How to Watch Global TV Outside Canada in 2023

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Undeniably, Global TV is one of the sought-after TV networks in Canada. It’s because it is broadcasting the majority of popular shows and news in Canada. But Canadian fanatics and expats can't watch Global TV outside Canada.

However, if you really want to watch Global but you’re outside of Canada, no worries because a reliable VPN will save you.

Wondering how? In this article, we will show everything you need to know about watching Global TV overseas, be it on-demand videos or live.

Let’s get started!

Why Do You Need A VPN to Watch Global TV Abroad?

Because of distribution laws and copyright, there are various channels and streaming services with geographic restrictions on their services. In general, they are only allowing users in a certain area, typically, in which the company is located, to access all of its content.

Global TV is just like that. In other words, only in Canada can you watch Global TV. When you try to watch this Canadian service overseas, you will receive a message that it is unavailable in your location and can be viewed in Canada only.

Global TV is using an IP tracker to determine and at the same time ban all IP addresses that don’t belong in Canada. But with a VPN, you can easily control the system to pretend that you are in Canada even if you are not.

Your current IP will be changed into a Canadian one and for you to get such an IP you will need to use a VPN. VPNs can bypass geo-restriction barriers successfully. And in addition to Global TV, reliable VPNs can also unblock Canadian TV.

Further, you don’t have to worry about legal consequences since using a VPN is completely legal.

How to Watch Global TV Outside Canada With A VPN

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Here’s how to watch Global TV overseas with a VPN

  1. Choose A VPN That Reliably Works With Global TV

While there are plenty of VPNs you can use to access Global TV, please note that there are only a few that can do the job efficiently and reliably. You will need a VPN that has massive servers in Canada and can offer a fast speed. If you can’t decide which one to get, consider ExpressVPN as it can guarantee a stable and fast connection and has thousands of servers.

  1. Download and Install The VPN App

Once you have a VPN in mind, it is time to download and install it on your devices. The good news is that you can install the app on various devices with just one account.

Simply follow the screen instructions and provide the needed details and you’re good to go. Once you’re done installing the app, it is time to launch the app.

  1. Connect To A Server In Canada

This is actually the most crucial stage if you want to watch Global TV outside Canada. Every time you want to watch the streaming service, you will need to use your chosen VPN to connect to a Canadian server.

To do this, look for the list of servers from the app and choose one that is close to your current location to ensure a hassle-free streaming experience.

  1. Start Watching Global TV Anywhere

After connecting to a Canadian server, you can now watch freely, but be sure you’re connected to the right server. To watch Global TV, go to the official website of Global TV. Then choose a show you want to watch.

If you want to unblock all content on Global TV, even live TV, you will need to create an account on the streaming service.

Best VPNs to Watch Global TV Abroad

Now that you’re aware of the procedure, let’s take a look at the best VPNs that will let you watch Global TV.

  1. ExpressVPN

ExpressVPN is popularly known in the world of VPNs. In fact, it is the best option for unblocking lots of streaming services all over the world including Global TV.

As the name implies, ExpressVPN can guarantee you impressive fast connection speeds. What’s more, the privacy and security provision are solid. In fact, ExpressVPN uses 256-bit encryption and has other relevant features like DNS leak protection and IP address checker. Privacy protections are also of high quality.

ExpressVPN, on the other hand, is one of the biggest VPNs in the market. Currently, there are over 3000 servers in 94 different countries. The good news is there is a sizable server in Canada.

When it comes to bandwidth, there are actually no limitations. There are even dedicated apps for almost all devices and operating systems.

ExpressVPN will give you an impressive and at the same time all-around service. While it is a bit pricier compared to its competitors, it is indeed a good catch especially if you thoroughly look at what it has to offer. And before we forget, it comes with a 30-day money-back guarantee that allows you to use the service for free without any hassle.

  1. PrivateVPN

PrivateVPN only has a small network of servers with almost 200 servers in over 60 countries. But it is worth mentioning this VPN makes up for it with amazing unblocking capabilities and above-average speeds.

Besides Global TV, PrivateVPN will also allow you to watch Netflix Canada and other known streaming platforms and channels. Further, it permits 10 connections at the same time.

PrivateVPN has 256-bit encryption, protections from DNS leaks, and a kill switch. You can even sign up anonymously with Bitcoin as well as a disposable email address. However, this is an optional one because it is a no-logs provider. But if you are having a hard time signing up, simply call its customer support team via live chat.

When it comes to the apps, they are available for mobile devices both iOS and Android, Mac, and Windows computers. You can also use it on Android TV and Amazon Fire TV. If you have a home router or a Linux system, you can install PrivateVPN manually.

  1. Surfshark

With over 3,200 servers in 100 countries including Canada, SurfShark is considered one of the best VPNs to watch Global TV abroad. In fact, it also works with some of the major and popular channels and streaming services like Hulu and Netflix.

SurfShark is a fast VPN, thus it allows you to experience 1080p and 4k live streaming quality. No connection limit is also accessible. It means you can protect several devices simultaneously with one account.

SurfShark is jam-packed with impressive safety features and these include WebRTC, IPv6, DNS protection, and 256-bit encryption. There is even an ad-blocker, a malware scanner, and a kill switch.

SurfShark has double VPN servers that encrypt internet traffic for better security. It will not log your information so you are safe from prying eyes.

As for the apps, there are available for Amazon Fire Stick, Linux, Android, iOS, Mac, and Windows. Though you will need to configure it on routers manually.

How to Create An Account on Global TV

As mentioned, you will need to create your account on Global TV to unblock all shows. If you don’t have an account yet, here’s how you can create one.

  1. Launch your preferred VPN.
  2. Connect to a Canadian server.
  3. Go to the official website of Global TV.
  4. Click on “Sign In” and then enter all the needed information.
  5. Once completed, you’ve signed up for Global TV successfully.

While you can access Global TV for free, please note that you need a TV provider subscription to enjoy lots of content. It is because the majority of content is not available for free viewing.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What Can I Stream On Global TV?

In addition to the original content, Global TV will also bring content from the Food Network, Slice, History Channel, HGTV, Adult Swim, and National Geographic.

On What Devices Can You Watch Global TV?

Global TV is accessible on web-connected devices via their official website. In addition to that, you can access its content on media streaming devices, smartphones, and tablets. Global TV has apps intended for Roku, Fire TV, Android, and iOS. But keep in mind that the app is only accessible in Canadian App stores of these platforms.

Is It Possible to Watch Global TV Overseas With A Free VPN?

Unfortunately, there are no VPNs that allow you to watch Global TV for free. Having said that, we highly advise that you invest in a premium option that can give you good results. After testing various VPNs, the best VPN to watch Global TV is ExpressVPN as it works without any problem.

How to Watch Global TV On Smart TV?

If you wish to watch Global TV on Smart TV, subscribing to a TV provider is a must. When prompted, simply input your credentials to sign in with the TV provider. To get started, visit the official website and enter the code you generate on the Global TV app on the smart TV.

Final Thoughts

Whether you are living in the UK, USA, Australia, or anywhere in the world and want to watch Global TV outside Canada, normally you would be out of luck.

But with a VPN like ExpressVPN, you can easily access Global TV and have full access from any of your devices. With this VPN, you don’t need to go to Canada to watch what Global TV has to offer.

We hope this guide helps you bypass the geo-restrictions of Global TV.

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