Hindi Movies: 12 Best Websites to Watch Hindi Movies Online

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Bollywood is the second most popular film industry in the world after Hollywood. The platform brings around a hundred movies every year. It was pretty hard to find and watch Bollywood movies outside India previously due to the strong copyright law.

But thanks to the local Indian streaming services, now you can watch movies from anywhere in the world. In today’s article, we will let you know about some of the Best Websites to Watch Hindi Movies Online.

Some of these websites are geo-restricted and not available outside India. We will also let you know how to unblock the websites from any country by utilizing the streaming friendly VPNs.

Best Websites to Watch Hindi Movies Online [2021]

Hindi movies are vastly available on torrents and other third-party websites. But if you want to enjoy the movies legally, you will need to depend on the local Indian streaming services. Check out some of the best websites to watch Hindi movies online that offer you a massive number of titles:

Best Websites to Watch Hindi Movies

1. Hotstar

The Hotstar is considered the best platform to enjoy Hindi movies. The local streaming platform includes the biggest library of Hindi Movies. Not only that you can also access all types of Indian movies including Telugu, Tamil, Bengali, Marathi, Gujrati, and much more.

Apart from the on-demand movies, WhatsApp includes around thirty India-based live channels. Some of the channels include National Geographic, Star Plus, FoxLife, Life OK, etc. The best thing about Hotstar is it allows you to enjoy the titles without even log in. Hotstar also allows you to enjoy some titles free of charge.

Another impressive thing about Hotstar is there are several live sports channels to enjoy Football, Cricket, Tennis, and other games. The streaming service is currently available for Android, iOS, and smart TVs. You can subscribe to Hotstar and download apps from its official website.

Why use Hotstar?

  • Enjoy all popular and latest Bollywood movies.
  • Includes other Indian movies too.
  • Include 30 plus Indian channels for TV shows.
  • Let the user enjoy some titles free of charge.

2. YouTube

Unlike Hollywood movies, there are a good number of Bollywood movies on Youtube. Even you can find some latest Hindi movies on the platform. Apart from Hindi movies, you can also find a bunch of Indian movies on Youtube with a simple search.


Though most of the Hindi movies on Youtube are illegal, there are also some copyrighted channels like Shemaroo movies, Rajshri, etc. There are also some live Hindi channels on Youtube which you can utilize for watching the Hindi TV series.

You can watch Hindi movies on Youtube without any subscription or fees. Furthermore, you can enjoy the movie comfortably from Youtube’s best in the line video player. To get this amazing online streaming site just click here

Why use YouTube?

  • Offers the latest Hindi and other Indian movies.
  • No subscription or purchase is required.
  • Smooth and fast streaming experience.
  • Available for all platforms.

3. Netflix

Netflix is the world’s best on-demand streaming site with more than 180 million users. Although Netflix is the biggest English movies and TV series streaming site, there are also a good number of Hindi titles in it. You can enjoy Hindi movies at the highest quality from Netflix without any buffering.


Recently Netflix is also bringing original content like Sacred Games, Lust Stories, etc., which has become exceptionally popular. As per various sources, Netflix is working on a handful number of original movies and TV series titles.

Netflix also offers you a 30 days free trial and various packages at different price points. The streaming platform is available for Android, Windows, iOS, and Mac. You can also enjoy Netflix on almost all the popular Smart TV brands by downloading the app from the official website.

Why use Netflix?

  • Smooth and bufferless streaming experience.
  • One to three months of a free trial.
  • Popular original contents like Sacred Game.
  • Massive and constantly refreshed library.

4. Hungama Movies

Like Hotstar, Hungama Movies is another India-based streaming service. There are more than 6500 movies and TV series in Hungama. It brings you the latest movies quicker than the other streaming services in India. Like Netflix, it also offers you a 30 days trial.

Hungama Movies

The impressive thing about the Hungama app is there are around 3.5 million of music which you can enjoy in High-definition. The premium version of the Hungama app is ad-free and also very cheap, starting from only Rs. 199 per month.

The streaming service includes some intuitive features like adaptive streaming to ensure you a smooth streaming experience at slower networks. The Hungama movie is currently available for android and iOS-based phones and Smart TVs. You can download the app from its official website.

Why use Hungama?

  • Includes more than 6500 titles.
  • Includes around 3.5 million songs.
  • Cheap pricing, starting from Rs. 199.
  • Smooth streaming on slow

5. Amazon Prime Video

Amazon Prime Video can be a great source of Bollywood entertainment for you at a cheaper price. It is currently in a tough competition with Netflix to bring more Hindi titles to acquire the local market. You will find a good array of the latest and popular Hindi movies on the platform.

Amazon Prime Video

There are more than 12,800 titles in the Amazon Prime video which means you will always find something to enjoy. Some of the top Bollywood movies on Amazon Prime includes Raazi, Gulabo Srrabo, Street Dancer 3D, Padmaavat, etc.

You can enjoy the streaming service at as low as Rs. 129 per month. It also offers you a free 30 days trial. By subscribing to the Amazon Prime Movie, you will also get Prime Music and Prime Supply services free of charge. Amazon Prime is obtainable for mobile, PCs, Smart TVs, Gaming Console, etc. from its official website.

Why use Amazon Prime?

  • Massive arrays of Hindi and foreign content.
  • Include amazon’s original contents.
  • Available at a cheap price.
  • Get Prime Video and Prime Supply for free.

6. Bigflix

The BigFlix is another local streaming service like Hotstar which brings you a good number of Hindi titles. There are around 2000 titles on the platform which includes most of the latest and popular movies. It also includes Indian movies in other languages like Tamil, Malayalam, Telugu, Bengali, etc.


BigFlix also brings you a good number of TV series which you will not find on the other local streaming platforms. You can enjoy the movies and TV series at HD quality and utilize up to five devices on one account.

BigFlix subscription is available as low as Rs. 50. Though available at a cheap price, it offers you a fully advertisement-free streaming experience. Currently, Bigflix is accessible from browsers, iOS, Android, and Smart TV devices. Visit their official website to subscribe or install the apps.

Why use Bigflix?

  • Include 2000+ titles of Hindi movies.
  • Include content in 8 different Indian languages.
  • Streaming service starts as cheap as Rs. 50.
  • Compatible with five screens.

7. YuppFlix

The YuppFlix is an underdog in local Indian streaming service with more than 6000 movies. Apart from the typical Bollywood movies, it brings you movies and TV shows in 9 languages. It can be the best source of entertainment for Tamil movie fans with a large array of titles.


The best thing about the YuppFlix is it includes evergreen and old movies apart from the latest titles. You can enjoy the movies and TV series from YuppFlix at 1080p HD quality with English subtitles. The streaming service is currently available in 50+ countries.

YuppFlix is currently available for a wide variety of devices including Android, iOS, Mac, etc. It is obtainable for almost all the popular Smart TVs and gaming consoles. Check out their official website to download YuppFlix for your device.

Why use YuppFlix?

  • Massive arrays of 6000 Hindi movie titles.
  • Movies are available in 9 Indian languages.
  • Service is available in more than 50 countries.
  • Support almost all the common devices.

8. Voot

Voot is one of the most popular streaming platforms in India currently with 100 million active users. It can be a great source of unlimited Hindi Bollywood movies. You will find a massive selection of classic and new Hindi movies on the platform. You don’t even require signing up or log in to enjoy Voot.


Apart from Hindi movies, you will also find Bengali, English, Telugu, Kannad, etc. movies on the platform. There are also live channels for TV shows, news, and sports available on the platform. Voot is the only platform that includes a dedicated Kids section amongst the Indian streaming sites.

Voot currently accommodates more than 40,000 hours of video content. You can enjoy the streaming site as low as Rs. 99 and watch HD contents on up to four devices. Voot works on iOS, Android, Smart TVs, and Web. Visit the official website to subscribe to the service and download the Voot app.

Why use Voot?

  • More than 40,000 hours of video content.
  • Movies and TV shows available in various Indian languages.
  • Include live TV channels and a dedicated kid section.
  • Available at a cheap price.

9. Zee5

It is only two years since Zee5 was established and there are already 100,000 hours of video content available on the platform. Zee5 is currently one of the biggest sources of Hindi entertainment with more than 2000+ movies, 500+ TV shows.


Zee also allows you to watch more than 90 plus live channels. It includes the latest Hindi movies like Commando 3, URI, Talash, Mulk, and much more. Apart from Hindi language films, you can also watch films in 12 other Indian languages in Zee5.

Zee5 also brings you a good number of original content in Hindi and other Indian languages. You can subscribe to the service at as low as Rs. 99. Zee5 movies and TV series can be streamed from the official Website as well as the Android and iOS apps.

Why use Zee5?

  • More than 100,000 hours of content.
  • 2000+ movies, 500+ TV series, and 70+ channels.
  • Include entertainment in 12 Indian languages.
  • Brings you quality original content.

10. Eros Now

The Eros Now is another popular streaming service from India that accommodates a good number of Bollywood movies. There are around 12,000 titles on the platform that consists of the latest, classic, and original movies. There are also music videos and short films on the platform.

Eros Now

Eros Now offers you an intuitive interface where you can watch movies in high-definition smoothly even on a slow network. You can also enjoy some regional movies on the platform. The basic account of Eros Now is completely free with a good number of titles.

The Eros Now also offers you a 14 days trial and the premium package starts from $4.99. You can enjoy Eros Now on a variety of platforms including Android, iOS, PC, and smart TVs from their official website.

Why use Eros?

  • 12000 movies and TV series.
  • Watch for free with a basic
  • 14 days trial for a premium account.
  • Also include music videos and short films.

11. BoxTV

BoxTV is not like typical streaming platforms. It is an IPTV that lets you enjoy the movies and videos in high-quality. The good thing about IPTV is it arrives as a complimentary service with your cable subscription. You can enjoy a superfast streaming experience as it works as an FTP server.


The BoxTV includes a good number of Hindi movies, TV shows in a variety of genres. Apart from Bollywood films, you will find Hollywood, Tollywood, and other regional films on the platform.

The best thing about BoxTV is it doesn't require any payment or subscription fee. You can simply download the BoxTV app from Play Store. However, you may require acquiring the login credentials of the app from the Cable service provider.

Why use BoxTV?

  • Include Bollywood, Tollywood, and Hollywood movies.
  • Available completely free of charge.
  • Don’t need any subscription or sign up.
  • Let’s you enjoy movies without any lag or bu

12. SonyLiv

SonyLiv is another excellent Indian-based streaming platform with a large number of titles. It offers you more than 700 movies and around 40,000 hours of TV shows. The contents mostly consist of the latest and classic Bollywood films. You may also find some Tamil and English titles on the platform.


Though one of the newest streaming platforms out there, you will find the SonyLIV pretty optimized for a smoother streaming experience. More so, it enables you to access a handful of contents free of charge. Besides, the premium contents can be accessed at a very small charge.

You also don’t need to sign up for enjoying the free titles on the platform. You can access the titles from the website as well as apps available for android, iOS, and smart TVs from the official website. SonyLiv is currently not available outside India, you will need to implement a VPN to access it.

Why use SonyLiv?

  • 700 movies and 40,000 hours of TV shows.
  • Include Bollywood, English, and Tamil movies.
  • A good number of titles at free of cost.
  • Premium titles are available at a cheap cost.

How to Use a VPN to Stream Hindi Movies?

The best sources of on-demand Hindi movies are the local Indian streaming services. Unfortunately, most of these are not available outside India. But you can make them work by utilizing a VPN. Check out some of the best VPNs to stream Hindi movies smoothly:

1. ExpressVPN Review

ExpressVPN is one of the most trust-worthy VPN clients currently with more than 160 server locations in 94 countries. It has a good number of servers in India, letting you access all the local Hindi movie streaming sites. You unblock almost all the geo-restricted or banned websites using the VPN.


The ExpressVPN also ensures a superfast speed, ensuring that you will never encounter lags or buffers while streaming the movies. Furthermore, you don’t need to worry about being exposed as there are several security features like Military-grade encryption, kill switch, strict-logging, etc.

The VPN can be utilized on almost all types of devices including smartphones, PCs, Gaming Consoles, and Smart TVs. An account of the ExpressVPN lets you unblock Indian sites from five devices synchronously. It is accessible at a pocket-friendly fee along with 30 days of a free trial.

ExpressVPN Features:

  • ExpressVPN unlocks: Hotstar, Zee5, Netflix, Eros Now, SonyLiv, and all others.
  • Security Features: Military-grade encryption, kill switch, no-log, leak protection, etc.
  • Compatible Devices: Smartphones, PCs, Gaming Consoles, and Smart TVs.

2. CyberGhost Review

CyberGhost is a well-known name in the VPN industry for its superior speed and massive arrays of servers. The VPN arrives with more than 6900 servers with 90 server locations. It even features around 4500 unique IP addresses for ensuring you a decent streaming experience.


The VPN can be used for unblocking all the Indian streaming sites. It even includes special servers for an outstanding streaming experience. Furthermore, it includes military-grade protocol with other security features like kill switch, split tunneling, leak protection, and much more.

The CyberGhost VPN offers you a 24 hours free trial with45 a days money-back guarantee. You can connect to seven devices from one account. It supports iOS, Android, Mac OS, Windows OS, Smart TVs, Routers, and so on.

CyberGhost Features:

  • CyberGhost unlocks: Hotstar, Zee5, Netflix, Eros Now, SonyLiv, Hungama movies, etc
  • Security Features: Military-grade encryption, kill switch, split tunneling, leak protection, etc.
  • Compatible Devices: iOS, Android, Mac OS, Windows OS, Smart TVs, Routers, etc.

3. NordVPN Review

NordVPN can be another excellent VPN option for you to stream Hindi and other Indian movies comfortably. The VPN offers you a wide array of server locations including India. It has a feature known as “SmartPlay” which bypasses geo-restrictions on any website from anywhere in the world.


Another impressive thing about the NordVPN is its speed. The VPN offers the fastest VPN servers on various locations, ensuring you the best buffer-free streaming experience. It also ensures tough security of your privacy by utilizing features like military-grade encryption, kill switch, CyberSec, and strict no-log policy.

NordVPN is also capable of blocking ads and popups to ensure you a disturb-less streaming experience. It is available for PCs, smartphones, browser extensions, routers, and many more devices. You can trust the VPN with peace of mind as they offer a 30 days trial and money-back guarantee.

NordVPN Features:

  • NordVPN unlocks: Netflix, Hotstar, Zee5, BigFlix, Eros Now, and others.
  • Security Features: Military-grade encryption, kill switch, no-log, etc.
  • Compatible Devices: PCs, smartphones, browser extensions, routers, etc.

Why You Need a VPN to Stream Hindi Movies and How to Choose The Best

Like Hollywood movies, Bollywood Hindi movies are also copyright protected. Based on copyright law, the movies can be only streamed in only a limited number of countries. The local Indian streaming sites also need to follow the law to offer while offering their services.

That means, if you are not from India, you cannot watch the movies from the Indian-based streaming platforms. The streaming websites use geo-restrictions to block access to their movies in other countries. A VPN allows you to remove the geo-restrictions easily so that you can enjoy Hindi movies.

So, how to choose the right VPN to stream Hindi movies? Not all the VPNs out there are capable of letting you access the Indian streaming services. To be more specific, only the VPNs that include servers in India can unblock these services. That means you must select a VPN with Indian servers to enjoy Hindi movies.

Apart from the servers, you should also consider the VPN speed and optimization for streaming. By doing so, you can be assured about a buffer-less and HD streaming performance. ExpressVPN offers you all the requirements above and it can be the best VPN for you to enjoy Hindi movies.

Frequently Asked Questions

Watching Hindi movies are fun. And if you know the best websites to watch Hindi Movies online then your day is awesome. Here you will find more answers about this topic that people generally asked for. 

What Are The Top Bollywood Movies Of 2020?

Some of the best Hindi movies of 2020 based on users review include:
1. Angrezi Medium
2. Malang
3. Tanhaji
4. Baaghi 3
5. Love Aaj Kal

Do I Need A VPN To Watch Hindi Movies?

If your residence is outside India then you must require a VPN to watch the Hindi movies. The VPNs will unblock the Hindi streaming sites and channels for you so that you can watch the movies.

How To Get Amazon Prime Video For Free?

Amazon Prime Video is not available for free. However, you can make use of their 30 days trial period. Simply register for an account and enjoy the movies during the trial period.

How To Get Free Netflix To Watch Indian Films?

There is no free package of Netflix. However, you may enjoy Netflix for 30 days with a trial account. You will need to add a credit card for obtaining the trial.

How To Get Free Hotstar/Disney+ For Hindi Movies?

Some of the titles on the Hotstar can be accessed without any payment. But Disney Plus doesn't offer any free titles. Instead, Disney Plus includes a free 7 days trial which you can enjoy by creating an account.

Can I Watch The Most Recent Releases Without Cost On Cellular?

There are no ways to watch the latest Hindi movies without any cellular data charge. One thing you can do is keep an eye on the Indian TV channels. There you may find the world TV Premiere of some of the moves.

Summary and Further Reading

As you see, there are a good number of streaming services for enjoying all the latest and popular Hindi movies. Though most of them are not available outside India, you can still access them comfortably through a decent VPN client. You can rely on the VPNs mentioned in the article for accessing all the Best websites to watch Hindi movies online.

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