7 Best VPNs for Iran for Streaming, Privacy, Speed (2022)

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Thomas Smith is the editor of ForPrivacy, overseeing a team focused on building the voice of the cybersecurity world through guides, reviews articles and community. His background is as a writer and seasoned software industry veteran with 10 years of experience.

If you’re searching for the best VPN for Iran, look no further. We’ve listed the top 7 VPNs in this article with proper elaborations that help you to decide. Do you know that the Iranian Govt. is one of the most restrictive and sophisticated on internet censorship in the world? The Govt. uses speed throttling by which the communications among people are limited.

However, the government of Iran has full authority over the internet in its region. The government also blocks many websites, social platforms, like – Facebook, Twitter so that people can’t access any offensive content that goes against the government. So, only a good VPN can be a solution in this regard to access your favorite content without leaving any tracking record. In this article, I’ve demonstrated the 7 best VPN for Iran, which is safe and secure to use.

Why Do I Need a VPN in Iran?

The Iranian government always monitors users’ traffic to know their activities, which are acceptable or not. The government still blocks websites and apps if they find any foreign government links on those websites. Even the government blocks its domestic sites if there is any criticism against the government exists. The government even arrested some internet users in 2018 by monitoring their online activities. Moreover, the government uses throttle mechanism to block internet and mobile networks for periods or up to a week at a time so that they can’t access to apps and share any photos on Instagram, send messages. So, a VPN creates an encrypted tunnel for you to secure your online activities and ensures that no one can intercept your online data.

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Is It Legal To Use VPN In Iran?

What does a VPN actually do? It hides your IP address and online activities. The answer is simple. If you use a VPN, no matter where you’re located, but it’s a concern when you’re using a VPN connection in Iran that strongly restricts it. However, Iran imposed a law against VPN in 2013, which is still ongoing. It’s really tough to take out the laws regarding the internet and VPNs usage of Iran. No one is certain about Iranian government movements about your activities. However, you can use VPN in Iran but not to do anything that goes against your government or to get around their virtual roadblocks.

Is It Safe To Use A VPN In Iran?

When the subscribers use a VPN in Iran and access to restricted sites, their IP addresses pretend to be in different countries. How a VPN prohibits the government, hackers to snoop on the users' online activities. As you're using a VPN in the most restrictive country like Iran, you need to choose the best VPN for Iran. By securing a trusted and reliable VPN service, you can connect to a VPN server that masks your actual IP location and permits you to access your favorite content or unblock any geo-restricted services like YouTube or Netflix all over the world.

Best VPNs for Iran Comparison Table for Quick Choice

The best VPN services we’ll discuss later on the article, here is a quick view for your preference. Let’s have a look at the comparison table:


Free Trail

Money Back


See Plan

30 days

30 days

30 days

7 days

7 days

30 days

30 days

24 hours

30 days

Best VPNs for Iran in 2021 – Reviews

There’re many VPNs are available in the market. But you can’t use all of them due to lack of security and of course, you’re using VPN in a country like Iran. So, best VPN service you should procure for your safety. Here, we’ve listed top 5 VPNs for Iran in 2021.

1. ExpressVPN – #1 For Data Privacy

  • ExpressVPN works on these devices: Windows, macOS, iOS, Android, Linux, Android TV, Chrome, Firefox, and also compatible with some specific routers.
  • ExpressVPN Unblocks: Netflix, Hulu, HBO, iPlayer, BBC, Amazon Prime Video, DAZN, Showtime,
  • Supports Torrenting: All the servers support unlimited P2P activities.
  • Log-policy: It strictly follows no data-logging policy

ExpressVPN is one of the giant names in the VPN industry. Everyone is familiar with this name. There are many specific reasons why people choose it than other VPNs. The ExpressVPN maintains more than 1500 servers in 94 countries all over the world. It is one of the fastest VPNs, and people love it and placed it on the top of the list. In many tests considering speed, it passed all other VPNs. Though it is at the top of the list because of its speed and connectivity, it doesn’t let you down with its other features.

The VPN uses military-grade encryption protocol that is nearly impossible to break. Moreover, it allows a split tunneling feature that sends your traffic through an encrypted tunnel. The feature is important when you don’t want others to locate your traffic. Moreover, it features a kill switch that immediately drops your internet connection if VPN suddenly falls to secure your online data and to hide your IP from the Iranian government.

Once you purchased a subscription plan from ExpressVPN, it allows you up to 5 simultaneous connections with your single account. It strictly follows no log-policy from users to ensure safety and security. Besides, you can enjoy unlimited torrenting maintain P2P services. The VPN Company is located in the British Virgin Island.

What we didn’t like

  • Might be Reasonable – Comparing to other VPN services, it’s a little expensive. The service company offers a 7-day free trial for mobile users and a 30-days money-back guarantee.

Read our complete review on ExpressVPN to learn more!

2. CyberGhost VPN Review

  • CyberGhost works on these devices: MacOS, Windows, Android, Android TV, iOS, Linux, routers.
  • CyberGhost can unblock: Netflix, iPlayer, Amazon, Hulu, HBO
  • Supports torrenting: Yes, all servers support p2p activity
  • Data Logging: the vpn comes with strict no-logs policy

If you are an expat or a traveler or a native, you need a vpn to browse the blocked sites in Iran. Yes, they follow strict censorship in Iran by the Iranian Government. Therefore, they have blocked some websites’ content in their country. So, the only way to unblock these websites and to keep you protected while surfing the web is to use the best vpn for Iran.

Cyberghost vpn allows you to stream and browse without limitations. It keeps your data safe as it uses the strong encryption 256-bit AES which enables you to keep protected at the time of browsing on the internet. Cyberghost comes with 6400 servers in more than 89+ countries which makes the vpn suitable for your home routers out there in the market. Therefore, you can say goodbye to irritating buffering and throttling.

Cyberghost enables to use on routers as it comes with preconfigured on your router. Also, after installation of OpenVPN, you can configure it manually as well. Cyberghost helps to access the blocked websites in different countries due to its huge server locations in different countries and the military grade encryption system. You should have no issue of streaming with Cyberghost. Therefore, popular streaming sites like Netflix is possible with it.

The automatic kill switch of the Cyberghost vpn allows you to keep protected after disconnecting from the VPN. While disconnecting from the VPN, it just drops your connection from internet to keep your data protected. Also, the DNS and IP leak protection feature of the Cyberghost keep your data safe. And, it allows OpenVPN, L2TP-IPsec and PPTP protocols to provide the best browsing experience.

What we didn’t like

  • Cyberghost vpn comes with just 24-hour trial for desktop users. Sometimes it takes long time to connect to its servers. When it comes to setup OpenVPN, it becomes awkward for its manual setting.

Read our complete CyberGhost review for more information!

3. NordVPN – Top For Streaming

  • NordVPN works on these devices: Windows, macOS, iOS, Android and Android TV platforms, and Linux. Chrome and Firefox extensions are also available for this VPN.
  • NordVPN unblocks HBO GO, Showtime, Flickr, Hulu, Kodi, VKontakte, BBC iPlayer, Amazon Prime, Sling, hi5, AskFm.
  • Supports torrenting: It has dedicated P2P servers for torrenting.
  • Log-policy: it doesn't store log

NordVPN is a steady, dependable, and trustworthy VPN organization that offers support to a large number of clients every day. Its greatest factor is the size of its servers, a continually extending list that right now sits at more than 5,500 servers in 59 unique nations. Finding a quick connection is never an issue in case you're a NordVPN client. NordVPN utilizes a severe zero-logging approach that covers transfer speed, traffic, time stamps, and DNS access, definitely more than most contenders and enough to keep the entirety of your own information secure.

NordVPN likewise conveys a kill switch button and DNS spill security highlights with its custom programming, alongside AES-256-GCM encryption algorithm on every connection. Moreover, NordVPN gives a Tor over VPN alternative. Prior we referenced that Tor is one of only a handful, not many secrecy devices that work in Iran, in spite of the fact that rates get throttled when the frameworks set up to identify it. The NordVPN is combined with Obfsproxy and Tor, and you know, Obfsproxy, PPTP, L2TP, and SSTP are all safe to use in Iran. The NordVPN is located in Panama, where zero government surveillance is.

What we didn't like:

  • Pricing is a concern: Except for the pricing, you can hardly find a lack of this VPN. However, it's not cheap, and when it comes to a monthly plan, it is a bit high, but the price is good for the annual budget.

Head over to our NordVPN review to learn more!

4. Surfshark – Best For Torrenting

  • Surfshark VPN works on these devices: macOS, Windows, Linux, FireTV, Android, iOS, Xbox, Chrome Firefox.
  • Surfshark VPN unblocks Hulu, BBC iPlayer, Amazon Prime, HBO GO, VUDU, CBS, YouTube, ESPN 3, and Spotify.
  • Supports torrenting: Compatible with P2P clients and reliable choice for torrenting
  • Log-policy: It doesn’t keep any log

Another VPN name is Surfshark, which comes with 1700 plus servers among 63 plus countries all over the world. The emerging VPN Company is also popular among customers for its compelling and versatile functionalities. It provides user-friendly applications to its customers and ensures the safety of their online activities. The Surfshark VPN uses the AES-256-GCM encryption method along with a kill switch to provide the most secure VPN connections. Whenever you’re connected to the VPN, all your online data are encrypted so that outsiders can’t read them.

Besides, the kill switch restricts unpleasant occurrences with your internet connection when your VPN suddenly drops. Moreover, the Surfshark uses OpenVPN as well as IKEv2 security protocol for further safety, and they work well with mobile networks. In addition, the VPN doesn’t have any DNS leak to expose your IP address. The Surfshark offers unlimited simultaneous connections at a time with a single account. It’s an exclusive feature of this VPN service.

However, the VPN doesn’t provide any log for their customers so that someone can read them in the future. You’ll also find Whitelister feature, which allows you a split-tunneling to drive your traffic through a secured encrypted tunnel. It is also featured in British Virgin Island.

What we didn’t like:

  • Dodgy Customer Service: I’m not saying that their support system is bad, but somehow their responses are questionable in some cases.

Check out our honest review on Surfshark for more information!

5. Private VPN Review

  • Private VPN works on these devices: MacOS, Windows, Android, Android TV, Linux routers.
  • Private VPN can unblock: Netflix, iPlayer, Amazon
  • Supports torrenting: Yes, all servers support p2p activity
  • Data Logging: the vpn comes with strict no-logs policy

If you are an expat or a traveler or a native, you need a vpn to browse the blocked sites in Iran. Yes, they follow strict censorship in Iran by the Iranian Government. Therefore, they have blocked some websites’ content in their country. So, the only way to unblock these websites and to keep you protected while surfing the web is to use the best vpn for Iran.

Private VPN ensures zero data logging policy for their customers, therefore, you are safe while surfing the web. Tracking of your browsing history, IP address, DNS address is prevented by the Private VPN. So, no monitoring agencies and government cannot track your online presence. Also, it has IPv6 leak shield to guard you when you are disconnected from the vpn. It prevents your data from being leaked by disconnecting you from the internet.

Private VPN’s 2048-bit encryption with AES 256 confirms you the highest level of encryption that are being used by the government militaries. Private VPN iOS app enables to surf the internet being anonymous. With one subscription, you can simultaneously connect 6 devices to protect these devices from the rest of the world.

PrivateVPN does not make your internet speed slow down. Instead, with the vpn you can stream any videos without buffering from sites like Netflix and many more. PrivateVPN has huge servers in 60 countries, therefore, it becomes easier for it to break the geo restricted content. It enables OpenVPN, PPTP, L2TP, IKEv2 And IPSec protocols and any P2P traffic are allowed.

What we didn’t like

  • They have few servers in comparison with others. Also, PrivateVPN’s basic windows client is not up to the mark. And, they should level up their privacy policy.

You can easily read Private VPN review to see why we pick this!

6. VyprVPN – Good For Speed and SMM

  • VyprVPN works on these devices: Windows, macOS, Android, iOS ,Router, Smart TV, Android TV, Kodi, Apple TV
  • VyprVPN unblocks: Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and Instagram
  • Supports torrenting: Supports P2P traffic and unlimited bandwidth.
  • Log-policy: Ta follows zero-logging policy

VyprVPN has an abundance of reliable protection highlights, making it extraordinary compared to other VPNs to keep your information secure. The most significant is that VyprVPN possesses and works its whole system of 700+ servers in 70 unique nations. Outsiders never approach these servers, permitting VyprVPN full power over both equipment and programming.

The organization utilizes this to give 256-piece AES encryption, DNS release assurance, and a kill switch, and a zero-logging strategy on traffic and DNS demands for excellent online protection and secrecy. One of the most highlights VyprVPN offers is Chameleon innovation. This convention encloses each bundle of information by an additional layer of encryption, concealing the metadata to vanquish profound parcel reviews.

This implies VyprVPN can get through restriction dividers and keep your information secure in places like China, Russia, and Iran, keeping your movement shrouded regardless. Like NordVPN, VyprVPN additionally claims and works the entirety of its server ranches, including another layer of security for their clients. What's more, the supplier offers off button assurance, government-grade encryption, and custom DNS settings. You can enjoy five simultaneous connections at a time with this VyprVPN service. The Switzerland based VyprVPN Company is extremely efficient for its customers and you already know that there’s zero-government surveillance on internet world.

What we didn’t like:

  • Delay in connection or disconnection: If you’re using the VyprVPN service, you may face this situation. Whether you connect or disconnect to the servers or change to the servers locations, it may delay for a while, which may frustrate you at that moment.

You can check VyprVPN review to learn more!

7. IPVanish – Perfect For Streaming

  • IPVanish VPN works on these devices: Windows, macOS, iOS, Android, Fire TV, Windows Phone, Linux, and Chromebook
  • IPVanish VPN unblocks: It can unblock ESPN, VUDU, DAZN, HBO GO, Netflix (on some servers)
  • Supports torrenting: Allows unlimited P2P connections
  • Log-policy: No data logging policy

Perhaps one of the more noteworthy favorable circumstances to IPVanish for a web customer in Iran is the huge number of servers and server regions. IPVanish presents more than 40,000 shared IP delivers to be used with its 1,300+ servers and 75+ server areas over the globe. This gives anybody in Iran a lot of alternatives. IPVanish uses the best protection highlights we were searching for with our rundown. AES-256 encryption, an off button, confusion through OpenVPN, a severe no-logging approach, and break protections.

IPVanish claims and works the entirety of its server ranches. This permits the supplier to expel outsider administrators from the blend, significantly lessening the chance of any untouchables approaching any of your information. Prominently, IPVanish permits you to flip their jumbling technique on or off. This choice is known as “Scramble,” which you can discover in the application's inclinations area. The scramble will permit you to move beyond arrange traffic screens by covering your association with the VPN administration as though it's a standard HTTPS association.

This may help with the speed throttling that is regular in Iran when the framework distinguishes the utilization of a VPN. This United States-based supplier disregards its nation of origin's consolation that ISPs and VPNs keep client logs. IPVanish doesn't gather or log any traffic or utilization of its VPN service. If you need more than 10 simultaneous associations, the supplier's amazing router compatibility can secure the entirety of your gadgets, including any gadgets not found on the application list

What we didn’t like:

  • Pricing: If you consider the pricing table with other VPN services, it’s a little bit harsh but affordable. Its monthly plan comes with a little pricy. The annual subscription plan is as usual.

Read our complete IPVanish review for more information!

What You Should Look for in a VPN for Iran?

To guarantee your security on the web, it's critical to ensure that the VPN service you select has some particular features. Security ought to be your top need, for this situation, to shield you from being stalked. You must pick one with high encryption for the best protection. A Kill switch is an innovation for your web connection. If the VPN connection drops out, this is a crucial component while utilizing a VPN in a nation like Iran. And the kill switch works by not permitting any web traffic to leave your gadget outside of the VPN tunnel, consequently making it extremely hard for the Iranian government to discover what you are doing on the web.

The VPNs we've listed in this article have no DNS spills. Likewise, they give explicit DNS spill assurance. So please turn on this element so as to get the greatest support from your administration. VPN “secrecy mode” camouflages VPN traffic as ordinary HTTPS traffic. This prevents ISPs from realizing a VPN is being utilized. Disguising this data prevents Iranian VPN clients from causing superfluous to notice themselves and forestalls ISPs from easing back your web speeds.

How to Use a VPN in Iran?

It goes without saying that all the five VPNs are described here are proven to work well within the Iranian region. As Iran blocks many VPN website provides, you better download your favorite VPN software before entering into Iran. I strongly suggest you to do it. Clients who need to guard their web exercises from the Iranian government can exploit the insurance that a VPN offers by following these means:

  • Buy into the VPN supplier that provides the best assurance.
  • Download and introduce your VPN of decision's app(s) to your device(s).
  • Sign in to the VPN's server settings.
  • Choose and associate with a VPN server found anyplace outside of Iran's outskirts.
  • Make the most of your web opportunity.

Is a Free VPN a Good Option for Use in Iran?

It's absolutely not. The answer is simple. I could never suggest a “free” VPN for any utilization, however when you're in an excessively prohibitive nation like Iran, endeavoring to utilize a complimentary gift VPN supplier can be out and out perilous! The main feature of VPN is to guard your online records from not being tracked. But a free offer can’t provide this services to you. Some “free” VPNs track their customers' online activities, log them, and a while later, they sell their data to third parties.

If a VPN supplier is eager to offer your own data to publicists, they likely won't avoid the Iranian government if it comes to your doorstep. Free VPNs may likewise throttle your association, force transmission capacity confinements, and spot month to month information tops on your VPN use. The web is moderate enough in Iran, and there's no motivation to restrain its capacities significantly more.

How to Maximize Your Privacy in Iran?

When you're in Iranian airspace, before associating with your VPN of decision, do the accompanying. Turn on each insurance you can discover for your VPN association. If the OpenVPN convention is accessible, use it. The kill switch security, auto-reconnect, muddling highlights, “scrambling” highlights, and whatever else that can help vanish your applications and the way that you are utilizing a VPN. You can augment your anonymity by staying away from open Wi-Fi hotspots, utilizing an encoded email supplier, and downloading a protected program, similar to Tor.

Final Thought

Hopefully, this article won’t let you down your expectations while selecting the best VPN for Iran. When it a mandatory to select a VPN for a country like Iran, then security should be the top priority. Otherwise, you can’t be safe from the Iranian government where it is strictly prohibited to use a VPN.

And I hope, you know the punishment, if they find you using a VPN service going against their law. But no worries. We’ve listed the top VPN service providers in our list and you can safely purchase any one of them. However, if you’ve any concern using VPN in Iran, please leave a comment. Best of luck.

Thomas Smith
Thomas SmithEditor and Publisher at - forprivacy.org

Thomas Smith is the editor of ForPrivacy, overseeing a team focused on building the voice of the cybersecurity world through guides, reviews articles and community. His background is as a writer and seasoned software industry veteran with 10 years of experience.

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