Hidemyass vs ExpressVPN: Surprising Comparison and Test Results of 2021

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You have to know the differences between Hidemyass vs ExpressVPN in features, loading speed, stability, etc. Deciding to hire a private network can be difficult, but you can easily do it with a few clear points. Find out how many connected servers each private network server has so that you can compare each other and take the best one.

Hidemyass vs ExpressVPN: What Are The Differences?

For you to make a good decision between both private networks, you must know what their most significant differences are:

Hidemyass vs ExpressVPN

1. Features


You have a private connection with P2P technology that lets you link up to 5 different devices on more than 1100 servers. You can have a Hidemyass private network with multiple Windows, Mac, Android, or IOS devices. Most of the servers that comprise this VPN are from the US and UK for you to use on streaming servers.


The connection in P2P is very good for ExpressVPN, giving you support for five devices connected in a single tunnel. You will connect with up to 3,000 servers in more than 94 countries with amazing stability. With this private network service, you can link its use with video game consoles, mobiles, routers, and computers.

2. Connection Speed


The connection speed that Hidemyass provides is 61.44 Mbps to connect with different websites that are blocked. This private network maintains upload stability of 9 Mbps and a ping of only 5 ms. You can enjoy good quality 720p or ultra HD videos if you have only one device connected.


With ExpressVPN, you will get an incredible experience when uploading videos and movies because its connection speed exceeds 106.30 Mbps. You can watch your videos with the private network with HD quality, 720p, or 480p if you want a good performance. The ping load is 15 ms, and to download the content, you will have 16 Mbps speed.

3. Streaming and Torrenting


In Hidemyass VPN, you can unblock a minimum amount of streaming servers, although it is just enough to distract you now.


The most important servers in the system are HBO, Disney +, Netflix, ESPN, ABC, NBC, ITV, BBC, iPlayer, etc. You will have only five useful providers and only three international connection providers for the connection with servers in the United States.

To connect with Torrents with this VPN, you will only connect with five countries where these systems are allowed. You will have good security when downloading torrents from quality providers.


If you want the maximum streaming experience, you should use ExpressVPN because of its connection to the most popular television networks.


You can seamlessly connect to Netflix, Amazon Prime Video, HBO, Disney +, BBC iPlayer, and more. If you are looking to connect with servers in the United States or internationally, you have more than seven providers available.

For torrenting on ExpressVPN, you will connect with all providers comprising 94 locations around the world. You will have the maximum experience with the private network giving you the freedom to download whatever you want.

4. Security and Encryption


Hidemyass‘s security is exceptional, comprising a PPTP, OpenVPN, and IPsec network protocol. The encryption used by the private network is 256 bits so that you have maximum protection on the websites you visit. The extra protection that the network offers is for DNS leaks, switches, and protection in IPv6 to automatically change your IP.


With ExpressVPN, security is essential to have a fully functioning private network with different protocols. The network comprises military-level encryption of AES-256 bits with protocols UDP, IPsec, SSTP, OpenVPN, etc. The security features that the private network has are protection against DNS leaks, disconnection due to malware, and IPv6 protection.

5. Support


The crash support that Hidemyass maintains is very good at allowing you to report a failure 24 hours a day. With this private network, you will have no problems contacting technical support for complaints and other things. You will have a personal chat at your disposal to speak freely with the security agent.


The most notable difference between Hidemyass vs ExpressVPN is the support that the latest private network offers in 2 action points. The system is autonomous anti-drops, so it will be strange to report any private network inconsistencies. In case a VPN error gets out of the hands of the security agent, you will have a private chat to make the report.

6. Privacy and Policies


Hidemyass‘s privacy policies are not entirely attractive because it does not comply with its zero logs law as stipulated in its hiring. You will have a bad experience with the private network because your IP will be stored on their UK server. In short, the VPN will not keep you completely hidden, so a thorough investigation at its headquarters will expose you.


Since you contact ExpressVPN, you can be completely anonymous because it allows you to do it with Bitcoins, not to leave identity records. The no-logs policy is a priority for the private network and does not store IP data in the British Virgin Islands. You can use the private network with the best guarantees that your identity and connection data will never be filtered.

7. Pricing


If you are looking for a low-cost private network, you can opt for Hidemyass and its annual fee. A fair comparison in annual prices for the VPN is with the payment you have to make per year with Disney +. If you want to pay this private network's subscription every month, your payment will drop to a few dollars.


With Hidemyass vs ExpressVPN, you will understand that the private network is the best quality for the price, making every penny worth it. Although ExpressVPN is one of the most expensive private networks, it is worth hiring for its quality of services.

You get various payment forms for the VPN and subscriptions per month, semester, or even per year.

Conclusion: ExpressVPN Wins

Hidemyass vs ExpressVPN has a tough battle because both are great for a private connection, but ExpressVPN wins quickly. With ExpressVPN's private network, you have greater guarantees in your hidden connection, making your hiring cost worthwhile. You must take the best in VPNs, and it is undoubtedly ExpressVPN for its characteristics in encryption, payments, streaming connection, etc.

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