How to Disable VPN on Windows 10?

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It is time for you to know how to disable VPN on windows 10 to forget about this software on your pc. You may have had a bad experience with private networks, and it is time to forget that when uninstalling them. If you have a computer with Windows 10 or earlier versions, there is no problem removing the previously installed VPN.

You have to know how safe it is to disable a VPN on your Windows 10 computer. After using the VPN on your PC, it will be good to diable.  If you comply with each point, you can have a fresh start by removing the faulty VPN and installing a better one.

Is it Safe to Disable VPN?

You may want to know how to disable VPN on windows 10. You will find many reasons such as poor performance or software problems. Regardless of why you want to disable a VPN on your PC, this process is safe. Private networks are third party programs that do not affect your computer's performance if you disable them.

Disable VPN on the Interface

The whole process of removing a private network on your computer is fast, and you can do it anytime when you are free. By disabling a private network, you have the freedom to install another one that this time works as you want. You can give your unlimited, secure connection a fresh start with a new VPN that is better associated with your computer.

The main reasons why you should disable or uninstall a private network on your Windows 10 computer are:

1. Slow Network Connection

Active VPNs can reduce your browsing speed to almost half its capacity. If you have an internet speed of 400 Mbps, the private network may limit it to only 200 Mbps or less. You don't have to let your internet experience go bad using a poor quality private network.

2. Loss Of Resources

Each software you install on your computer tends to consume a limited amount of resources, but some have flaws. Sometimes the resource consumption of a VPN can be so great that it will completely slow down your computer. You will find that Windows 10 takes time to start up or take quick actions, which is frustrating.

3. The VPN Does Not Work

You may want to disable and remove the VPN because it doesn't give you that unlimited internet connection that you want. You want to allow a new private network, but you need to remove the one you currently have. It is good that you search among the best VPNs and take the one that presents the most functions to you.

4. It Has Malware

If you install a free VPN, you may want to uninstall it because it has malware that has damaged your Windows. This problem is common on free private networks, and you have every right to remove them to protect Windows. You must motivate yourself to hire a private network with an affordable price and all the guarantees that it will work.

5. Renew to a New VPN

Unless you don't want to use Double VPN, you need to disable and delete the current one to place a new one. You have to get used to using 1 VPN that has the quality and allows you that secure connection that you want so much. With only one private network on your Windows 10 operating system, it is enough to have a secure network connection.

How to Disable VPN on Windows 10?

The process that will lead you to know how to disable VPN on windows 10 simply, and you only have to apply these methods:

How to Disable VPN on Windows 10?

Method 1: Disable your VPN on Windows

Step 1: You have to press the start button on your computer

Step 2: Access the control panel

Access the control panel

Step 3: Enter networks and internet

Enter networks and internet

Step 4: Select the VPN you have installed found in the menu located on the left side

Select the VPN you have installed

Step 5: Select the private network connection you want to disable

Step 6: Click on “remove.”

Click on "remove."

This process of deactivating the VPN may take a few seconds to complete.

Method 2: Disable VPN on the Interface

Step 1: Locate the icon of the private network that you have installed and select it

Disable VPN on the Interface

Step 2: Go to the private network settings

Step 3: Select the option to “disable.”

Step 4: Click on “disconnect.”

Disable VPN on the Interface

You have two basic methods to learn how to “disconnect” the VPN and not completely uninstall it from your computer. If the private network still keeps interfering with your computer giving you a slow connection or serious loss of resources, you should uninstall it. The method that you can apply to remove the VPN from your Windows 10 computer is:

Method 3: Uninstall in Windows

Step 1: You have to go to Windows startup

Step 2: Select control panel

Step 3: Click on “programs”

Step 4: Find the VPN app

Step 5: Locate the “uninstall” option that is at the top

Step 6: Select “uninstall” and accept all the permissions indicated by the VPN

Step 7: Allow the operating system to restart to make the changes


This article showed how to disable VPN on windows 10 by applying very easy methods on your computer. Find out the reasons you should disable the private network on your computer. Know how safe it is to disable a private network for you to do it in search of renewing your secure connection with a new one. Follow the steps and easily uninstall the VPN you want to remove from your PC.

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