ExpressVPN Reviews: Fast & Secured VPN of 2021

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There are lots of popular VPN (Virtual Private Network) services available. Among the most mentionable ones, ExpressVPN is on the top. This VPN stands to make a secure tunnel between two or more devices. During the lockdown, ExpressVPN comes as a blessing to us. It opens the way to enjoy unlimited browsing without any restriction.

It helps us to enjoy new movies and shows from the different country catalog of Netflix. In my opinion, this VPN is the undisputed king in the market right now. They offer the best VPN service which is hard to ignore. Their policy and the service make us more secure online all day. 

Is ExpressVPN Free?

Basically, ExpressVPN offers a paid version for everyone. Because they have more features and better support for the premium users. It doesn’t want to offer any trial version with the limited feature where the user faces a slow speed problem and doesn't get all the server location. The paid version of ExpressVPN avoids all these problems.

Why Do I Need ExpressVPN?

Using a VPN can make lots of your activity easy and secure. But ExpressVPN offers more than that. If you are using public Wi-Fi connections for some emergency then this VPN can protect you from the hacker. These types of connections are usually unencrypted.

ExpressVPN Reviews

This VPN helps the user to bypass all restricted content like movies, TV shows, and live streaming. If you are a traveler and your social media is blocked, then this VPN is the way to get rid of this problem. ExpressVPN can protect you from unwanted entries.

Is it Safe and Legal to Use ExpressVPN?

The basic purpose of a VPN is to protect the user’s data from the snoops and hackers. It protects the user from any threat from online. But doing illegal activity has always remained illegal. So, it doesn’t matter if you are using ExpressVPN or not. Legal or illegal terms will be defined by your activity on the internet, not by the VPN. If you are doing nothing wrong, then ExpressVPN is legal for everyone.

ExpressVPN Overview

  • ExpressVPN works on these devices: Windows, Mac, Linux, Chromebook computers, Android, iOS, Kindle Fire, Nook HD, Surface4 RT mobile devices, Amazon Fire TV and Fire TV stick, Android TV, and a Wi-Fi router.
  • ExpressVPN can unblock: Netflix, Hulu, BBC iPlayer, DAZN, HBO GO, Amazon Prime Video, Showtime, Sling TV
  • Supports torrenting: No, But all  servers support P2P activity
  • Data logging: Strictly follows no data logging policy
  • Streaming: Netflix, BBC iPlayer, Amazon Prime
  • Breaking geoblocks: I've tested the toughest, and it shattered them all, even in China
  • VPN protocol: 256-bit AES/SSTP, PPTP, OpenVPN, IPSec & L2TP
  • P2P allowed: P2P & Torrenting Allowed
  • Number of servers: 160 servers around the world
  • Number of GEO locations: 94 Different countries
  • Business Location: British Virgin Islands

Top 5 Features Of ExpressVPN

As a best VPN service, ExpressVPN offers lots of features that makes us more comfortable to do our online activity in a secure way. Let’s have a glance over them.

Features Of ExpressVPN 1

Sever Locations

ExpressVPN is doing its job with the 160 VPN servers. All these servers are located in 94 different countries around the world. This plenty of options for the server and the country make us free to use this VPN without any limit

Easy Accessible Content

Most of the users of ExpressVPN use it to get access to enjoy the content that is censored and blocked. It makes it easy to watch movies, TV shows, Lime streaming, from all these restricted websites around the world. This VPN is not going to restrict you to enjoy your time with all this content even while traveling.

Masking of IP address

Tracking the IP address makes the way easy to track your location. If you don't want to reveal your true IP then use ExpressVPN. It is able to change your IP address and make you secured through their VPN servers

Anonymous Browsing

Sometimes people need to be anonymous online. For many purposes, they want to be like that. In that case, ExpressVPN can help you most because it offers such service to its users. 

Allowed to Use in Multiple Device

This VPN is breaking all the boundaries to get the crown for success. It has the software that is perfectly running on different devices like iOS, Mac, Windows, Android, Linux, game consoles, routers, and smart TVs as well. 

What We Liked
  • This VPN is one of the easiest apps to download and use, especially for first-time users. It allows the user to use up to five simultaneous connections through a single account. Along with the numerous advanced security features, it comes with the best-in-class encryption. The apps run almost every device you could own. 30 days money-back guarantee without making any excuse.
What We Didn’t
  • Considered as one of the most expensive VPN services on the market right now It doesn’t offer any free or trial version

Benefits of ExpressVPN

Though ExpressVPN is a virtual machine that has tons of benefits, as it is not possible to discuss all of them, we are explaining the top 5 of them.

ExpressVPN Review 1

Unblocking blocked website

Most of the people use VPN to unblock some uncensored and restricted website. ExpressVPN does the same thing for the user. It can break the place restriction for various blocked websites like YouTube, Facebook & Twitter. 

Help to be anonymous

If you love to be anonymous, then ExpressVPN can be the way for you. Like other VPNs, this one also creates walls around the user. This wall keeps the user safe and protects their identity. The activity of this VPN makes your activity more private and secure. This system is not letting you be tracked or snooped. You are fully safe from hackers, ISPs, employers, and the governments.

Help to Hide IP Address

Hackers use the IP addresses of other peoples that make a way to monitor how and what they do on the internet. To gain information, there is no better way without knowing about an IP address. ExpressVPN offers the user to choose a different and remote location that helps to hide the IP address. 

Better Security

VPN is a tool that is mastered to keep your identity secret. That’s how they enhance your online security. The user of ExpressVPN can enjoy their unlimited freedom online with boosted security. VPN always keeps your personal data, passwords, online accounts encrypted.

Full protection for Public Browsing

Using public hotspots could be dangerous for people. This is totally an unsecured network. To make sure of your privacy and protection, the App of ExpressVPN can support you best. It can keep you hidden from the snoopers or attackers who are looking for the user's online activity. 

Pricing Plan With Free Trial

ExpressVPN has its own plan and pricing. It’s made a plan structure for the user which made the process easy to follow. They have monthly, half-yearly, and yearly plans. For the monthly plan, it will charge $12.95 per month and every six months will charge $9.99 in a month.

ExpressVPN is offering its best deal for those who want to buy a 15 months plan. The rate of this plan goes down and the user needs to pay $6.67 a month. This saved money is the equivalent of 6 free months of service.


They don’t have any free trial vision for the user. To make the user comfortable, it offers a 30-day money-back guarantee.

Payment Method and Return Policy

To get the service of ExpressVPN you have to choose a plan. Now enter your email address and select the desired payment method. ExpressVPN offers the most popular and major payment methods like credit cards, PayPal, BitPay, and Paymentwall (UnionPay, Alipay, Mint, and others). The payment method will be set up automatically if you choose to pay by credit card or PayPal. On the other hand, BitPay, or Paymentwall treats it as a one-time payment.


After your initial purchase, you can get your money back within 30 days. They refund the money within seven days. Will be returned in the same method you used to purchase the plan. To request the authority for the money back, you have to email in a specific address that is provided by them. Their offer lasts exactly 30 days


What Types Of Operating Systems & Devices Are Supported By ExpressVPN?

This VPN service is better than everything. ExpressVPN supports lots of devices and platforms. Supporting it in more devices and platforms means there are more ways to live free. Let's have a quick look over them.

  • Supported Operating System
  • Windows 7, 8,  & 10
  • Mac Operating System
  • Supported Devices
  • iOS, Android

ExpressVPN Apps and Extension

Like other VPN services, this VPN service is also offering apps for different platforms. For secure tunneling, this app uses the OpenVPN protocol. It is secured with AES-256 encryption. They are offer apps for different platform and they are

  • Windows
  • iOS
  • Android
  • Linux
  • Mac
  • Router
  • Chromebook
  • Kindle Fire
  • Nook

ExpressVPN also offers the chrome extension for the user. This extension makes using this VPN super easy. It can save you straight from your Google chrome, Vivaldir browser, and Brave browser. For chrome, this extension is available in 16 other languages.

Does ExpressVPN Have Any Online Support For Its customers? 

ExpressVPN gives its customer proper support. They are 24/7 available to support their customers. For that, it introduced a live chat feature. If you need to know anything about it you just need to send an email from their online contact form. They are best to give the answer to your query quickly.

All the staff is knowledgeable about every possible fact you need to know. After downloading the app, users need to set it up on their device. It will give the user to go online and contact their customer support. They are always ready to give online support to their customers.

ExpressVPN Security & Privacy

ExpressVPN is better than other VPN because of the security system and privacy policy. They can but they don’t store any activity log of the user. When the user is online, it doesn't collect any data without the permission of the user. For better security and safety, they don't keep any activity log or any IP address.

ExpressVPN uses the 256-bit AES encryption technology that is suitable for everyone because it comes with the industry standard. But ExpressVPN collects minimal data that is needed to maintain the VPN service at scale. Even it cannot offer your data to you even when compelled. They don’t have such one.

How to Download And Install The ExpressVPN

Downloading and installing ExpressVPN is super easy if you follow the perfect guideline. We are here to guide you to know how you can complete all these processes of download and installation. Select your desired device and platform to know the steps.

Most of the users use ExpressVPN in 4 types of devices and they are:

  • Windows, Linux or Mac
  • iOS
  • Android

ExpressVPN on Windows, Linux or Mac

First of all, we are going to discuss all the steps on the basis of Windows, Mac, or Linux devices. Let's start the process step by step.

  • Signing in is the first step to have access to ExpressVPN. After successful registration, you will get a welcome email from the authority where you find “Set Up ExpressVPN”. Now sign in to your account and verify it with the verification code.
  • There is a red download button on your ExpressVPN account dashboard. You will get an activation code here. According to your operating system, you will need to find a suitable version.
  • In the final step, you have to download the app. ExpressVPN authority offering the in-app setup instruction. After following the instruction perfectly you will be able to complete the setup.

For more elaborate instruction to set up, you can follow this link express VPN windows app, ExpressVPN Mac app & ExpressVPN Linux app.

ExpressVPN on Android

Installing ExpressVPN apps on Android is easy. First of all, go to the google play store and find the ExpressVPN app and install it on your device. Now follow the instruction that is provided by the app. For more details follow this link setting up Expressvpn on your Android.

ExpressVPN on iOS

First of all, go to the app store and find out the ExpressVPN apps and get it from here. For the successful installation follows the in-app setup instruction. If you need more details about it then follow this link setting up ExpressVPN on your iOS.


ExpressVPN on router

The setup process of ExpressVPN on the router is a bit different. First of all download the ExpressVPN firmware. For more detail follow this link select router model to set up ExpressVPN. 

How To Set Up And Use Expressvpn On Windows 7, 8, Or 10

Installing ExpressVPN for different widows needs some process to follow. Most of the users install it on windows 7, windows 8, and Windows 10. Let's start the process step by step

Step 1: Download the App

After getting the welcome email, you have to click “Set Up ExpressVPN”. Now sign in your account and find out the Download button. For starting the download click here. You must need an activation code. You will find it from the dashboard. Copy this code that will need later.

Step 2: Install the app

Find the downloaded file and double click the downloaded file. It will start the installation process. It will ask you for the activation code for the successful sign in. Copy this code and paste it. Now click the continue button. Now ExpressVPN will be launched where you have to select your preference.

Step 3: Get connected with a VPN server Locations

After clicking the On Button, this app will suggest you some location by default. This option is called a Smart location that can ensure the optimal experience of using ExpressVPN. You will be notified by a message like “Connected”. Now you are ready for surfing online.

Does ExpressVPN Work for Netflix?

ExpressVPN is good enough to unblock various types of geo-restriction for the streaming site. It works fantastically with Netflix. Like a movie or a TV show lover, there is no better VPN you will get without ExpressVPN. It ensures the speed to enjoy content and provides 24/7 access. It works perfectly all the time.

Does ExpressVPN Work on a smart TV?

This trusted and reliable Virtual Private Network works on Smart TV perfectly. As an example, we can talk about smart TV. It's fully compatible with this device. ExpressVPN allows the user to install it directly on the Smart TV.

Is ExpressVPN Good for Torrenting?

Most of the users love to download content online using torrenting. ExpressVPN easily cracks all the content from both ISPs and copyright holders. This torrenting method used to download copyrighted content. ExpressVPN can protect its user from any kind of legal issue for torrenting. So, it’s good for torrenting.

Is ExpressVPN Good for Gaming?

This VPN has servers in 94 countries. That's why it has become one of the best VPN for gaming. This VPN ensures encryption via robust OpenVPN encryption. So, the user gets the option to choose UDP that is better for gaming. It also ensures speed that is much-needed for competitive gaming.

Does ExpressVPN work with Streaming?

Most of the users of ExpressVPN said this is one of the best and fastest VPN that works with streaming. This VPN helps to improve the overall connection and doesn't let it slow down. So, you can enjoy the content from streaming media like Apple TV, Netflix, etc.

Frequently Asked Question

Can ExpressVPN be traced?

There is no chance to do this action by any third party. ExpressVPN doesn’t keep any log and data. There is nothing anyone finds to match with the IP address.

Can ExpressVPN be hacked?

ExpressVPN is surely on the list of the best VPN. It can be hacked by investing enough time and money. Even if it has its own leak protection it can be hacked by some serious party like the CIA.

Does ExpressVPN hide your IP address?

ExperesVPN offers full online security to its users. For that, they hide users' true identities like internet activity and the IP address.

Is ExpressVPNtrustworthy?

ExpressVPN has offered its service to the people since 2009. From that time, this VPN becomes one of the most trusted VPN on the market. They are not only offering the best service but also have a money-back guarantee to gain the trust of the user.

Is ExpressVPN safe for banking?

This Network has better security for everyone. They use 256-bit AES encryption that defines the SSL secured method. This method is very much effective to secure your banking data and other sensitive information. So, ExpressVPN is safe for banking.

Does ExpressVPN slow the Internet?

Most of the VPN can slow down your internet. But ExpressVPN offers the best speed that cannot slow the internet.


As one of the best VPN, ExpressVPN offers great service. The provider knows how to draw the attention of the VPN user. This is the VPN, you need and ensure enough value for the money. The business address of the company is not publicly available. They love to remain anonymous.

It becomes another name of a trust. Most of the people use ExpressVPN because it has the terms of security, speed, and service. This VPN opens the way you want to go. All the benefits and features make this VPN different from other competitors. It ensures the fastest streaming and downloads speed. It’s hard to deny using this VPN. 

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