CyberghostVPN Review 2021: Surprisingly Better Than Others

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A VPN allows you to protect your data by creating an encrypted files and prevents others from seeing your actual ISP. Sometimes, your private ISP data is at stake and there may be a chance to steal your personal data as well. In this situation, a VPN, like Cyberghostvpn enables you to encrypt all your data so that others cannot steal and sell your data.

Cyberghostvpn is one of the best vpn for you out there in the market. And, it allows you to browse internet without being worried of stealing your data. Not only that it has numerous server locations all across the world to make you able to use the vpn effortlessly.

Is Cyberghost A Good VPN?

If you want to provide or get the answer of this specific question, you have to consider a few different important things related to vpn. Besides, you cannot find the correct reply. Yes, whether a vpn is good or bad depends on several different things including its speed, masking and so forth.

Considering all these things, yes, you can say that Cyberghost is a good VPN because it can keep you safe while browsing internet. Also, it has P2P-optimized servers which enables you to download with a high speed. Not only that it does the appropriate things for you, meaning that it can mask your IP and activities from the internet world. Therefore, you can consider it a good vpn for your online journey.

Is CyberGhost VPN Safe To Use?

Having industry-leading security features, it is one of the secured VPNs out there in the market. Yes, it comes with 256-bit encryption which is awesome to encrypt your data and prevent your actual presence from the rest of the world. Cyberghost has also an automatic kill switch and strong no-logs policy so that there will be no footprint of your browsing history.

It is able to stop the intrusion of DMCA complaints, policy requests and malware activity. It can flag everything that can be found if you have a look at its publishes quarterly transparency reports. And, it is sophisticated that Cyberghost takes your privacy sincerely.

CyberGhost VPN Overview

Cyberghost should be your truly complete VPN solution if you want to use a VPN like it. It meets your requirements keeping your ISP data and location private from the internet world. Actually, it does the perfect work that a VPN should do. Therefore, you should not worry about the quality and service and performance of the VPN. Because it has several servers across the world so that you can get better experience of using a VPN like Cyberghost.

1. Special Features

Let’s talk about some special features of Cyberghost VPN. After learning about its special features, you will be confident that you need nothing but a VPN like Cyperghost to meet your requirements. Different users have different requirements. But a VPN to be the best, should have some must-have features.

2. No-logs should be tracked

It is one of the most important feature of a VPN to be considered as the best. And it is nothing but the capability of securing your personal browsing data as well as your IP from the rest of the world. While browsing internet, your browsing history are being monitored or tracked by your ISP or hackers or the government. But using a good VPN will allow you to protect from being monitored by others including the government, cybercriminals and so on.

In this term, Cyberghost does the perfect thing for you. It protects you from being tracked by the cybercriminals, government or your ISP. Because their transparency is worth praising. They protect your personal data and browsing history from others as they are dedicated in the case of DMCA complaints, malware activity flags or police requests.

3. Security features of Cyberghost

Security features of any VPN should be considered to be the best way to secure your data while browsing internet. Your online presence can also be monitored and tracked by your ISP, the government or other worse criminal associates worldwide. Therefore, you may face trouble and your data can be leaked to them. But you don’t want to happen so with you, right?

Here a VPN comes into the action. The government and other fraudulent activities may try to see your browsing history and your IP. Thus you can be exposed to them easily if you don’t use a VPN to protect yourself. You VPN should have a 265-bit encryption features that the government or the military across the world use the same. However, Cyberghost VPN offers you a 256-AES encryption in order to protect you from being exposed to them.

4. Kill-Switch of the VPN

When your VPN connection fails, you are exposed to the rest of the world, meaning that as soon as your VPN connection gets disconnected, if you don’t disconnect from the internet connection, your browsing history  can be monitored and tracked by other including cybercriminals, government and so forth. Therefore, your VPN should have such a feature that will allow you to disconnect automatically if it fails to keep you connected with the VPN.

Cyberghost allows you to do the perfect thing in this regard. Because it has a built-in kill-switch that helps you to disconnect automatically as soon as the you get disconnected from the VPN. Not only that cyberghost VPN offers you an automatic Wi-Fi and DNS leak protection, therefore, you are completely safe with the Cyberghost VPN so far.

5. Simultaneous Connections

Using VPN to only one device is safe and wise. Most VPN out there in the market offers the same to use it only one device whether it is your laptop, smartphone, tablets, smart TVs, gaming console and so forth. But in today’s technology-based world, we are really connected with so many gadgets, right?

Therefore, we need something that can help us out. In this situation, Cyberghost VPN comes into the play. Yes, it allows its users to use the VPN up to 7 simultaneous connections. So, you can use the Cyberghost VPN from your PC, tablet, smartphone, gaming console, smart TV and the like. Moreover, it offers still two empty slots more to use for further connections if it requires.

6. Number of servers of the VPN

The number of servers and their location worldwide of a VPN determine its fast connection and fast browsing. Actually, number of servers across the world of a virtual private network is its bread and butter of the VPN. Therefore, you can say that the more servers of a VPN has, the better experience you will have using it.

Besides, number of servers location across the world also determines its fast connection. If a VPN has many servers in different countries across the world, it should likely to be the fasted connection as well. Cyberghost VPN offers its users the experience of fast connection without being congested having so many servers across the world. It has more that 6400 servers which cover 89 different countries and 112 server location.

7. Malware Blocker

You may have the experience that some websites try to install their codes to your computer making it vulnerable. In this case, you have to act as wise and should not allow these websites to install their harmful codes that might be dangerous for your computer and for your personal data. Therefore, you require such a VPN that can block these malware from being entered into your hard-drive.

Cyberghost VPN has a feature that allows you to protect your computer from these malicious websites so far. In order to save your personal data and computer, all you need to do is turn on the feature that says “Block Malicious Websites” and you are all-set.

8. Streaming of Cyberghost

If you want to stream Netflix with Cyberghost, you may find trouble for the first time. But you should not worry about it because by changing the server location, you can get the solution yourself. Not only that streaming Netflix with Cyberghost does not slow down your speed as well.

Its “For streaming” tab will allow you to stream from different server location. If you are connected to the server located in Germany and see there is a problem streaming Netflix, wait not, change the server location quickly and easily to United States and you can continue your streaming. Cyberghost can also stream HBO GO, BBC iPlayer, and Netflix US.

  • Simultaneous connection on up to 7 gadgets High speeds streaming Unlimited bandwidth Built-in automatic Kill-switch Huge number of servers across the world (more than 6400) Strict no-log policy 256-bit AES encryption WiFi, DNS and IP leak protection Protocols- OpenVPN, L2TP-IPSec, and PPTP Available apps for PC, Mac, Android, Linux, iOS
  • Speed test score is not satisfactory Restricted access to high security No-spy servers Costly

How To Set Up And Use Cyberghost VPN

The following steps will assist you to understand how to install and use Cyberghost VPN.

Step #01: Create an account with them

In this very fast step, you have to create an account before you go to download the web installer file to install on your computer. But the first step will complete in two steps as well. First you have to sign up providing your username and password.

Then it will redirect to another page where you are provided a PUK code. After completing this step, your download will start.

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Step #02: Selecting the plan

As mentioned earlier, there are three different plans out there in their website, you have to choose one of them. Depending on your requirements, you should select one that best suit you from the Pricing table. You will receive a 7 day trial with 45-days money back guarantee.

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Step #03: Download starts

Now you are ready to download the web installer from their website. All you have to do is click on Download link so that the download starts immediately. After clicking, the download process will start automatically within a few seconds.

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Step #04: Install

When you see the download is completed, it is time to click on the web installer (.exe file) to run the installation from the website. After running as administrator, the installation process will start and may take a few minutes to install the app to your device.

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Step #05: Provide your details

In two ways, you can start using the VPN. When you see the installation process in completed, now you have to provide you credentials for a 7 day free trial or paid subscription. I recommend you to activate your paid subscription so that you can reap up all the features of the VPN. After providing your username and password, you will be able to log in. 

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Step #06: Choosing your profile

After logging into your Cyberghost client, you will see 6 different profiles to select from them including Surf Anonymously, Unblock Streaming, Protect Network, Torrent Anonymously, Unblock Basic Websites, and Choose My Server. From each profile, you can use according to your needs. If you want stream Netflix with one, you just have to unblock streaming feature and you are ready to go.


Step #07: Configuring the settings

Configuring the settings is not so difficult if you have basic knowledge about them. By clicking on the settings menu, you can activate some cool features of the VPN such as kill switch, DNS leak protection and similar things. Not only that you can also create a specific profile dedicated to a certain app by going to App protection menu.

Moreover, as Cyberghost has many features, you have to play around them regularly so that you can get familiar with its layout. Just by turning on and off some features, you can experience better surfing on the web with Cyberghost.


How fast is CyberGhost VPN?

It depends on a few things to determine how fast Cyberghost VPN works. If everything related to the connection is sufficient, then you will get fast speed using the Cyberghost VPN. Normally you can get an average speed on six Mbps. But its maximum speed reaches up to 1 Gb.

If your regular internet connection exceeds 2 Mbps, you are likely not to get much speed with cyberghost VPN. So, you have to consider your regular internet speed. The more speed your internet connection has, the better experience you will receive. The device you are using the VPN for, should have high configuration to get optimum speed while browsing. Another important thing to consider is the distance of the server. The closer the server is, the more speed you will get. As the VPN allows you to connect 7 devices simultaneously, you can get more speed if the is less connection.

System Reliability & Support for Any Problem by CyberGhost

To check any company’s reliability and support, you need to stuck to any problem related to their service you have purchased. While I found an issue connecting to a server due to my connection was failed, I had to open the live chat of the Cyberghost VPN.

Before starting to chat, I was suggested to read the FAQs and other related questions. All of the questions answers were completely given there. But I did not find any that could relate to my issue. However, I opened the chat box and they asked me to give my name and email address there. After submitting these necessary things, I could start chatting with them.

A helpful agent started to chat with me and listened what the issue was that I found trouble to solve. And, then he provided me all the instruction needed to solve the issue. At the end of the conversation with the agent, I could manage to solve the problem. So, their support and reliability is worth praising.

Does CyberGhost Keep Logs?

No. they do not keep logs of your browsing and any other personal data from internet at the time of your browsing. Therefore, they are reliable because they are committed not to keep logs of their users. They promised not to keep logs of your real IP addresses, assigned servers, times of log in and out, any data, traffic data, any information that has been sent through Cyberghost server.

Pricing & Plan

Cyberghost offers different pricing and plans to their valuable customers across the world. You can get 1-month, 1-year, and 3-year plans. Depending on your needs, you can purchase the plans. But you have to keep one thing in your mind that the longer the plan, the better it is for you.


Frequently Asked Question

If you have further queries regarding Cyberghost VPN, you can learn from the below questions. Yes, there are a few important frequently asked questions, you may need to know for your better understanding about the VPN.

✅ Is CyberGhost VPN free?

Though it is a commercial VPN provider, you can get free trial service. Free service is limited while paid is much more resourceful.

✅ Is CyberGhost legal ?

Yes, it is legal to use Cyberghost VPN in the United States. Because there you can use any VPN legally. Other than that when using it for torrenting copyrighted materials, it is illegal.

✅ Can CyberGhost be trusted?

Its security features are trusted, reliable and transparent. Therefore, you can trust their security feature. It will keep your personal data and browsing history protected from other online.

✅ Does CyberGhost hide IP address ?

Yes, Cyberghost hides IP addresses. Their security features allow their users to hide their IP addresses from the rest of the world while connecting internet to their devices.

✅ Can CyberGhost unblock Netflix ?

There is a option on the Cyberghost layout to unblock Netflix. When you experience that it prevents you from streaming with Netflix, you have to unblock it.

✅ Does CyberGhost work with Netflix ?

Of course, Cyberghost works with Netflix US. If you find trouble working with Netflix, all you need to fix is to unblock the feature of the VPN.

✅ Does CyberGhost VPN have a kill switch?

Sure. Its built-in automatic kill switch helps you to get disconnected at the time of disconnecting from the server. It keeps your data save even after disconnecting from the VPN.

✅ How many devices can you have on CyberGhost?

Most VPN allows you to connect it to only one device so that your data keeps in secured. But Cyberghost enables you to simultaneously connect it with 7 different devices.

Final Thought

Cyberghost is such a good VPN that can fulfill your requirements. Depending on your needs, you can have your plan from the alternatives. It is capable with its exceptional features that will help you to browse the internet being safe. Though it has numerous features, yet, it is easy to use. Though its price is high, it is worth its pricing. With Cyberghost, you can unblock Neflix for streaming and their chat support is quick and reliable.

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