How To Watch French Open Free Live Stream in 2021?

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How to watch the French Open Free Live Stream as it has geo-restrictions in several countries? If you are in a country where the French Open will not be broadcast officially, you should not worry. There are several private networks that you can use on your device to change your IP to a valid one for transmission.

Find out which is the correct way in which you can watch French TV to access Roland Garros. Know which are the five private network prospects that you can hire under excellent money-back guarantees.

How To Watch French Open Free Live Stream And Access Roland Garros Stream?

For you to watch the French Open Free Live Stream, you will need a VPN by following these steps:

How To Watch French Open Free Live Stream

1. Get a VPN

The first thing you should do is subscribe to a private network of your choice according to the characteristics it presents. You have to know your favorite VPNs for live streaming to give you various locations in France.

Get a VPN

2. Install the Apps

When you buy the VPN, you will only install the application on your mobile or computer. If you opt for the private network on your pc, you may need to download the extension for your default browser.

Install the Apps

3. Connect to the Server in France

You have to start the VPN and connect to a server in France where the event will be opened. These private networks must connect with the most stable location in the European country.

Connect to the Server in France

4. Enjoy the Live Broadcast

Now you have to enjoy the live broadcast without drops or pauses over the private network. You must worry about having a good internet connection so that the show does not have connection problems. You mustn't turn off the VPN in the middle of the live broadcast because the restrictions will apply again.

Enjoy the Live Broadcast

3 Recommended VPN for French Open Free Live Stream

You can take a look at the five useful private networks to watch the live broadcast of the French Open:

1. ExpressVPN

For the French Open Free Live Stream, you will need ExpressVPN with its 3,000 available servers. The VPN gives you a 5-device P2P connection between consoles, computers, mobiles, SmarTV, and Routers. You will have around 10 locations in France to watch the event alongside all of its matches.


The ExpressVPN connection is military encrypted with various protocols in DoubleVPN, OpenVPN, and AES encryption. You can enjoy a live broadcast in HD quality at a speed of 31.9 Mbps with a 10ms ping. In case of failures, the private network has 24/7 support for you to contact by chat or email.

  • Military encryption
  • P2p connection for five devices
  • 10 locations in France
  • 31.9 Mbps in upload speed
  • 24/7 support
  • Available for pc, mobiles, routers, smart play, etc.
  • Very high contract cost

ExpressVPN offers you up to 30 days of use after the contract to request your money back.

2. CyberGhost

CyberGhost is a large private network that you can contract for up to 4,500 servers in 90 countries. If you want to watch the French Open broadcast, you can use up to 6 stable locations and security. The speed with which the transmission will be maintained is 34.7 Mbps with a ping of 11ms.


You can use the VPN with up to 7 devices like Windows, Linux, Mac computers, and mobiles like Android or IOS. You can also connect with SmatPlay, routers, Ps4, Xbox One, and tablets. Cyberghost has no-logging policies, military encryption, AES protocol, and IP leak protection.

  • P2P connection for seven devices
  • 4,500 servers in 90 countries
  • No registration policies
  • 6 locations in France
  • 34.7 Mbps upload speed
  • IP leak protection
  • Its interface is not easy to use

If you have CyberGhost, you will now have money-back guarantees for more than 45 days from the date you sign up.

3. NordVPN

If you want a simple interface, you can use NordVPN to partner with its 7 locations within France. You can use the VPN for its 4,000 servers worldwide and with great features for live streaming. The VPN will let you watch in HD quality under an upload speed of 28.1 Mbps.


You can connect with your Mac, Linux, Windows computer, game consoles, and android or ios mobiles. NordVPN's P2P connection is for six devices at a time under strict security protocols. The encryption is at the military level, 256 Bit AES protocols, OpenVPN, double VPN, and various IP switches.

  • P2P connection for six devices
  • AES security protocol with 256 Bit encryption
  • Available for Mac, Android, IOS, Windows, Linux
  • 7 locations in France
  • 28.1 Mbps upload speed
  • HD quality in live streaming
  • More than 4,000 active servers worldwide
  • Few locations within France

Hire NordVPN now and have the best money-back guarantees for up to 30 days.

Final Thought

You can quickly connect to the best VPN to watch French Open Free Live Stream that helps you bypass restrictions. In 2021 you can see the best of the event from any country where you are without problems. Live broadcasts will be possible with these private, contract networks that have some locations in France.

Another thing that you should take into account before hiring a VPN is the loading speed you have. You must understand which devices each VPN accepts so that you can choose the one that gives you the best image resolution.

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