Best VPN For Pfsense In 2021 – How To Set Up A Pfsense VPN

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Pfsense is a highly known operating system due to its capacity to allow user wide handling. It can be installed on almost any computer or server as it is very easy to handle thanks to its interface. This system's advantages are diverse, since it is first a firewall solution with an open-source router. So it is perfect for both home and business users, where it will allow you to create a secure and personalized router.

Like many applications or websites, you can run into certain blocks that exist due to government policies that they impose. Therefore, it is necessary to know the best vpn for pfsense that will allow you to have full access to what has been censored.

Why Do You Need A VPN For Pfsense?

Although how can the user already know the operating system, Pfsense provides security and is a system that is updated regularly to avoid intrusions. However, most router software does not, and they are a key target for hackers. This means that although Pfsense is a secure system that offers a wide range of advantages, it still needs the best vpn for pfsense for greater security.

Thus a hacker manages to intercept your data with the best vpn for pfsense. These will be unreadable for the unwanted person. Also, of course, VPNs are ideal for accessing websites or information blocked or censored somehow. It will provide you with the necessary security to browse without restrictions and protect not only your information but also your browsing history.

4 Best VPN For Pfsense

To properly complement the great operating system and manageability that Pfsense offers, you need to know the best private networks such as:


1. ExpressVPN

It is a private network with more than 3,000 servers distributed in 94 countries, thus qualifying as one of the most accessible. Its interface is one of the easiest to use on any platform or device, and it also supports five devices connected simultaneously.


  • Compatible with streaming services like Netflix, BBC, iPlayer, and Amazon Prime.
  • Offer 30 days to request a refund.
  • Allows torrents.
  • Tight security with 256-bit encryption.
  • 83.40mbps speed.
  • It is a slightly more expensive VPN than others that rival it.

Learn about all the features of ExpressVPN and check its efficiency.

2. NordVPN

It has more than 5,466 servers in 59 countries, being one of the private networks with the easiest and simplest interface to use. It also offers 30 days for the client to request a refund if the service has not been liked.


  • The best security, including military encryption and double VPN.
  • Protection against leaks and switch off.
  • Technical support available 24/7
  • Does not keep records.
  • Torrenting is compatible with some servers.
  • Connections are slow with certain applications or some specific servers.

Learn more about the NordVPN private network through feedback from other users to check its performance.

3. HideMyAss

A private network with more than 1,000 servers covering more than 190 countries is one of the largest. You can connect up to 5 devices simultaneously in each plan you have, which will not affect your performance.

HideMyAss 2

  • Servers in more than 190 countries.
  • High speeds.
  • Very complete and stable security.
  • Maintains certain records of IP addresses.

HideMyAss is what you need when it comes to owning multiple locations.

4. PureVPN

It is a private network with 6500 servers distributed in more than 140 countries, although virtual servers are hosted in some locations. This network has decent and stable speeds, so the connection can be considered good enough. It also allows five simultaneous connections and can communicate with the support team anytime you need it.


  • Various options for locations.
  • Stable and fast enough speeds.
  • It has a no-registration policy.
  • There are connection problems in the tests.

For more protection and access to censored websites, use PureVPN and try the myriad of location options it offers.

How To Set Up A VPN on Pfsense?

Once you have chosen your VPN provider, you must configure it with Pfsense as follows:

Step 1-  Log in to your VPN and choose the desired location

How To Set Up A VPN on Pfsense

Step 2-  Login to Pfsense and go to “system” to add a new authority.

How To Set Up A VPN on Pfsense

Step 3- Select the configuration files for your chosen VPN.

How To Set Up A VPN on Pfsense

Step 4- Click Save.

What Are The Benefits Of Pfsense VPN?

It provides various benefits, among which it is possible to highlight greater security that will prevent your data from being intercepted. You will be able to browse freely without worrying about their destination websites being discovered, as well as being able to circumvent any existing censorship. Pfsense will look much more complete with the best vpn for pfsense, so make sure you choose the most compatible one.

Final Thoughts

VPNs are highly functional private networks created so that Internet users could surf more safely and without restrictions. The best VPN for Pfsense are present, and you can go for the one that seems the best option for you. In this way, you will be ensuring better performance of the operating system and the excellent development of the same.

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