How to Watch Hotstar in Canada [Free & Safe]

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We are living in a fast-growing global village where online entertainment service has expanded its business all over the world. Hotstar is another booming streaming service which shows Bollywood movies, sports, dramas, live telecasts and so forth.

Though this India-based subscription service is not much popular like Netflix or Hulu, it is not lagging behind. Unfortunately, it has put restrictions on outside of India. Many people from outside India often fail to access Hotstar. Do you know how to watch Hotstar in Canada or any other country? Well, it is quite simple since all you need to do is use a VPN to watch hotstar. Let’s move forward to let you know the whole process.

How to Watch Hotstar in Canada?

How to watch Hotstar in Canada? It’s often asked how to access the programs. However, uoi need an Indian IP address to access this site to watch its content. Since you are in Canada or any other country, you do not have any access to Indian IP addresses. So, it would be great if you’ve a VPN connection, ExpressVPN, to break firewalls.

After connecting a VPN service, it’ll change your route and IP address so that no one can identify you. It also offers a private DNS which conceal your hosting provider while reflecting your domain name.


Apart from watching videos on websites, Hotstar also comes with an app that allows users to see it. However, Hotstar neither has an access on Android play store nor Apple store in Canadian IP address.

The best way to use Hotstar in Canada is downloading and installing a VPN which allows you to use a Hotstar. However, Some VPN may not be compatible with mobile phones. Make sure to choose an exclusive and user-friendly VPN which allows you to download Hotstar from both Apple store and Android Play Store.

From my perspective, I will happily recommend you to use ExpressVPN as I am personally using it. It helps a lot to browse many unprohibited websites smoothly.

Plus, it has 30 days money back guarantee and a high-security VPN service, with highest encryption. However, you can also use NordVPN, Cyberghost, Surfshark, etc. As they are also good.

We’ve derailed the following procedures to watch Hotstar in Canada:

Step 01: Install a high-security VPN service like ExpressVPN.

How to Watch Hotstar in Canada 01

Step 02: Sign up on VPN service by providing you important information.

How to Watch Hotstar in Canada 02

Step 03: Choose a plan yearly or monthly by subscribing on it.

How to Watch Hotstar in Canada 03

Step 04: Look over several servers on the VPN.

How to Watch Hotstar in Canada 04

Step 05: Click on an Indian server.

How to Watch Hotstar in Canada 05

Step 06: Choose the closest one from several Indian servers for fast browsing.

Step 07: Connect the server,

Step 08: Open the Hotstar app and keep watching movies, videos, shows, live telecast, etc.

How to Watch Hotstar in Canada 06

What Is Hotstar and Why Is It Not Working in Canada?

Hotstar is an Indian-based video streaming service which lets people who live in India to watch Bollywood movies, more than 9 languages videos, TV shows, sports live telecasts and so forth.

Unfortunately, this service is only allowed in India. And, if you’re from the outside world, like Canada, you are restricted to the site. The most important reason behind blocking Hotstar in other countries is content geographically to prevent other companies competing with it.

Like Hotstar, Netflix also follows the same path by giving limited access to a specific location. What you are watching in your location may not have permission to watch in other geographical locations.

There might be geographic license for watching a streaming service in a location. It helps the company to prevent other companies from entering the market and reduce the cost.

For instance, HBO is another popular streaming service which is allowed in the USA. But Hotstar is unacceptable to stream that particular TV show in those countries to prevent Hotstar from competing with HBO.

Furthermore, Hotstar has a licence to stream a particular show in India. But people can also watch the same show from another app. Hotstar will not be happy with it as other competitors are grabbing their customers.

That’s why Hotstar limits their access outside India to show more concern Indian citizens and as a result, cuts down their costs as well as prevents competitors from entering the market.

However, as I have already mentioned, you can access it using a VPN and as soon as you’re connected to it, you’ll be given a private IP address. When you use an Indian IP address from a server, it will think you are using it from India though you are in Canada.

As Hotstar has both a website and an official app, you can either download the official app on your iPhone from Apple store and on your Android mobile from Play Store or watch it directly on their website. As I have already mentioned the process to access and watch Hotstar in Canada, you need to just follow them.

Why You Need a VPN to Watch Hotstar in Canada?

A VPN provides virtual privacy by encoding your traffic network and hides your real IP address from the public network. When you use a public network, Hotstar can capture your IP address and block your location based on your IP address.

However, when you use a VPN, it changes your actual IP address and shows a different IP address in different locations though your physical location is not there.

Though it is not ethical, many online hackers or criminals use VPN to hide their original IP address. Many normal people also use it to hide their privacy as showing their real identity might be a problem.

You may fail to access Hotstar outside India, it will show “this content is not available in your region” which doesn’t allow you to use it. Because Hotstar restricted your location.

Recently, you can use Hotstar without VPN. But you have only access to a few things. So, to fully enjoy everything on Hotstar and change your IP address, a VPN will be the best choice.

Best VPNs to Watch Hotstar in Canada

Hotstar is a great online streaming platform for entertainment. This site is not available in Canada. But, you can watch this great platform by using any of the VPN that is given below.

1. ExpressVPN Review – Strict no-logs policy #1 VPN In 2021

ExpressVPN helps to route the traffic with an encrypted tunnel so that you can watch all streaming sites. ExpressVPN can unblock Netflix, Hulu, Hotstar, Disney+, and many more channels.


To run all over the country, this VPN serves 94 countries with 3000+ servers. They also keep the speed faster and use encrypted servers to protect information. Use ExpressVPN as an extension on chrome, firefox, and other browsers.

You can buy the ExpressVPN up to 49% discount with 3 months of free subscription. For more offers visit here.

  • Activated Kill switches to stop being exposed to personal information.
  • Support split-tunneling to get access to all streaming sites.
  • Trustworthy server to protect data.

2. CyberGhost Review– Best Budget-Friendly VPN

CyberGhost VPN has 6900 servers in more than 90 countries. To unblock Hotstar, Netflix, Hulu, BBCiPlayer, Amazon Prime video this VPN is best. You can watch those streaming sites on Android, Windows, iOS, iPhone, Mac, Linux, etc. devices by using CyberGhost.


You will find WireGuard, IKEv2, OpenVPN protocols on CyberGhost VPN. Your IP address will get a strong shield with an anonymous ID. To protect the user information from this VPN, use the strongest encryption policy.

To get proper security on public wi-fi CyberGhost can be the best choice. To protect the servers from snoopers or hackers CyberGhost VPN encrypted the traffic.

Get up to 83% discount with 45 days money-back guarantee on CyberGhost VPN. There are more packages you can get by visiting the site.

  • Give you a speedy connection on 7 devices at a time.
  • CyberGhost allows Anonymous torrenting.
  • 256-bit military-grade strongest encryption policy.

3. NordVPN Review– #1 Best VPN For Privacy 2021

NordVPN easily unblocks streaming sites Hotstar, Amazon Prime Video, Hulu, CNN, etc. And this amazing benefit you will get with 5400+ servers in 59 countries. NordVPN makes sure of the ultra-fast connection while watching streaming and other sites.


This VPN has a no-logs policy so that users can keep the data private and secure. The NordVPN allows a Kill switch to make sure your data is not exposed during network interruption. There will be no buffering problems while surfing the streaming sites. Also, you can get an anonymous ID with a great shield on servers.

This NordVPN is now giving up to a 68% discount with lots of packages. Choose the package and enjoy uninterrupted service.

  • 30 days trial period & money-back guarantee
  • No data leaks and have a dedicated IP address.
  • It has OpenVPN and IKEv2 protocols for great protection.

4. Surfshark Review– Best VPN For Speed

SurfShark VPN strictly follows the AES 256-bit protocol to guard your personal data. You will also find Shadowsocks, Wireguard, IKEv2 protocols on this VPN. With those protocols, this VPN can easily be used on Android, Windows, macOS, iOS, Xbox devices.


The Surf Shark VPN has 1700+ servers that are covering almost 63+ countries. All the servers of this VPN are P2P friendly and strictly follow the no-logs policy. This VPN gives you malware protection and it has no ads.

With Camouflage mode, Sharfshark VPN is offering up to 81% discount with 24 months of package. This is a great deal with 30 days money-back guarantee.

  • AES 256-GCM encryption policy for protecting data.
  • Hide your real IP address.
  • NoBorders mode allows the use of restricted sites.

5. PrivateVPN Review– Never store log or share your IP address #1 For Privacy

PrivateVPN has a military-grade encryption policy to make a strong shield around the servers. This way you can be undetectable while surfing on the internet. This VPN unblock geo-restricted sites easily.


Private VPN offers lightning speed and you can use this on Android, iPhone, Windows, Mac, iOS, router, etc. devices. You can also watch all streaming sites including, CNN, Netflix, PopcornFlix, Hotstar, etc. It has some strong protocols like PP2P, L2TP, IPSec, etc.

Private VPN offers an amazing price by giving a 65% discount. Also, it has a money-back guarantee within 30 days.

  1. Privacy is faster and stronger.
  2. No buffering problem on streaming sites.
  3. Give you permission to surf anonymously.

To summarize, these are the best VPNs in 2021…

Provider Product Features Price
ExpressVPN ExpressVPN
  • Supports torrenting
  • Strict no-logs policy
  • support p2p activity
Find Out More
CyberGhost CyberGhost
  • Protect Digital Identity
  • Use military-grade encryption
  • Unblock streaming services
Find Out More
  • Ultra-fast connection
  • P2P welcome here
  • Strict no-logs policy
Find Out More
Surfshark Surfshark
  • Private DNS & leak protection
  • Camouflage Mode
  • Secure protocols
Find Out More
PrivateVPN PrivateVPN
  • Unlock geo-restricted media
  • Be undetectable
  • Max speeds for easy browsing
Find Out More


Preventing restriction on a specific location is mainly called geo-dodging. Though Hotstar is commonly accessible in India, you are not limiting yourself from using it even outside India. A simple VPN can accommodate any videos, movies, and sports etc, you like to watch.

Apart from using it for yourself, when next time someone asks you — how to watch Hotstar in Canada, just show him/her this trick. It is unbelievably simple! Isn't it? Keep watching Hotstar in Canada. Happy watching!

Thomas Smith
Thomas SmithEditor and Publisher at -

Thomas Smith is the editor of ForPrivacy, overseeing a team focused on building the voice of the cybersecurity world through guides, reviews articles and community. His background is as a writer and seasoned software industry veteran with 10 years of experience.

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