How to Watch US TV in Mexico?

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It is time for you to learn how to watch US TV in Mexico by removing the IP address blocks that are present. When you surf the internet while in Mexico, you may have many restrictions that give you a bad experience. If you want to watch ESPN+ games or enjoy American streaming services from Mexico, you must use VPN.

Learn about why you cannot watch American television in Mexico using the internet. Find out how you can watch the best content on American television regardless of whether you are in Mexico. Finally, you have to know the best private networks that will allow you to access streaming services in the American country.

Why Can’t I Watch US TV in Mexico?

If you wonder how to watch US TV in Mexico, you should know that there are many television network restrictions outside the country. The reason why you cannot watch American TV in Mexico is not because of personal problems but the policies of these services. In general, television networks in the US block access to people outside the country and not exactly Mexico.

Why Can’t I Watch US TV in Mexico?

These browsing restrictions are very common for streaming services like Netflix, HBO, Disney +, ESPN, etc. Geo-blocks on TV are also in your favor where US citizens cannot watch TV from Mexico. You have an alternative to ending these restrictions on American TV by using a private network that will change your IP address.

How to Watch US TV in Mexico?

Your doubts about how to watch US TV in Mexico are resolved when you meet private networks on the internet. VPNs are those tools in which you protect your browsing by hiding your IP address, which in turn can be international. Basically, with private networks, you adopt an American IP address that gives you access to this country's TV without problems.

How to Watch US TV in Mexico?

For you to be able to watch American TV from Mexico, you must do the following things with a private network:

Step 1: You have to hire a good VPN with servers available in the United States. You can choose the Surf Shark VPN for that.

How to Watch US TV in Mexico?

Step 2: Select a plan that you want to buy and continue for the next plan.

How to Watch US TV in Mexico?

Step 3: Select the server from the server list to watch the US TV in Mexico.

How to Watch US TV in Mexico?

Step 4: It is time for you to enjoy American TV from Mexico

How to Watch US TV in Mexico?

The whole process of how to watch US TV in Mexico is possible if you hire a VPN among the best such as:

1. CyberGhost

To have true freedom in TV browsing, you must use CyberGhost and its 6,689 available servers. The private network has more than 100 locations in the United States for you to connect to the best television networks. This VPN has military encryption, an anti-leak system, and double VPN protection to keep you anonymous.


You can connect more than seven devices to the private network, including Windows, Mac, Linux, Android, and IOS. In streaming services, the network connects you with Netflix, Sky, ESPN, Hulu, CBS, Disney +, HBO, among others. You can enjoy American TV in HD quality with the highest stability against network drops.

  • Military encryption
  • Upload speed greater than 31.9 Mbps
  • More than 100 locations in the United States
  • Safety switches available
  • NO records policies
  • It does not have 24-hour customer service

CyberGhost gives you up to 45 days to contract the VPN with money-back guarantees if you wish.

2. ExpressVPN

To have a quality VPN, you must use ExpressVPN. It has 3,000 servers available in 94 countries. If your goal is to watch American TV, you can do it with more than 70 different country locations. You can use from Mexico the TV services in sports such as ESPN or entertainment such as Hulu, Netflix, HBO, and CBS.


The private network allows you to enjoy a P2P connection for six devices in a stable way and with maximum protection. You can use the network from your Windows, Mac, or Linux computer and mobile devices like IOS and Android. For a more open connection, you can link the private network with video game consoles, SmartPlay, Fire TV, among others.

  • Stable connection for streaming
  • Supports six devices
  • You can use it on your video game consoles
  • Military-grade encryption with DoubleVPN connection
  • 70 locations are available in the United States
  • Few servers
  • Hiring cost is high

You can use ExpressVPN, and its money-back guarantees cover more than 30 days when you sign up.

3. Surfshark

Small and powerful is how you can identify Surfshark's private network for American TV use. You will have more than 3,200 servers in 65 countries to have freedom in Internet browsing. If you want to watch American TV from Mexico with this VPN, you will have more than 50 locations.


You can watch Netflix, Hulu, Amazon Prime Video, CBS, Disney plus, and other streaming services using the private network. In a P2P connection, you can link the number of devices you want because their range is unlimited. Surfshark has military encryption to hide your IP very well, giving you a stable American TV connection.

  • Unlimited P2P connection
  • Military encryption
  • 3,200 servers available
  • Availability for Consoles, routers, SmartTV, etc.
  • 24/7 technical support
  • Few servers available
  • Your interface needs an update

Surfshark is the VPN you need to have the best money-back guarantees for up to 30 days.

Wrapping Up

How to watch US TV in Mexico is very easy to answer if you know the best VPNs to hide your current IP address. You should know how you can watch your series on Netflix from Mexico using a private network that gives you that access. Find out how fast each private network's connection is, its encryption level, and the servers available for you to connect now.

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