Does IPVanish Work With Netflix [The Complete Edition]

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Are you out of your country for work or vacations and want to continue enjoying your favorite series? It may happen that by changing your location, your favorite series is no longer available on Netflix. It happens when Netflix warns that you have changed geolocation. How to solve it?

You need a VPN that bypasses Netflix blocks. There are lots of VPN, but IPVanish is known for its optimization on streaming Netflix and other restricted websites. Does IPVanish work with Netflix? Here, I will discuss the topics in detail.

Does IPVanish Work With Netflix?

Netflix is ​​constantly updating to detect and block VPN servers. With IPVanish, you will not have to worry about speed problems in your connection to Netflix, since it offers more than 1,300 servers in more than 75 countries. It is one of the fastest and most secure VPNs on the market.


We repeat it once again: Netflix is ​​constantly striving to block VPNs. And your efforts pay off. Every day the number of VPNs that manage to overcome Netflix's anti-VPN barriers is decreasing. That is why we are using IPVanish that perfectly works with Netflix anytime.

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You have to know that many Internet providers monitor your activity and slow down the transmission traffic. The IPVanish VPN can bypass this control and give you an acceptable speed. Also, it has worldwide coverage so you can enjoy US Netflix with HD quality and high-speed streaming.

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IPVanish VPN allows you to change the location you have on your devices and thus access US Netflix. So, you can access the entire Netflix catalog that is normally geographically restricted.

Why IPVanish Is Good for Netflix?

IPVanish ensures protection of our information at all times. Everything from the simplicity of the “Connect” button. Once connected, we can surf Netflix by hiding your identity from outside the US.


With IPVanish, you can forget about all kinds of censorship and access any Netflix and restricted content, no matter your country's restrictions. Since you can locate your location in any of its different servers around the world

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No history:

IPVanish does not record any logs and this is a unique feature on the market. There will be no trace of your activity on the internet since the company owns the entire process and ensures that no one but you can access your information.

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Dynamic IP's:

IPVanish updates your IP automatically to make your protection even more useful. Kill Switch: The VPN is very stable, but in case of not connecting to the Netflix is ensuring that nothing can intrude on your computer.

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Kill Switch:

The VPN is very stable, but in case of not connecting to the Netflix is ensuring that nothing can intrude on your computer.

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Protection against DNS leaks:

All your requests on the Netflix and other streaming platforms are handled by IPVanish servers and have the best security standards.

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Unlimited connections:

Connect from different places at the same time and it supports up to 10 devices. IPVanish allows you to browse Netflix from anywhere, at the same time.

In addition, the service is extremely fast. The difference in speed between being connected to the server or not is imperceptible. For these reasons, IPVanish is good for Netflix.

You can watch Netflix from the country where their server is available. But, when you want to watch from a country where Netflix is restricted, you can use IPVanish VPN. Let’s see the features.

IPVanish Review – Best VPN For Speed

IPVanish VPN is user-friendly and supports Windows, Apple, Android, iOS, Amazon Fire TV, router, and all other devices. You will get 40000+ shared IP’s on this VPN. The total amount of servers is 1500+ and provides uninterrupted services on 75+ locations.


IPVANISH VPN has unthrottled speed and zero traffic logs. These features help to watch all streaming sites including Netflix, Hulu, PopcornFlix, YouTube, BBCiPlayer, etc. smoothly. Also, you will find the IKEv2, OpenVPN, L2TP/IPSec protocols including a 256-bit AES encryption policy. The encryption policy helps to encrypt the data so that no one can track you down.

This IPVANISH VPN has a SOCKS5 web proxy server and you will find an anonymous ID to surf the internet. You will get all these features in IPVANISH VPN by spending only $3.25 per month. They are offering up to 73% off with a money return guarantee. And this money return policy extends for 30 days.

To watch the great streaming site Netflix with IPVanish VPN check out the promo offer. While subscribing you can enjoy the great offer.

  1. No activity logs recorded or monitored during browsing.
  2. Unmetered connections help to run on different devices at the same speed.
  3. P2P and VoIP connection help to mask your personal IP address.


IPVanish has full integration with Netflix and is very easy to configure. Once the program is installed, all we have to do is connect to a server in the United States. We can choose between Las Vegas, Dallas and Chicago. Once connected, all that remains is to log into Netflix and enjoy our favorite series or program. Hope, you may clear that question, does IPVanish work with Netflix.

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