How to Watch SYFY Outside US with a VPN?

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SYFY is an American Cable channel that is available only in America. This streaming channel has not been launched yet globally. So, if you stay outside the USA or travel, you will not watch SYFY.  In that situation, you might be speculating then How to Watch SYFY Outside US.  Well, to make you relief from the troublesome condition, there is nothing but a VPN that can aid you most. To get detailed information about it,  check out the text below consciously.

Can You Watch Syfy Online?

Syfy TV channel is available online under the best American streaming servers like Hulu. You can hire the services of Hulu, FuboTV, or SlingTV to enjoy this live broadcast. You will be able to watch many current movies in their original language at a good screen resolution.

Can You Watch Syfy Online?

Where to Watch Syfy Channel?

For you to enjoy Syfy's live broadcast, you must know which streaming servers offer it:


This is a streaming server that is focused on sports content but also has movie channels like Syfy. FuboTV is an American streaming service that has been working since 2015.



Hulu belongs to Walt Disney Direct, in which you can see different tv channels like Syfy and all their content. This server has been operating since 2007, it is of American origin, and its programming is constantly updated.



Since 2015 SlingTV works as that high-fidelity streaming server so that you can watch Syfy live. The TV provider is American.


How to Watch Syfy Outside US

You should know How to Watch Syfy Outside US using software that hides your IP address:

How to Watch Syfy Outside US

1. Get a VPN

Search among the best private networks by contract and subscribe to their service from your device. Here we recommend using Express VPN.

2. Install The Application

You have to install the private network ExpressVPN on your mobile or computer to access Syfy from the streaming servers.

3. Connect With The Streaming Server Of Your Choice

You can choose between the three favorite streaming servers to stream Syfy outside the United States without problems

4. Enjoy the Connection with Syfy outside the United States

Now you have to enjoy live streaming with the new movies that only Syfy offers you.

5 Recommended VPN For Watch Syfy Outside US

You should know the best private networks that will allow you to connect to Syfy if you are outside of North America:

1. ExpressVPN

ExpressVPN is your first choice on How to Watch Syfy Outside US for the number of locations it gives you in the region. You will have more than 3,000 active servers, of which 100 are located in the United States. The connection to ExpressVPN is formidable, giving you military encryption, an easy-to-use interface, and no-logging policies.


You can use the VPN with up to 5 devices in multiple connections like consoles, mobiles, computers, Roku, etc. The private network allows you to use Hulu and FuboTV, the main servers for you to stream Syfy. You will have a transmission in HD quality, without pauses, and with an upload speed greater than 29 Mbps.

ExpressVPN Features:

  • Founded: 2009
  • Blocked in the United Kingdom
  • Number of torrents: 3,000 +
  • Average download speed: 29 Mbps
  • Support for instant downloads ?: yes
  • Proxy / mirror sites:,,

With ExpressVPN, you will have 30 days of free use for you to stream Syfy and ask for your money back.

2. CyberGhost

If you want to stream Syfy at a higher quality, you must use CyberGhost to connect to Hulu or Sling TV. This private network has more than 120 US locations out of 6,000 active servers. CyberGhost gives you a p2p connection for seven devices between mobiles, Roku, and your computers.


The private network gives you a connection with military encryption, no-logs policies, OpenVPN, AES 256-Bit Encryption, etc. With CyberGhost, you can surf at a speed of 31.9 Mbps so that you can connect to Syfy without pauses. You can pay for the VPN with cryptocurrencies to keep your identity protected.

CyberGhost Features:

  • Founded: 2011
  • Blocked in Australia
  • Number of torrents: 6,000 +
  • Average download speed: 31.9 Mbps
  • Support for instant downloads?: yes
  • Proxy / mirror sites:,

CyberGhost gives you the best money-back guarantees for up to 45 days from when you sign up.

3. NordVPN

You can use NordVPN to watch Syfy under good US streaming providers like Hulu or YouTubeTV. NordVPN connects you to over 5577 servers spread across 59 countries and prioritizes North America. The private network has more than 120 locations in the United States for you to see Syfy quickly and safely.


NordVPN has multiple connections for six devices such as computers, Roku, mobiles, consoles, and routers. You can hire this VPN for all your family members to watch Syfy at a great quality. The upload speed is 27.4 Mbps, in which you will have military encryption, Aes encryption, and protocols to avoid IP filtration.

NordVPN Features:

  • Founded: 2012
  • Blocked in Australia
  • Number of torrents: 4,500 +
  • Average download speed: 27.4 Mbps
  • Support for instant downloads ?: yes
  • Proxy / mirror sites:,

With NordVPN, you will have wonderful money-back guarantees after the contract that spans more than 30 days.

4. Surf Shark

You can turn to a small but secure VPN like Surfshark to watch Syfy from Hulu or SlingTv. You will have around 3200 servers spread over 65 countries in which North America has 20 locations. These US IP addresses are reliable with the VPN, and you can use them on your mobile, pc, amazon fire stick, etc.


With Surf Shark, you will have an unlimited p2p connection with military encryption, switches for IP change, among other things. The VPN upload speed does not exceed 25 Mbps but is stable enough for live streaming. You will not have to register after contracting the VPN, and you can pay for its service using cryptocurrencies.

SurfShark Features:

  • Founded: 2018
  • Blocked in France, Australia, United Kingdom
  • Number of torrents: 3,200 +
  • Average download speed: 25 Mbps
  • Support for instant downloads ?: yes
  • Proxy / mirror sites:,

With Surf Shark, you have excellent money-back guarantees for up to 30 days after hiring.

5. PrivateVPN

PrivateVPN can be very useful if you use it to broadcast Syfy from anywhere outside the United States. The private network connects you with up to 150 servers distributed in 62 countries. You will have about 100 locations within the United States for you to connect to Hulu or YouTubeTV to watch Syfy.


You will have military encryption, 2058 Bit encryption, and IP leak protection with the private network. PrivateVPN allows you to link your Windows, Linux, or Mac computer as well as your IOS or Android mobile. You will have an online upload speed of 27 Mbps under non-stop HD resolution.

Private VPN Features:

  • Founded: 2009
  • Blocked in the United Kingdom
  • Number of torrents: 150
  • Average download speed: 27 Mbps
  • Support for instant downloads ?: yes
  • Proxy / mirror sites:,,

You can use PrivateVPN subject to the best money-back guarantees for up to 30 days.

Frequently Asked Questions

You may have some questions about Syfy's live transmission with streaming servers, such as:

Is Syfy on Amazon Prime?

If you like broadcasts on Amazon Prime, you will surely love to know if Syfy is available in its content. You can see the Syfy movie and series channel within the selection on Amazon Prime. You can also use other streaming servers to watch the channel.

Can you watch Syfy in the UK?

If you use a VPN, you will see Syfy from the UK or other countries adopting an American IP address. This TV channel has many restrictions outside of North America, but it will be easy to watch with a VPN on your side. You have to contract the services of the VPN as well as the TV provider of your choice.

Is Syfy available in Canada?

As long as you have an online connection with a VPN, you will be able to see Syfy from each on different streaming servers. You don't have to limit yourself to movies and only buy the best VPN for Syfy. In no time, you will master the VPN and have a wonderful experience watching Syfy online.


You can discover How to Watch SYFY Outside US not to miss the new movies and series from the United States. Syfy may be the TV channel you need to amuse yourself all day watching the best of cinema. Together with Hulu, Sling TV, or FuboTV, you will meet your goals to watch Syfy at a very good quality.

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