Best VPN For FFXiv In 2021 [Final Fantasy Xiv]

Some restrictions that have been implemented in this game by the manufacturer are due to the reasons for the license or censorship of some governments of the world. This has filled many people with frustration who love this video game. However, they can already access the game from other parts of the world. Now you can find out the characteristics of the Best VPN for ffxiv and its importance.

These VPNs can be contracted under any guarantees offered by the main companies. You should know which servers are on private networks and are the most popular. Protection and security of devices are extremely important when people choose a VPN.

Why Do You Need a VPN for Final Fantasy Xiv?

If you want to play Final Fantasy, you must protect your computers and data with VPN services. A VPN keeps away all those hackers who want or intend to encrypt users' network connections. Protection is important in the Final Fantasy game due to the many sensitive data present.

Only a VPN will keep you free from any identity theft or online fraud. Many VPNs provide and shield the extra protection players need while playing Final Fantasy. With the presence of a good VPN, all cybercriminals will no longer be able to steal your personal and important data.

7 Best VPN for FFXiv [Final Fantasy Xiv]

If you want to live the Final Fantasy XIV video game experience, you can do it from another part of the world with the Best VPN for ffxiv.

Best VPN For FFXiv

1. NordVPN

This is a premium feature VPN that currently has large server networks worldwide. These networks add more than 5466 servers located in 59 countries globally, and the speeds vary between 23.95 and 40.16 Mbps. In the films' transmission, the stability will be in 7.50 Mbps with a ping not less than 11 ms.


The P2P is unlimited, and this VPN's function is in a great variety of devices simultaneously (6 at the same time). There is no type of limit in the bandwidth that slows down.

  • Wide variety of clients
  • Windows clients have minimal designs
  • Some servers are slower than others

2. ExpressVPN

This VPN is a fantastic option for people who want to play Final Fantasy XIV. The connections are fluid and do not present any slowdown. Also, this private network comprises 3,000 servers in 94 countries. The connection has about 150.20 Mbps, and the upload speed exceeds 7.32 Mbps per second.


Anyone who installs this VPN can enjoy a P2P connection with unlimited bandwidth. It has multiple connections and protects all DNS leaks that people may experience while playing Final Fantasy XIV.

  • Provides a very fast and reliable connection to the internet
  • The software is very simple
  • Technical support is unstable

3. Private Internet Access

This American VPN provider boasts ultra-fast connection speeds on ten devices simultaneously. It currently has more than 24,456 servers in 77 countries around the world. Offers free email violation monitoring for everyone.

Private Internet Access

Downloads through this VPN are 120 Mbps with a ping of 7, and the protected connection of PIA is measured at 78.89 Mbps. The VPN is secure and has P2P support with totally unlimited bandwidth.

  • Affordable prices
  • Good level in speeds
  • Does not offer a free trial version

4. HideMyAss

This VPN is very useful for all those individuals and companies concerned about their privacy and security online. This VPN is very powerful and has 1100 servers located in more than 320 places in 290 countries worldwide. It has more than 44,000 IP addresses available, the internet speed is high, and no one online will record the activity.


The VPN is perfect for people who like to stream and P2P. The speed of the servers is 20 Gbps. All devices can be connected simultaneously with a single subscription that people have.

  • Unlimited broadband
  • Excellent service to all customers
  • Servers are limited in the United States

5. SurfShark

Surf Shark is an excellent VPN for everything in general: Netflix, Torrents, and keeping a public Wi-Fi network in safe mode. It has more than 3200 servers in 65 countries worldwide, and P2P file sharing is allowed. The devices are unlimited in this VPN, and it has protection against malware.


People can try this VPN for 30 days for free and with a money-back guarantee available. It has 1000 IP addresses fully available to all users with strong encryption to strengthen security.

  • Accept bitcoins as payment methods
  • It is very easy to use and configure
  • Doesn't unblock streaming services

6. AirVPN

AirVPN is one of the best VPN servers that can be downloaded in multiple languages ​​and has 926 servers in 20 countries worldwide. It assures everyone of total privacy in online activity, and the service is cross-platform. The VPN connections' speeds are very fast and provide a better browsing mode.


The minimum bandwidth assigned is 4 Mbits of download plus 4 Mbits. The encryption that it offers to all people is about 2048 bits, allowing you to keep your browsing secret.

  • You can have five connections simultaneously.
  • Contains a no-log policy
  • Does not have dedicated apps for Android

7. CyberGhost

This VPN is considered the best VPN for ffxiv and is even bigger than ExpressVPN, but not in the geographical sense. This VPN is the best way for people to stay connected and safe while playing Final Fantasy XIV. CyberGhost allows a multipurpose connection where seven devices can be connected simultaneously.


It comprises an astonishing connection of 6689 servers in 89 countries worldwide, and the upload speed is 148.70 Mbps and ping speeds of 12 ms. All the connections people have will be private from Windows, Android, and others.

  • Selection of ideal profiles
  • Solve any navigation problem
  • Data jurisdiction is dubious and suspicious

What Are the Benefits of Using a VPN for Final Fantasy Xiv?

Some countries do not have normal and formal access to the Final Fantasy video game. Therefore, with a VPN, they will enter and play. People will also be able to count on communication with the outside world and lovers of this video game. A VPN will allow people to obtain a new IP address and avoid geographical restrictions that prevent access to the video game.

What Are the Rules and Regulations for Using a VPN With Final Fantasy Xiv?

It is legal for a person to decide to install a VPN on her computer anywhere in the world to play Final Fantasy XIV. When they have an established connection, it can make them vulnerable to a possible law punishment. Many countries do not consider the video game illegal, but the geographical restrictions that can be committed with installing a VPN do.


Final Fantasy is a growing game, but some hackers want to take advantage of this to take other people's accounts. There are blocks of access to the game by governments or organizations; the best way to circumvent this block is through a VPN's security. Many service operators provide a VPN for everyone in the world. They have to know how to choose the one they like the most (ExpressVPN is considered the best VPN for ffxiv).

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