience.
  • If no seeder is available, then the file cannot download the content it contains. The file will wait till at least one seeder is seeding.
  • Apart from these, if a user downloads a file and stops seeding the file to other users, then they are called leechers in the torrenting system.

This is how torrent sites work by creating the seeder-consumer bridge.

What is Best VPN for Browsing Torrent Sites?

So, you’re ready to purchase any subscription for torrenting but still confused about which one is good for torrenting and can hide your identity. So, here’re the top five VPNs in the market that are leading on the market right now.

1. Express VPN Review

The goal of Express VPN is to provide the “Internet without Border.” In order to reach their goal, they have created a VPN that can unblock any given torrent sites from anywhere in the world.


They are offering only 12.95 dollars a month for their one-year-long subscription. You will get a month free of cost to try the product as well. So hurry up and download ExpressVPN t get access to all sites with 3000+ servers

Express VPN Features:

  • Unblocking: Any torrent sites can be unblocked with an express VPN. The most famous torrent sites like the pirate bay or kick-ass get banned over and over again. These can be unlocked easily using Express VPN along with Amazon Prime, BBC Iplayer, DAZN, ESPN, and Disney Plus.
  • Security: The VPN hides the user’s identity and provides the freedom that a consumer needs to surf through torrent sites.
  • Operating Systems: It provides many versions for different operating systems. So, ExpressVPN can be used on iOS, Microsoft windows, etc. Based on its preference. Even devices like firestick are compatible with using ExpressVPN.

2. CyberGhost Review

All the lists of most used VPN consist of a common name called CyberGhost. This VPN has earned the trust of the user by unlocking the torrent sites at any given time.


You won’t sit any longer to be connected to any secured IP address. Just turning on the VPN is good enough to enjoy your favorite torrent site. The cost is affordable for anyone as it costs only 2.75 dollars a month. With 45 days money refund policy you can download CyberGhost VPN and enjoy unlimited torrenting. 

CyberGhost Features:

  • Servers: 6900 servers are available for users that are optimized globally. Thus, the user can use their privacy while using torrent sites banned in their region.
  • Connectivity: A single CyberGhost subscription can cover all the devices of a family. It can be used up to seven devices, if needed, thus securing the virtual identity of the whole family.
  • Bandwidth: The bandwidth limit is not bounded for CyberGhost. In order to ensure customer satisfaction, CyberGhost provides no bandwidth limit.
  • Torrenting: no log-policy with safe torrenting.

3. NordVPN Review

People still suffer to download games from torrent due to the size. Usually, video game size is bigger than any other content. Some video games are weighted more than 100 GB. So, these torrent files need to be downloaded with the fastest servers that NordVPN provides.


The VPN cost is only 3.71 dollars, which is very low in terms of the speed and security that it provides. Without hesitation, you can download NordVPN as they provide 5449 servers in 59 countries. Also, they have 30 days money-back guarantee

NordVPN Features:

  • Safe torrenting: It provides more than 4500 P2P servers to the consumer who demands speed.
  • Log policy: They keep no log or history of the uses of the user, thus providing the privacy a consumer needs.
  • Connectivity: It can be used by up to 6 devices simultaneously, thus securing a group of people’s internet usage.
  • Encryption: AES-256 bit encryption

4. Surfshark Review

If you hesitate to spend too much money on a VPN, then this is your perfect pick. Surf Shark provides the lowest cost among the VPN of the same quality.


It provides the P2P servers that are known as good speed servers.

Surf Shark VPN costs only 2.49 dollars a month for anyone to connect a number of devices. The price of a Surf Shark subscription can even be paid with cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin. Download Surfshark VPN and enjoy 30 days free trial with 3200+ servers

Surfshark Features:

  • Encryption: Surf Shark provides AES 256-bit encryption. Thus the identity is covered and sealed. In addition to that, it contains a kill switch and leak protection to ensure your privacy in the so-called global village.
  • Device Connection: However, you can connect numerous devices with a single subscription.
  • Torrenting: Safe torrenting with a good speed.

5. PrivateVPN Review

It so happens that particular content is only available in only one country, and other countries are not allowed to watch those. To break these barriers, PrivateVPN provides servers in more than 60 countries.


The VPN price is only 1.89 dollars a month, which is affordable for any person who owns a device to use the VPN. It also lets the user pay with cryptocurrency. If you want 30 days money-back guarantee with 150+ servers then download Private VPN

PrivateVPN Features:

  • Bandwidth: The bandwidth of PrivateVPN is not limited to any amount. Thus it is limitless.
  • Connectivity: Hence it provides multiple device’s connections; it doesn’t even lack security either.
  • Servers: The PrivateVPN consists of more than 150 servers from 60 different countries worldwide.
  • Torrenting: It ensures a zero log policy while torrenting.
  • Encryption: A strong Open-VPN protocol is used to ensure safety and security.

Frequently Asked Questions

However, after a long discussion, you’re here having a good idea on torrent sites and the supportive VPNs. Here, we’ve also triggered some questions that will reform your stock.

How to download torrents safely?

To ensure safety while downloading torrents, a good VPN is the first step. In addition, trusted torrent sites should be used to download, and the uploader should be trusted if possible. These will reduce the possibility of getting a virus or stealing information.

How to find the content you want on a torrent site?

The easiest way to find content on a torrent site is to search for the content by its name. Apart from that, the category and different sorting options can help to find the desired content.

How to search for torrents and download them?

The torrents can be searched on a torrent site before attempting to download them. When you find the file, click to download the torrent or Magnet link to get started.

If a magnet is used, then it will start downloading in an instance. If the torrent file is downloaded, then it will be saved on the storage. Later on, this file should be opened through a torrent application to start downloading the desired content.

Final Word

Torrent files are the easiest, fastest way to download any content. Even the content that is not available anywhere can be found in the torrent without any cost. So, our Best Torrent Sites (Safe & Free) in 2021 reviews will pave the way to enjoy torrenting.

Hopefully, you’ve got a clear justification in which one is still providing good support to its users and which are dead. Though some safety measures should be maintained as well, that’s what VPNs are for.

Thomas Smith
Thomas SmithEditor and Publisher at - forprivacy.org

Thomas Smith is the editor of ForPrivacy, overseeing a team focused on building the voice of the cybersecurity world through guides, reviews articles and community. His background is as a writer and seasoned software industry veteran with 10 years of experience.

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