Best VPN Apps for Ethiopia – Websites and Browse Anonymously 2021

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Ethiopia is ordered to censor television media and international websites quickly, which results in limited browsing. If you are in an East African country, you must know a simple and clear way to change your private network. Knowing the Best VPN Apps for Ethiopia, you will have unlimited browsing, and the government of this country will not detect you.

It is time for you to discover how important private networks are to free yourself from geo-blocks on the best websites. However, with this connection tunnel, you will have access to streaming servers and live television channels that you cannot officially see.

Comparison Table for a Quick Choice:

In the following article, we show you a detailed comparison of the best VPN apps for Ethiopia. This guide will give you an overview before reading the product description.


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5 Best VPN Apps for Ethiopia Reviews In 2021

You have to know the best VPN apps for Ethiopia and hire them at this time under the best guarantees in money back:

Best VPN Apps for Ethiopia

1. ExpressVPN – Strict No-Logs Policy # 1 VPN in 2021

For you to connect from Ethiopia by removing geo-blocking policies, you can do it with ExpressVPN at this time. The private network comprises 3,000 servers in 94 key countries for you to connect quickly and securely. In addition, this VPN is identified by maintaining its no-logs policies for its safe operation.


The private network has a network connection of 150.20 Mbps, and the upload speed exceeds 7.32 Mbps per second. You can enjoy a P2P connection with unlimited bandwidth on ExpressVPN.

  • Unlimited Multiple Connections
  • Connect with Windows, Android, Mac, IOs, Linux, Firefox, Chrome, etc.
  • SmartPlay technology
  • Technical support has its flaws

You can download ExpressVPN for up to 30 days and fully know how it works to decide to hire it if not only ask for money back.

2. CyberGhost – Best Budget-Friendly VPN

Connect from anywhere in the world with CyberGhost and its multipurpose to use up to 7 devices simultaneously. This private network comprises 6900 servers in 89 countries for you to choose the most stable of all. You can have up to an upload speed of 148.70 Mbps and a 12 ms minimum ping speed.


The connection on devices you will have with the private network is with Windows, Mac, Linux and IOS, Android devices, etc. You will have no problem connecting your VPN to your SmartTV with a basic setup.

  • Malware blocking
  • P2P connection with seven devices
  • The upload speed of 148.70 Mbps.
  • Broadband connection turns out to be limited

With CyberGhost, you can have a secure, multipurpose connection for up to 45 days and ask for money back if you don't like it.

3. NordVPN – # 1 Best VPN For Privacy 2021

A secure connection is only possible with NordVPN and its 5,500 servers available in more than 59 countries. You have to use the private network with an unlimited connection for all the devices you have at home. If you want to share your access to geo-blocked websites in Ethiopia, you must do it with this private VPN.


You can connect your game consoles with NordVPN, which will not interfere with your upload speed at 129.32 Mbps. However, for each transmission in movies or series, you have a stability of 7.50 Mbps with a ping of not less than 11 ms.

  • Offers unlimited P2P server
  • Has up to 5,500 secure network providers
  • Available for your connection on consoles
  • Stability in 7.50Mbps transmissions.
  • Lacks blockages in malware

By downloading NordVPN, you can get online freedom and use it free of charge for 30 days, asking for your money back.

4. Surfshark – Best VPN for Speed

Surfshark is, without a doubt, the smallest and fastest private network you can have for a quick hire. This VPN has 3200 servers in only 65 countries that, although few, turn out to have a stable connection. You can enjoy an unlimited P2P server that gives another optimal performance for the network.


Surfing speed defines Surfshark comprising up to 155.20 Mbps minimum with a 10 ms ping. You can search for all the information you want with the private network and never suffer from IP address drops.

  • Connection with 3200 servers
  • Unlimited P2P
  • Upload speed greater than 155.20 Mbps
  • Availability for Windows, Mac, Linux, Android, IOS, Xbox One, Ps4, SmartTV, etc.
  • Few servers available

You can have Surfshark and its fast connection for up to 30 days and request a refund of your money if you don't like it.

5. PrivateVPN – Never Store Log or Share Your IP Address # 1 For Privacy

If you want to verify that your IP is hidden, you must use PrivateVPN and its secure connection. You can connect to more than 150 servers in 75 countries distributed in key points with the private network. The private network's speed is 141.20 Mbps for the stability of 7.50 Mbps in a ping of 11 ms.


You can connect on Windows, Mac, Linux, android, ios, chrome, Firefox, Xbox one, or even ps4 with this private network. Network setup is easy, so you won't have a problem using it right away.

  • Unlimited P2P technology
  • Adblocking
  • No-registration policies
  • Connection with many devices.
  • Server failures

PrivateVPN is a private network with many guarantees of use, giving you 30 days to try it and request a refund of your money without problems.

How Do You Pick the Best VPN?

To choose the best VPN, you have to focus on how it works with the available servers, P2P connections, among other things. You must consider the speed with which the VPN browsing loads and thus decide to make the best one. The key point you must-have in the private network is the security you give you for a secure and fast connection.

Why Do I Need a VPN in Ethiopia?

In Ethiopia, you can suffer from internet censorship, so you must hire a private network now. If you want to remove these annoying locks, only use private networks that free you from these problems. In addition, the connection with a VPN within the country is very good, giving you access to content you previously thought did not exist.

How To Get an Ethiopia IP address With a VPN?

So that you can make the change of your IP address with the use of private networks by following these steps:

Step 01: You need to choose the best private network such as Express VPN

How To Get an Ethiopia IP address With a VPN?

Step 02: You have to install the VPN of your choice and start it

How To Get an Ethiopia IP address With a VPN?

Step 03: With the VPN started, you have to choose a server outside of Ethiopia, which will automatically change your IP address.

How To Get an Ethiopia IP address With a VPN?

How to Use VPNs for Ethiopia?

The use of VPNs in Ethiopia is very safe; you have to follow these steps for installation:

  • You have to start the VPN
  • Place the server that you like the most
  • Wait for your IP address to change and browse without limits.

Frequently Asked Questions

You may have some frequently asked questions about the use of VPNs in Ethiopia. You will get the answers here.

Which Websites Can I Access With a VPN in Ethiopia?

You can access streaming servers, international channels, blocked social networks, or censored news websites.

Is it Legal to Use a VPN in Ethiopia?

It is not legal, but it is very safe for you to surf with a private Ethiopia network.

Can I use a VPN in Ethiopia?

You can use any VPN in Ethiopia to remove the geo-blocking that many websites and servers have in the region.

Final Thoughts

In conclusion, it is time for you to know the best VPN apps for Ethiopia so that you have an unlimited connection to the internet. You have to get rid of all those geo-blocks that the Middle East country has used software that hides the IP. Learn about all the special characteristics these private networks have and the guarantees you have for hiring them.

Thomas Smith
Thomas SmithEditor and Publisher at -

Thomas Smith is the editor of ForPrivacy, overseeing a team focused on building the voice of the cybersecurity world through guides, reviews articles and community. His background is as a writer and seasoned software industry veteran with 10 years of experience.

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