How to Watch Hotstar in Australia?

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Learn how to watch Hotstar in Australia and enjoy good television content brought from India. The connection with Hotstar from Australia is possible if you hire a private network to avoid geoblocks. You can hide your real IP address with one generated by software that will locate you in India, Canada, or the United States.

Find out why Hotstar is not available in Australia due to IP address restrictions present in the region. This article will show you which VPN is strong enough to break all the restrictions. You will also learn which way you can connect the VPN to watch hotstar.

Why Is Hotstar Not Available in Australia?

Hotstar is on a television network within India and has many IP address blocks outside the region. Countries like Canada and the United States are exempt from the Hotstar blockade because they have their library. If you are in Australia, you will suffer from IP address blocks.

Why Is Hotstar Not Available in Australia?

Although Hotstar has strict policies for your connection outside of India, you can avoid them by using a private network. With VPNs, you can hide your IP address in Australia and adopt one in the United States, Canada, or India. Although not all private networks work for Hotstar, you have to know the best in their category.

You can choose private networks by hiring over VPN Free to access Hotstar. As this server on the internet has a high class geoblocking, you need a private network with military encryption. Download and install the best private networks to have guarantees in your connection with the server.

How to Watch Hotstar in Australia?

You may know how to watch Hotstar in Australia? Hiring the best private network and complying with these steps:

How to Watch Hotstar in Australia?

Step 1: You have to register with the best private network by hiring; you can choose CyberGhost or other VPNs.

How to Watch Hotstar in Australia

Step 2: You need to open the VPN on your computer or mobile.

How to Watch Hotstar in Australia

Step 3: You must connect the private network server to an IP in India, Canada, or the United States.

How to Watch Hotstar in Australia

Step 4: Log in to your previously created Hotstar account so you can have access to the best television content.

How to Watch Hotstar in Australia

You have to create an account at Hotstar and pay for the subscription, which can be processed with your TDC. The streaming service's contracting price is very low, and you can get the best discounts.

Best 3 VPNs for Hotstar in Australia

Now that you understand how to watch Hotstar in Australia. You must know the three best VPNs for access, such as:

1. Surfshark

You can enjoy Indian TV content from Australia using Surfshark as your favorite VPN. This private network is small in features but powerful giving you a connection to over 3,200 servers with 3 locations in India. It's a network you can trust because it has excellent military encryption and no-logging policies.


Surfshark Features:

You have the best IP leakage and security protocols in OpenVPN, IKEv2, and IPsec with the private network. The network has an upload speed of more than 61. Mbps with a very stable ping of 12 ms. You can have an unlimited P2P connection to use the private network on the devices you want.

Surf Shark has its operations from the British Virgin Islands, where they have no problems with data leakage. After your registration, you can pay for the private network membership with cryptocurrencies to keep your identity hidden.

With Surf Shark, you can have up to 30 days using it after hiring it and requesting a refund of your money without problems.

2. ExpressVPN

If you want quality and stability to enjoy movies on Hotstar, you should use ExpressVPN. This private network gives you a connection to more than 3,200 servers and more than 20 locations in India. The private network is useful for hiding your IP, giving you quality in reproduction and a fast download of television content.


ExpressVPN Features:

The private network's encryption is military with security protocols OpenVPN, IKEv2, and Lightway. You will not have problems with IP leaks, and you will be able to use the private network on more than six devices simultaneously. ExpressVPN is available for Windows, Linux, Mac, Amazon Fire TV, routers, Android, etc. In upload speed, you will enjoy 16.7 Mbps with a ping stability of 13 ms to watch your movies.

ExpressVPN gives you innovative money-back guarantees that cover up to 30 days for you to enjoy.

3. NordVPN

NordVPN is the best option for Hotstar because it gives you more than 30 locations in India with its 5,577 available servers. You can choose from the best connection so that TV content is seen in amazing quality and you can enjoy it. The private network is quite cheap for you to hire, and it gives you many discounts if you get it for a long time.


NordVPN Features:

If you are looking for anti-leak and No logs policies, you should use NordVPN, which also has military encryption. You can connect up to 7 devices simultaneously, including video game consoles and routers, among others. On average, the private network's upload speed is 21.5 Mbps, being slow but quite stable for Hotstar.

For more than 30 days, you can use NordVPN by hiring it and have guarantees in the return of your money.


This article described How to Watch Hotstar in Australia? Using the three best private networks that have servers in India. You have to know the encryption level that your favorite VPNs have and their money-back guarantees. You don't have to stick with the best in Indian TV and access Hotstar with a Premium VPN.

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