How to Get Hulu in Australia in 2021

You have to learn how to get Hulu in Australia and thus enjoy the best content in series, movies, and infomercials. Having a Hulu account in Australia is impossible due to traditional methods because the internet blocks your access, but there are solutions. You have to learn how you can access the television network from Australia or another region of the world outside the US.

Find out how you can get Hulu streaming while you reside in Australia using private networks. Know what are the steps you must follow to watch Hulu in Australia with a VPN in your possession. Here you will know the top 3 VPNs that will ease your way to watch Hulu in Australia now.

How to Get Hulu in Australia?

To watch Hulu in Australia, you need to apply smart methods to help you avoid geoblocks. While you are outside the United States, this television network's transmission is not available unless you use VPN. You can pretend to be within North America with private networks, making it easy to know how to get Hulu in Australia.

How to Get Hulu in Australia?

There are many private networks that you can hire to access these television networks in Australia. VPNs will allow you to connect to other streaming services in the American country without problems. It is useful for you to get the best private network to enjoy online content without interruptions.

How to Watch Hulu in Australia?

For you to know How to get Hulu in Australia, you need to follow some steps when finding a VPN:

Step 1: You have to download and subscribe to a private network of your choice. For example choose the CyberGhost VPN.

How to Watch Hulu in Australia?

Step 2: You must open the VPN and then log in with the registration data.

How to Watch Hulu in Australia?

Step 3: Connect with a server within the United States that is available in the VPN

How to Watch Hulu in Australia?

Step 4: Finally, you have to go to the Hulu website, log in and enjoy all its available content.

How to Watch Hulu in Australia?

Best 3 VPNs for Hulu Australia

The whole process to know how to watch Hulu in Australia is not complete if you do not hire a VPN and among the favorites are:

1. Surfshark

With Surfshark, you will have more than 3,200 servers in only 65 countries to connect to Hulu from Australia. The private network has 15 locations in the United States for you to choose the most stable one for streaming. You will have the best private connection with military encryption and a double VPN algorithm.


Hulu will not be the only television station you will have access to with the VPN because you will have a long list. You can use the P2P connection unlimitedly with all the devices you have at home. For upload speed, the VPN gives you up to 127.9 Mbps with a ping of no more than 12 ms so that you can watch your favorite series.

  • Military encryption
  • Available more than 3,200 servers
  • 15 locations in the US
  • You can watch HBO, Netflix, Hulu, Disney +, ESPN, etc.
  • P2P connection without limits
  • Available for consoles, smart play, computers, mobiles
  • Does not have a 24-hour customer service support

Surfshark gives you up to 30 days to test their system and ask for your money back if you don't like it.

2. ExpressVPN

If you choose ExpressVPN to stream Hulu from Australia, you will have more than 50 North American locations. This VPN has 3,000 servers for you to connect to the internet without limits from Australia. You can have a pleasant experience using the private network and its military encryption with DNS and IP leak protection.


You will have a P2P connection that covers up to 6 devices on platforms such as Windows, Mac, Linux, Android, iOS, etc. You will have a connection speed higher than 131.9 Mbps to transmit your series and movies. The entire ExpressVPN system is stable with a very easy-to-use interface in which you can connect to many streaming services.

  • 3,000 available servers and 94 locations in the United States.
  • P2P connection for six devices
  • Available for Routers and video game consoles
  • 24/7 support
  • Easy to use interface
  • DNS and IP leak protection
  • Your membership can be expensive

ExpressVPN is high quality, and their money-back guarantees are amazing for you to use for 30 days.

3. PureVPN

It is a very new private network where you will have up to 6500 servers in more than 140 countries. For your connection to Hulu from Australia, you can prioritize PureVPN for its 150 locations in the US. With so many North American locations, you will not only access Hulu but all the streaming services you want.


You can have up to 9 devices connected simultaneously for P2P connection. You can link platforms like Windows, Mac, MacOS, IOS, Linux, FireTV, Roku, Android, XBOX One, Apple TV, etc. PureVPN's upload speed is also not far behind, giving you speeds of over 135.8 Mbps.

  • You will have up to 150 locations in the United States
  • You can link it with video game consoles
  • P2P connection for nine devices
  • Top load speed
  • Has policies NO questionable records

PureVPN has very good money-back guarantees that you will use it for up to 30 days and request them.


I hope you already get the answer of how to get Hulu in Australia, not be left behind, and see the best in series and movies. By hiring the best private network, you will have access to Hulu and other streaming services in the Australia. You have to motivate yourself to know the three best VPNs and hire the one that offers the best guarantees.

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