Cyberghost Vs PIA: Which VPN Should You Go For 2021?

Learn the differences between CyberGhost vs Pia and thus take the best private network for hiring. It is good that you know about both VPNs' specifications and takes the one that offers the best features. Both private networks are high fidelity, but only one has a perfect composition that you do not have to miss.

Find out how VPNs differ in their interface, performance, speed test, price, and the devices it supports. You have to know the main characteristics that make up each private network for its quick hiring. Finally, you will decide to hire a VPN for its guarantees of use and the security that they offer you.

A Quick Comparison Chart:

You should observe a comparison table so that you have a quick choice with all the characteristics that each VPN presents:

Details of factor CyberGhost



Available servers






P2P connection


7 devices


10 devices


Connects to


Netflix, Hulu, Amazon Prime Video, HBO, ESPN +, Disney Plus, etc.


HBO, Amazon Prime Video, Hulu, Disney +, ESPN +, Netflix, 10 Play, etc.


Download speed in the USA


90 Mbps


77 Mbps





Cyberghost vs PIA: Head-to-Head Main Comparison

Choosing any VPN is not tough. When it comes to making the differences then you will fall in trouble sometimes. Here CyberGhost vs Pia and their main differences are written elaborately. it will help you to hire the most convenient one now:

Cyberghost vs PIA

1. Top Features

For the main features in both private networks, you may notice some similarities such as:


Provides a service for hiring you to use in search of having secure and unlimited access throughout the internet. With CyberGhost, you will have a very fast system to use where it will allow you to control up to 7 devices simultaneously. It is a private network covering countries such as the United States, United Kingdom, and Canada with the services you want to access online.


VPN has been nominated as the best overall option to control your computer or mobile device. It is a private connection network that is very popular for giving you military encryption, double VPN connection, among other things. CyberGhost's private network is ranked 8.0 points for maximum efficiency.


With Private Internet Access (PIA), you will have a very wide internet connection for international streaming services. It is an excellent private network that will allow you to connect to Netflix from Canada regardless of geoblocks. You can connect 10 devices simultaneously with PIA without having problems connected with a cloned IP address.


In operation, the private network is amazing, giving you the possibility to use it if you are a newbie to this software. PIA has earned the nomination for best VPN overall, for streaming, and all your devices at hand. You may notice that the private network has an overall rating of 8.1 points above other VPNs.

2. Configuration and Interface

Between CyberGhost vs Pia, you may notice that there are big differences in their configuration and user interface, such as:


You will have a simple configuration with the private network letting you connect online in no more than 1 minute. CyberGhost provides a secure connection for you to browse national and international servers without being discovered.


The private network has a very easy-to-use interface that you can access from your mobile, computer, or fire tv. It is a private network that adapts to all your devices so you can enjoy it without feeling limited.


With PIA, you will have a manual configuration process to adjust the private network to suit you. You can include that the network has a double VPN to prevent your IP from being exposed to online blocks.



With this private network, you can connect to your mobile and computer interface only to enjoy its functions. You can connect to servers in the UK, China, the US, and Canada for different streaming services.

3. Servers and Performance

You must give importance to the servers that each private network supports in many countries with streaming services. Among the specifications that each VPN has with the servers and their performance are:


Supports up to 6,700 servers in more than 89 countries for you to connect to all streaming services. You will have the greatest stability on these servers where CyberGhost will be updating to give you the best connection.


With Pia, you can connect with up to 29166 servers in more than 77 countries, including Asia, South America, and Africa. It is a very powerful private network in which you will have a good connection with the main countries for streaming services.

4. Speed ​Test

When you go online with a VPN, the first thing you are concerned about is your connection speed, and both private networks have:


For servers in the United States, you can enjoy a download speed of over 87 Mbps. The upload speed is 140 Mbps in the United States, 158 Mbps in Germany, and more than 2250 Mbps in the United Kingdom. The private network gives you excellent speed to not miss out on your series, movies, and international information.


With PIA, you have to accept a download speed in the United States of 77 Mbps and 61 Mbps for the UK and Germany. It is a very discreet private network where you can upload files with a speed of 136 Mbps in the United States. For servers in Germany, its upload is 122 Mbps, and in the United Kingdom, it extends to 149 Mbps.

5. Prices and Discounts

Before you proceed to decide between CyberGhost vs Pia, you should know their prices and discounts:


With CyberGhost, you have one day to do a free trial of the private network, and its contracting price is very affordable. You can have the private network for one month, one year, two years, or three years with exclusive discounts. For a 3-year contract, you will have a 50% discount on the private network's payment for each month.

CyberGhost offers you the best promotion where you can enjoy the private network for more than 45 days and request a refund of your money.


If you choose PIA, you can make your contract for one month, one year or three years with exclusive discounts. The private network available at a 33% discount for your 3-year contract so you don't miss it.

You don't have to miss out on the best guarantee on private networks with PIA, where you have 30 days to use it and ask for your money back.

6. Supported Devices

For multiple connections in the private network, you have to know the best software and among them are:


With CyberGhost, you can connect 7 devices simultaneously in Chrome or Firefox browsers for Windows or Mac. You can connect with fire TV, Android TV, Xbox 360, PS4, and other devices at the same time without problems.




PIA supports up to 6 connected devices with IOS, Android, Windows, Linux, Mac, PS $, Routers, etc. You can enjoy this secure connection by manually configuring the available routers.



7. Privacy and Security

You must know about the privacy and security that private network servers guarantee you:


For privacy, CyberGhost has jurisdiction in Romania, maintains its policy of no registrations and payments in cryptocurrencies. In security, the network supports military encryption and has Tor over VPN configurations, split tunnels, Malware blocks, etc.


With PIA, their jurisdiction is in the United States. They have policies of no records and payments in cryptocurrencies or credit cards. You will have military encryption security at your fingertips with features in divided tunnels, PIA Mace, HNS, prox SOCKS5, among other things.

8. Customer Service

Customer service is good for private networks because you have guarantees on troubleshooting. The qualities that each private network has in customer services are:


With CyberGhost, you have 24/7 customer support without fail. You have a live chat and communication via Email to solve the private network failures.


PIA has customer service through chats and Emails when you need it, although the responses are sometimes automatic. It does not have stable support for customer service, so its contact will be annoying if you have connection failures.

Bottom Line: Who is The Winner?

Now that you know the basic specifications between CyberGhost vs Pia, you must decide when hiring the private network. CyberGhost undoubtedly wins in almost all of its features because it has a greater reach in servers, security, customer service, and P2P connection. You always have to hire a quality private network like CyberGhost, and their money-back guarantees 45 days.

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