How Can I Watch HBO GO Iceland?

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With the arrival of streaming internet platforms, a competition was born between them and subscription-for-pay channels. In these new platforms, users will be able to see what they want, when they want and without commercial breaks, only paying a relatively accessible monthly fee.

Faced with this technological revolution, HBO did not sit idly by. That is why they also created their streaming platform having the best series and movies. This caused a stir and much more competition on streaming platforms.

Unfortunately HBO still does not cover all countries on all continents. The good news is that you should not worry, there are still methods on how to access HBO, and here we will bring you the way to watch HBO GO Iceland easily and safely.

Why HBO Go Is Not Working in Iceland?

Like many other streaming platforms, HBO restricts its use in various countries worldwide, including Iceland, due to licensing problems with its series copyright. Unfortunately, many series on the so famous page of transmissions can only see within the United States territory. That is to say, those people who do not reside within the United States, among them the inhabitants of Iceland, cannot enjoy the streaming platform.

Why HBO Go Is Not Working in Iceland?

On the internet, every time you open a web page of any kind, immediately upon entering, you give it the possibility that it can observe information from your computer, such as the location of where you are, through an IP. That is why, like other internet pages, HBO GO detects that you are in a place outside the United States, then it blocks your access.

However, with the advancement of technology, this is no longer a problem for many people. Through VPN downloads that are easily found on the Web, they allow you to change your IP connection to other countries, which causes HBO or other pages to think that you are in another location.

In this way, HBO will allow you to enter their portal so that you can enjoy all the series movies that they have for their users, regardless of the copyright of the series, since the VPN will mean that the portal will think that you are within the territory from the United States. In this way, you can get HBO GO Iceland safely and without problems, but make sure you have a good internet connection.

You must choose a VPN that can help you unblock access, since, of course, the creators of the HBO portals know that there are VPNs. That is why many of the ones you can find will not be feasible.

How Can I Watch HBO GO Iceland? (Step by Step)

It is common to find hundreds of VPNs or Smart DNS on the internet that promise to make you watch HBO GO or any free streaming platform. Still, the reality is different, since the moment you download it, problems will begin for you. Well, or not, they will serve or limit your access to the page.

How Can I Watch HBO GO Iceland?

Therefore, before downloading a VPN or Smart DNS, we invite you to do an exhaustive search of the different VPNs that can serve you. However, below we will present some methods that can help you to download HBO GO Iceland.

People mostly use the VPN or VIRTUAL PRIVATE networks to hide their true identity and their true location. When this VPN connects to a US proxy network, your current location is immediately changed to a location within limits allowed by HBO GO. The VPN will provide you with great privacy, and you will be sure that it will be safe enough for you.

We recommend you have at least Windows 10 or software that is the last update since they have more possibility.

Below we will provide you with the necessary steps to have a VPN and get HBO GO Iceland.

Step 1: Download the VPN of your choice, such as NordVPN.

Try to download a VPN that has good recommendations. Some are free, and these may not do what you want to achieve. Since these portals require a more experienced VPN, and those are always paid.

How Can I Watch HBO GO Iceland(Step by Step)

Step 2: Once downloaded, you will need to run the program, but make sure you are the administrator.

Follow the installation steps correctly. Always confirming the security messages indicated by the software you have installed on your computer.

How Can I Watch HBO GO Iceland?(Step by Step)

Step 3: You will have to download and extract the configuration file that the VPN throws at you.

If you want to permanently save the information and login data, you must edit a userpass.txt file and add your information.

How Can I Watch HBO GO Iceland(Step by Step)

Step 4: Enter the VPN program with a right-click, go to SETTINGS, and then to COMPATIBILITY.

How Can I Watch HBO GO Iceland(Step by Step)

Step 5: When you do this, you will choose the location you want, and you only have to click on CONNECT.

How Can I Watch HBO GO Iceland(Step by Step)

Step 6: And voila, you can successfully connect to a VPN and have HBO GO Iceland

How Can I Watch HBO GO Iceland(Step by Step)


When it comes to technology, there are several options by which we can take root. These types of countries that unfortunately do not have the possibility, in this case, to enjoy streaming programming, due to copyright.

However, many alternatives are false, or that often do not work and are not as satisfactory as they should. Therefore you must always download a VPN that is suitable for the handling you want to give it so as not to suffer any inconvenience.

In one way or another, the importance of this is to provide information that can help you to HBO GO Iceland or even anywhere in the world, since we all know the barriers that may exist and how annoying they can be. . Hoping that one day these situations can resolve with some agreement or measure. In the meantime, we will continue to recommend using VPN anonymously and securely so that you can enjoy all transmission portals or other pages in the best way.

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