5 Best VPN For Android – 100% Free & Paid VPN Apps (2020)

As an Android phone user, you need to protect your personal data and IP address while browsing the internet, right? That’s why; you need nothing but the best VPN on android. There are so many vpns out there in the Google play store you can use after downloading one. But you have to make sure which one should be best suit for your requirements.

All vpns on the play store are not worth installing and using. It should be fast, safe, strong encryption system. Not only that it can be capable of breaking the geo restricted websites, streaming websites and so much. Don’t worry because we have tested more than hundreds of vpns and therefore have come up that will best suit your needs.

Do I need a VPN on an Android phone?

Depending on your requirements, you have to use a vpn that best suits your needs. Among so many vpns out there in the market, you have to decide first that which vpn should be the best option for you. As an android user, you phone requires a vpn which will be safe, protective and fast while surfing the web.

The VPN you are going to use should have the best encryption system, meaning it must have AES 256-bit encryption system so that it can protect you personal data and IP address from the rest of the world. Also you need a vpn which will allow you to download any files, stream with entertainment sites like Netflix and unblock geo restricted websites and apps.

Are vpn safe for android users?

Whether you are an android user or mac or iOS, you need to keep protected while surfing the web. Therefore, a vpn should come into the action to protect your personal data, browsing history, DNS address and IP address from the cybercriminals and other government monitoring agencies.

Without a vpn, when you go to browse any website, your personal data and other information including IP address are at risk. Therefore, any monitoring agencies and hackers may steal your information and do harm. Also, your data can be stolen to sell to the third parties as well. So, using vpn as an android user is safe.

Table of Contents:

The table of contents will show you a quick glimpse about the vpns we are going to cover in this article for android users. Therefore, you can take a quick decision analyzing the table of contents which is filled with necessary information about these VPNs.

Best VPN For Android Comparison Table

Here in this comparison table for quick choice, we have just place the actual data about the VPNs so that you have no difficulty understand the features they offer. The table will help you choose one from them. So, it should become comfortable for you to choose the best vpn on android.

Rank     Name                   Free Trial             Money-back Guarantee
1NordVPN            No30 days
2IPVanish             No30 days
3CyberGhost       1 day                    30 days
4SaferVPN           1 day                    30 days
5ExpressVPN      No30 days

5 Best VPN For Android in 2020

Among so many vpns out there in the play store, we have come up with just 5 best vpn which will level up your internet using experience. They are speedy, able to unblock any blocked content, break geo block and stream with Netflix and other streaming websites comfortably.

These vpns are capable of ensuring your personal data, DNS address, IP address and other browsing history with their strong military grade encryption system. Also, huge number of servers across the world with numerous geo location, they will provide you the best surfing experience.

1. NordVPN

  • NordVPN works on these devices: MacOS, Windows, Android, Android TV, iOS, iPhone, iPad, Linux, Firefox and Chrome and routers.
  • NordVPN can unblock: Netflix, HBO, Hulu, Amazon Prime Video, BBC iPlayer, DAZN etc.
  • Supports torrenting: Yes, all servers support p2p activity
  • Data Logging: The vpn comes with strict no-logs policy

With NordVPN, you can surf the internet without being worried because their strong military grade AES 256-bit encryption system protects all your important data. So, your internet browsing being an anonymous person is possible. They have 5200 dedicated servers in 59 countries all across the world so that you can get the best surfing speed while browsing the internet.

You can comfortably use the vpn in your android device. Apart from that, other operating systems are also available for this vpn including windows, mac, macOS, apple, Linux and Chrome and Firefox browser extension. Also, you can run the NordVPN on your android TV. Purchasing a premium account, you can secure up to 6 devices at the same time at home or office.

NordVPN comes with strong no-logs policy, therefore, they never try to track your browsing history and other personal data. It provides you with uninterrupted streaming experience, so you don’t have to wait for the irritating buffering. You can enjoy your TV without any buffering. The automatic kill switch of the NordVPN comes with it so that you can keep protected even if you are disconnected from the vpn.

What we didn’t like

  • NordVPN comes with basic browser extensions and has some client UI issues. Not only that it could be cheaper because it is fractionally above average price.

2. IPVanish

  • IPVanish works on these devices: MacOS, Windows, Android, Android TV, iOS, Linux, routers.
  • IPVanish can unblock: Netflix, iPlayer, Amazon
  • Supports torrenting: Yes, all servers support p2p activity
  • Data Logging: the vpn comes with strict no-logs policy

IPVanish has a decent amount of network with more than 40000 shared IPs in more than 75 geo location and 1300 p2p optimized servers across the world so that your experience of using vpn can lift up. They preserve your privacy because they use strict no-logs policy and they are committed not to record your activities by their any apps, So, your privacy is completely ensured if you are user of IPVanish.

It comes with unlimited bandwidth and its user-friendly apps allow you to use the vpn effortlessly. IPVanish has zero traffic logs therefore, they ensures that they never track your personal data and IP address. Also, the strong 256-bit AES encryption allows you to encrypt all your data perfectly so that no third parties can steal or track your data, IP address and DNS address.

If the encryption sometimes does not work properly, they use SOCKS5 proxy to mask your IP address so that you can keep protected while you are connected to any P2P and VoIP connections. IPVanish allows you to use IKEv2, OpenVPN and L2TP/IPsec VPN protocols so that they can provide the best support using these multiple VPN connections. With their one subscription, you can run the vpn to 10 devices simultaneously.

What we didn’t like

  • The apps of the IPVanish vpn does not updated and they do not support Bitcoin. Also, IPVanish cannot unblock iPlayer and while updating the app, it takes much time.

3. CyberGhost

  • IPVanish works on these devices: MacOS, Windows, Android, Android TV, iOS, Linux, routers.
  • IPVanish can unblock: Netflix, iPlayer, Amazon, Hulu, HBO
  • Supports torrenting: Yes, all servers support p2p activity
  • Data Logging: the vpn comes with strict no-logs policy

With the Cyberghost vpn, you can stream and browse without limitations. It protects your data as it uses the strong encryption system of 256-bit AES which enables you to keep protected at the time of browsing on the internet. More than 6400 servers in 89+ countries make the vpn outstanding out there in the market. Therefore, you can browse without buffering and throttling.

Cyberghost allows you to access the blocked websites in different countries due to its huge server locations in different countries and the military grade encryption system. Your streaming issues should come to an end with the Cyberghost vpn. Because with the vpn, you can stream sporting events and other popular streaming websites like Netflix.

Cyberghost vpn comes with an automatic kill switch which allows you to keep protected if you are disconnected from the vpn. It simply drop your connection from the internet to keep your data protected. Also, the DNS and IP leak protection feature of the Cyberghost prevent your data safely. And, it allows OpenVPN, L2TP-IPsec and PPTP protocols to provide you the best browsing experience.

What we didn’t like

  • Cyberghost vpn comes with just 24-hour trial for desktop users. Sometimes it takes long time to connect to its servers. When it comes to setup OpenVPN, it becomes awkward for its manual setting.

4. SaferVPN

  • SaferVPN works on these devices: MacOS, Windows, Android, Android TV, iOS, Linux, routers.
  • SaferVPN can unblock: Netflix, iPlayer, Amazon,
  • Supports torrenting: Yes, all servers support p2p activity
  • Data Logging: the vpn comes with strict no-logs policy

SaferVPN comes with 1300+ high speed VPN servers in 50+ countries worldwide. Therefore, they provide the best speed while it comes to downloading a file or streaming with a website like Netflix. Your streaming and torrenting experience with SaferVPN will change to the next level. It has the strong no logging policy so that you can surf the web without being worried.

It masks your IP and DNS address so strongly that nobody including the hackers and government agencies can track and trace your data. The military grade encryption 256-bit AES comes with the vpn to prevent your data and IP address from being exposed to the online world. Therefore, you can browse anonymously.

If you are looking for unlimited speed, bandwidth and server switches, SaferVPN should be your only option left to grab. It allows you to secure 5 simultaneous connections to your devices at home or office. The Bank-level 256-bit encryption keeps your totally protected from the online world. Moreover, it comes with automatic Wi-Fi security which enables you to surf the web securely even using an Wi-Fi connection.

What we didn’t like

  • SaferVPN comes with relatively small network of servers. And, it supports the P2P protocols on just 3 servers. Also, there is a limited configuration option in a few areas. Some of its servers are relatively slow.

5. ExpressVPN

  • ExpressVPN works on these devices: MacOS, Windows, Android, Android TV, iOS, Linux, routers.
  • ExpressVPN can unblock: Netflix, iPlayer, Amazon,
  • Supports torrenting: Yes, all servers support p2p activity
  • Data Logging: the vpn comes with strict no-logs policy

ExpressVPN is one of the best vpn for your android system out there in the market. It comes with fastest speed, torrenting, streaming with blocked sites and so forth to make your experience better with the vpn. It has 160 dedicated servers across the world in 94 countries. With the unlimited speed, you can browse, download and stream any website.

ExpressVPN is capable of defeating content restrictions and censorship, therefore, it provides you unlimited access to music, social, media, video, streaming and many more. Also, you can do all these things from anywhere in the planet. Don’t worry about your devices types because Express VPN can run on almost all your devices including windows, apple, Linux, iOS, routers and so forth.

ExpressVPN can do almost everything from unblocking websites to split tunneling. The automatic kill switch of the VPN allows its users to protect their personal data even if they get disconnect from the ExpressVPN. When you are disconnected from the VPN, it automatically disconnects you from the internet connection. Their best-in-class encryption, trustedserver technology, zero-knowledge DNS and privacy safeguard makes the vpn stand out among the crowd.

What we didn’t like

  • ExpressVPN is costlier than other vpns out there in the market. It does not come with any browser extensions which should have. The android app of the VPN is only user on OpenVPN.

Top 5 Factor Consider before Buying VPN for Android

Are you an android user and want to keep protected while surfing the web? Then you need the best vpn on android. Yes, a vpn can keep you safe, mask your IP and DNS address, protect your personal data from stealing or monitoring and so forth. But the vpn market is already flooded with so many vpn provider companies.

Among them, you have to choose yours depending on your requirements. It should have military grade encryption system, needed servers and geo locations, no-logs policy. Also, it needs to unblock blocked websites in some countries. Therefore, you have to consider a few essential things before you purchase one.

Military Grade 256-bit AES Encryption:

The VPN you are just going to purchase should have military grade 256-bit AES encryption which will completely protect your online presence. It will enable you to keep protected of your browsing history, DNS address, IP address and other personal data from others online.

The hackers and other monitoring agencies out there cannot track and trace your internet browsing data. Most of the paid or premium vpns come with the strong 256-bit AES encryption to allow their user to keep protected at the time of surfing the internet.

No-logs policy:

While browsing internet, your personal data, IP address, DNS and other browsing history can be tracked or traced by the hackers and other monitoring authorities including the government. Therefore, a premium vpn provider will provide you strict no-logs policy to ensure you that they are not monitoring your activities online.

So, before you go to buy a vpn for your android, make sure it has no-logs policy. It enhances your browsing experience without being worried from any devices or any web browsers.

Streaming and Torrenting:

Streaming and torrenting are another cool features your vpn should cover. With your vpn for android should allow you to stream with blocked websites and apps like Netflix, Hulu, HBO and other entertainment websites out there. Not only that it should ensure better torrenting as well.

Therefore, you have to consider the number of servers and geo locations of their servers. The more a vpn has servers worldwide, the better your experience will be in the case of streaming and torrenting.

Unblock websites:

There are some countries in the world that do not allow some websites and apps in their countries like China. In this case, if you want to browse their blocked content, you need nothing but a vpn. A premium vpn comes with the feature to unblock the geo restricted websites.

Therefore, you can browse the blocked content of these websites whether you are an expat or foreigner or traveler. China has blocked some popular websites and apps like Facebook, Twitter, Gmail, Google and so on. With help of a premium vpn, you can break their geo location restriction and comfortably browse these websites and apps.

Simultaneous connections on multiple devices:

Some vpns are costly, therefore, you can minimize the cost if it allows you to connect several devices with one account. Different vpns offer different simultaneous connections on multiple devices. With one premium account of the vpn, you can connect your devices at home or office.

It is beneficial to have simultaneous connections on multiple devices but not must. By the feature of a vpn, you can maximize your connection and cost. Therefore, it is a cost-effective feature for those who own multiple devices at home and office.

Can I get a free VPN for Android?

If you are aware of your privacy and protection while surfing the internet, you need a premium vpn for android. Otherwise, your data and phone may fall in danger at any time by the hackers or other governmental monitoring agencies.

Therefore, a premium vpn should out rank a free vpn. Because a free vpn comes with limited features and benefits. On the other hand, all you need to protect your data can be found in a premium or paid vpn for android.

Is it illegal to use a VPN?

Yes, using a vpn is legal in most of the countries. But there are some restrictions as well. Some countries have blocked some of their websites’ content so that other from other countries cannot see their content. Not only that they have blocked some popular websites and apps that are used worldwide.

In this case, if you want to browse these websites and apps living in their countries or outside of the countries, you have to use a strong and premium vpn. Therefore, intrusions to their restricted websites and contents may be illegal.

Can a vpn be used on multiple devices?

Some vpns suggest to use on several devices. It is a cost-effective attribute of a vpn. Therefore, you can make use of a vpn all your devices in office or at home. But you have to make confident the devices you are using at home or offices support the operating system like android.

Say, you are a user of an android device. But the vpn you have purchased does not permit the operating system. That is why you have to think equally the operating system and many gadgets connections.

Final thought

As we have tested a handsome amount of vpns for an android user, these 5 recommended vpns on android should be worth trying. All of them are capable of protecting your online presence with their best features including encryption, unblocking, geo restrictions, streaming, torrenting and so on.

Among the five vpns we have mentioned here, we recommend you to purchase the ExpressVPN for your android devices. Your will be eligible to use 160 locations across 94 countries from different part of the planet. You will receive a good performance from most of their servers. They provide clients for almost everything and excellent support.

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