Hotspot Shield VPN Review: Is It Fast, Secure and Reliable (2022)?

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Thomas Smith is the editor of ForPrivacy, overseeing a team focused on building the voice of the cybersecurity world through guides, reviews articles and community. His background is as a writer and seasoned software industry veteran with 10 years of experience.

Do you know over 650 million users are using the Hotspot Shield VPN around the world? Yes. The VPN is classified into two parts-free version and elite version. There is a bandwidth limitation in a free version, and the premium comes with more advanced features.

The US-based VPN provider, Hotspot, started its journey in 2005. However, you’ll find every pros and cons and other features in our Hotspot Shield VPN review.

Is Hotspot Shield VPN Free?

The Hotspot Shield offers a free download protocol for casual internet users. Free users can access their favorite content and protect personal data. But, it’s also limited, and you’ve got the permission of using 500 MB daily, which is not actually worth your time. Those who want to enjoy more features they need to upgrade their plan.

However, the VPN provides client software for Android, Windows, iOS, and macOS. You need to download the software to connect to the VPN. So the Linux and windows phone users are out of this function.

Is Hotspot Shield VPN Safe?

The Hotspot Shield VPN provides an excellent job for your security and also protects your browsing history. While you’re using the VPN service, it doesn’t leak your DNS and IP address. The VPN secures your connection by using the leak protection, solid encryption, and malware protection features.

Like all other VPNs, it also features the kill switch, which can protect your browsing history if your VPN connection suddenly drops. But there might be a problem with the chrome browser extension. It will hide your IP address but may leak many DNS addresses while visiting websites.

How Does Hotspot Shield VPN Work?

The Hotspot Shield customer builds up an encoded VPN association with one of its bolstered open VPN servers, through which the client can interface with the Internet. The VPN service provider secures the connection between the clients and the server by addressing them with the private IP address.

Is It Safe and Legal to Use Hotspot Shield VPN?

The VPN provider claims that it’s safe and legal for using their VPN services. If you want to encode your browsing data, it can be a great option. Hotspot Shield is a safe VPN that is preferred for browsing. It is credible at unblocking and renowned for the fastest speed. It may be a decent alternative for clients in China.

Hotspot Shield VPN Overview

Over 650 million people are using the Hotspot Shield VPN services. The VPN provides many features for their clients. The AnchorFree introduced the Hotspot Shield VPN Company in 2005. From that time, it has been serving its customers with premium features. But it is renowned for its fastest speed and securing browsing data. Let’s have a look at the table for a quick overview.

Hotspot shield vpn works on these devicesMac, Windows, iOS, Android, and routers. There’s also Chrome extension available for this VPN.
Hotspot can unblockNetflix, Amazon Prime Video, BBC iPlayer, Hulu.
Hotspot support torrentingHotspot Shield supports torrenting
Data loggingThe VPN partially keep logging.
StreamingHotspot Shield supports access to all your favorite content.
P2P allowedIt supports P2P
Number of serversThe VPN holds 3200 servers
Number of Geo locationsIt has 25 country locations
VPN protocolThe VPN has 256-bit AES protocol
Business LocationThe business location is in the United States.

Top 5 Features of Hotspot Shield VPN

Needless to say that a VPN can protect your valuable data from hackers and cyber criminals. The Hotspot Shield also comes with several premium features that let you enjoy a safe browsing experience. Let’s discuss the five main features of this VPN.

Fastest Speed

The speed is really impressive that the Hotspot Shield provides. You know, the speed is 2x faster than its competitors available in the market right now. Though the VPN Company is situated in San Francisco, the shocking part is that it is 2x slower than other competitors only in the United States. But if you prefer to use the servers from the Europe or Asia region, nothing is better than the Hotspot Shield.

Tremendous User Experience

Once you downloaded the app, you’ll be directed to a minimal and beautifully designed interface. It’s very simple and easy to navigate. You can connect to any server by a single click on whether you can also manually choose a GEO location whenever you need to change the previous one.

After the establishment of each connection, you’ll see a route of your current location. It implies the duration of your session and the amount of data you’ve used for uploading and downloading. The app is intuitive and provides a great user experience. But the advanced settings is a concern.

Faster Wi-Fi

However, if you intend to use the Hotspot Shield, you’re good to go with it. When you connect to an international server, the Wi-Fi speed is accelerated. You can even enjoy the fastest internet speed than before. The statistics show that the VPN enhances your Wi-Fi speeds by 26.2%.

Supported all Streaming

It’s one of the finest parts of the Hotspot Shield VPN that ensures the anonymous torrenting. The VPN has the AES-256 Encryption protocol by which it can secure the data is being transmitted to your device. The Elite Hotspot Shield can be a prior choice for P2P experience, as well.

Private and Secure Browsing

Needless to say that the spammers, hackers, and snoopers are always active on the internet. They’re always monitoring your activities and if they get a single chance, they steal your sensitive information like credit card details, valuable emails, financial transactions, and many more. But, the Hotspot Shield assists you to avoid those spammers. You will get an IP address which will mask your original IP location and you can browse safely. The VPN hides your all information from the internet spies.

  • The interface of Hotspot Shield VPN is Intuitive, stylish, and easy to navigate. The VPN provides huge server collections for more secure browsing. The fastest speed VPN service comparing to its rivals companies. It unblocks Netflix, Disney+, iPlayer. The VPN protects your all sensitive data from web spammers.
  • The VPN lacks of advanced settings It has fewer privacy tools.

Benefits of Hotspot Shield VPN

However, you’re using the Hotspot Shield VPN, there’re multiple benefits you can find out. People are using the VPN services for protecting their valuable data from the hackers, snoopers, and spammers. You’ll get all the benefits from the Hotspot VPN service. Additionally, the VPN also provides a secure browsing without leaving any identity on the web. It masks your real IP so that no one can detect your actual location. Let’s have look at the following points:

  • The Hotspot VPN can unblock any blocked website where you want to access. Yes, it allows you to access to all of your favorite content. And of course, you can browse them safely.
  • You can enjoy private web browsing anonymously. The Hotspot Shield VPN can hide your original identity from the web by masking your actual IP address.
  • It enhances the Wi-Fi security. If you’re connected to a public Wi-Fi, the Hotspot VPN protects you from any unpleasant occurrences. Without VPN, you might be tapped in by the hackers within this Wi-Fi territory.
  • The Hotspot Shield VPN protects your banking info, financial transactions, instant messages, or other important emails from the web spies.
  • It also protects your personal identity, online shopping details.

Pricing Plan with Free Trial

If you want to encrypt your data, visit the blocked websites using the Hotspot Shield VPN, you can start a 7-day free trial version of it. Yes, the VPN provider allows you to test its free version but premium features for seven days. If you’re satisfied with the services, you can proceed to the premium version of it. Otherwise, you have to cancel the trial period within 7 days, or it will automatically be directed to a premium subscription.

For the free trial, the details of your credit card should be included in their payment method. Look at the following screenshot.

Payment Method and Return Policy:

The price is a little high comparing to other VPN services. If we look at their pricing plan, it would be clear.

It costs couple of dollar more than NordVPN for 12-months subscription policy but one dollar less than ExpressVPN.

You can purchase any plan of this service by using your credit cards or paying by PayPal.

The VPN Company also provides a 45-days money back guarantee. If you’re not satisfied with their services, can make a refund request and you will get your subscription fee by the third party vendor or Pango.

What Types of Operating Systems & Devices are Supported by Hotspot Shield VPN?

However, the Hotspot Shield VPN has left an impressive footprints in the field of operating systems and the devices it supports. It supports most of the devices. Let’s have a look at the following list:

Supported Operating Systems

  • Windows 7,8, and 10
  • MacOS versions

Supported Devices

  • Android, iOS devices

Hotspot Shield Vpn Apps and Extension

The Hotspot Shield VPN provides a dedicated app for

  • windows
  • android
  • iOS
  • Routers

However, several companies offer browser extensions, yet they're generally essential, stripped-back devices with minimal more usefulness than a Location list and a Connect button. That is not the situation with Hotspot Shield, however – its Chrome extension is loaded down with highlights, and more impressive somehow or another than the work area and portable applications.

Does Hotspot Shield VPN Have Any Online Support For Their Customers?

We were content with Hotspot Shield's client assistance, which is a significant piece of any premium VPN administration. The live chat is responsive and accommodating; we were helped by an agreeable delegate inside a couple of moments.

Most regular issues can be tackled with the assets gave on the site's Help Center. You can likewise present a help ticket through the site.

Hotspot Shield VPN Security & Privacy Policy

The Hotspot Shield protection strategy used to go under analysis since client IP addresses were not viewed as a “specifically distinguishing quality.” Fortunately, the authority has accepted that analysis and has refreshed its arrangement to improve its administration.

AnchorFree is transparently connected with various outsider publicizing organizations that make Hotspot Shield free conceivable. While this is a truly regular practice for a free VPN administration, when you begin delving into the security approach, things get inconvenient.

Regardless of whether you disregard, the way that the expression “individual data” is purposefully vague all through their approach and does exclude your own IP address, this is a genuinely troubling explanation.

How to Download and Install the Hotspot Shield VPN?

In this section, we’ll discuss on how to download and install the Hotspot Shield Vpn. The process depends on which device you want to use the VPN service. Let’s proceed to step by step process.

Download and Install the Hotspot VPN on Windows, Mac

Step 1: Welcome to the first step and download the Hotspot Shield by entering your email.

Step 2: Once you downloaded the shield, you’ll find the .exe file which will be appeared on the left side of your screen.

Step 3: It’s the final stage and open the installer (.exe file). Just click the install button and follow the procedures to finish the installation.

Download and Install Hotspot Shield on Android

However, you can do the following steps to download and install the VPN on your Android devices.

Step 1: You should open the Google Play Store and search for Hotspot Shield, then tap install to accept.

Step 2: Once you downloaded the app from the play store, follow the app-instructions to proceed. If you want the step-by-step procedures, you can go to the Hotspot Shield website for further guidelines.

Download and Install Hotspot VPN on iOS

There are procedures on how you can download and install Hotspot VPN on your iOS devices.

Step 1: Open your safari browser and download the Hotspot Shield VPN on your iOS devices

Step 2: Tap to open the downloaded VPN file and click the connect button

Step 3: Then you can select the location you prefer, and you’re all set to use.

Download and Install Hotspot VPN on Router

Before stepping forward, you need to check your router, whether it is compatible with Hotspot Shield VPN or not. If yes, then follow the steps.

Step 1: Now, use your Shield Premium account to sign in.

Step 2: Now, you need to check the router page to get the VPN setup guide and instructions

Step 3: Now, you can connect your router for the journey.

How to Set Up and Use Hotspot Shield VPN on Windows 7, 8, or 10?

Please keep in mind that the following procedures are applicable for windows 7, 8, or 10 on your laptop or PC.

Download the App

Make sure you’ve all the details of your VPN account. Now, download the software for your windows. Please keep the downloading window open and proceed to the next step.

Activation Code

If you want to use a VPN on windows, you need to provide the activation code.

Install the app

Locate the downloaded file on your computer and double click on it. After a while, you’ll find an interference to install the app. Then click the install the button to proceed after being installed on your PC, sign in to your account and paste the activation code.

Hotspot Shield VPN Support

In this section of our Hotspot Shield Overview, we would like to depict the services and support the Hotspot VPN provides. We use the VPN service to protect our privacy, encrypt data, hideout identity, and browse the blocked websites, and many more. Here are some common phenomena that we usually face while purchasing any plan of the VPN service.

Does hotspot VPN work with Netflix?

Truly! During testing, I had the option to unblock well-known gushing administrations like Netflix, BBC iPlayer, Hulu, and Amazon Prime Video, all-inclusive. I wasn't confident in light of the fact that I ran into an issue with getting hindered on the primary server I picked. In any case, subsequent to changing to another good server, the issue was settled, and I had the option to stream content flawlessly.

Does hotspot VPN work with smart TV?

Smart TVs are the great sources of entertainment because they offer varieties of content for you to stream on them. But the problem is not to access all the content because of the geo limitations. It may prevent you from enjoying your favorite games and streaming. But if your smart TV is VPN compatible, you can connect to a server with your preferred streaming region and enjoy the game.

Is Hotspot Shield Good for Torrenting?

An extraordinary aspect concerning Hotspot Shield is that, not like their rivals, they totally and wholeheartedly bolster mysterious torrenting. Their system utilizes a very secure AES-256 Encryption to guarantee that the entirety of the information being transmitted to and from your gadget is totally secured.

Governments, ISP's, nosey neighbors, inasmuch as Hotspot Shield maintains their logging strategy, none of them can get to any of your perusing history or system action.

Is Hotspot Shield good for gaming?

If you want to improve your gaming performance, download Hotspot Shield VPN today. The VPN can expand your gaming by hindering exchange speed throttling, decreasing latency, scrambling your gaming data, and keeping your online profile obscure.

Frequently Asked Questions

When we intend to use a VPN service, there’re some questions pop-up in our mind frequently. In this section, we’ve listed such questions that might be helpful for many of us.

Is Hotspot Shield Free VPN safe?

Honestly, free Hotspot Shield VPN is safe indeed. Hence, you’ll get the IP of foreign users to access the restricted sites, but it won’t cause any serious issue.

Is Hotspot Shield a virus?

Hotspot Shield VPN allows you to uncover the blocked websites without spreading your IP address. However, it’s safe and legitimate to use and not connected to any malware or viruses.

Can Hotspot Shield be trusted?

Unlike other rivals, the Hotspot Shield VPN uses a secured AES-256 encryption method to ensure the protection of your data that is transmitted to and from your device.  So, the VPN can be trusted, and It is completely secure.

Does Hotspot Shield Hide your IP?

Definitely, the Hotspot Shield VPN hides your ID address when you connect to any server location. It ensures the anonymous torrenting without revealing your exact location.

Is there a free version of Hotspot Shield?

Right, the Hotspot Shield VPN offers a free version for the casual users who only want to protect their browsing data.

Does hotspot have an IP address?

Of course, every internet user holds an IP address. But after connecting to the Hotspot, you’ll be assigned a dynamic IP address from the provider to secure the connection.


Overall, the Hotspot provides impressive services to its users. We’ve documented the Hotspot Shield VPN reviews in this article, where you’ll explore a clear idea of it. However, it is a top-notch service provider in terms of speed and securing browsing activity.

But the privacy policy and advanced settings may not be the finest options for you. It might be one of the reasons why many people use the free version of it. But the company is upgrading the system day by day.

Thomas Smith
Thomas SmithEditor and Publisher at -

Thomas Smith is the editor of ForPrivacy, overseeing a team focused on building the voice of the cybersecurity world through guides, reviews articles and community. His background is as a writer and seasoned software industry veteran with 10 years of experience.

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