How to Watch US TV in Thailand?

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If you are outside North America, you should learn how to watch US TV in Thailand using the best anti-blocking tools. American Television will always be an innovation that you should not miss, and now even less so with VPNs. You have to know about private networks and how you can use them in Thailand to watch American TV.

Find out how you can watch US TV in Thailand using private networks for an unknown connection. Learn how you can watch US TV from the Thai territory with VPN by completing a few steps. You have to know which is the best VPN that allows you to watch unlimited TV from Thailand.

Why Can’t I Watch US TV in Thailand?

If you want to know everything about watching US TV in Thailand, you should know why you have these internet blockages. Thailand is a beautiful country, but like many Middle East areas, it suffers from blackouts connected with American TV. These connection restrictions are not only for the country but in all regions outside the United States due to internet policies.

Why Can’t I Watch US TV in Thailand?

You may feel frustrated watching football games and not being able to do so within the limits of Thailand. There is a solution for the IP address restrictions on American TV, private networks. You can avoid these IP blocks in Thailand by hiding your original IP from a clone within the United States.

How to Watch US TV in Thailand?

For you to watch TV from the United States in Thailand, you need a reliable private network and comply with these steps:

How to Watch US TV in Thailand?

Step 1: You have to choose a private network among the favorites on the internet. Here for strong security I suggest the CyberGhost VPN.

How to Watch US TV in Thailand?

Step 2: When you choose the VPN, you must download and install it on your device. Then connect the VPN with login password.

How to Watch US TV in Thailand?

Step 3: You must start the private network and put it with a cloned IP address in the United States.

How to Watch US TV in Thailand?

Step 4: Enjoy the best television content in the United States from Thailand.

How to Watch US TV in Thailand?

You must choose private networks by hiring over free VPNs for connection stability. These VPNs have a very low contract price and the best money-back guarantees for you to enjoy.

What’s the Best VPN to Watch US TV in Thailand?

The whole process of how to watch US TV in Thailand needs a useful tool that will help you eliminate IP blocks in the country. You have to know which is the best VPN so that you can watch American TV from Thailand:

1. ExpressVPN

With more than 3,000 very fast servers, ExpressVPN presents itself as the best private network for you to hire. This server has more than 80 locations within the United States for you to connect with the best in Television. If you want to watch Sky, CBS, ESPN, Netflix, and other streaming services, you can do it using this private network.


ExpressVPN Features:

To watch TV content on ExpressVPN, you can do it at a speed of 132.8 Mbps in 12 ms ping. You can connect up to 6 devices at a time with platforms like Android, IOS, Windows, Firefox, Mac, PS4, etc. Every connection is secured with the VPN and under the highest resolution when watching series and movies.

The private network has military encryption to have security and stability in international connections. You will never fear DNS and IP leakage with VPN because you have the best system against it.

ExpressVPN has the best money-back guarantee of more than 30 days after signing up.

2. CyberGhost

It is an alternative VPN that you can use on your American TV connection from Thailand, with more than 6,689 servers available. You can have a remote connection to Cyberghost with 100 in-boundary North America locations. The streaming services you have access to with this VPN unlimited take your favorites like HBO, Netflix, Disney +, etc.


CyberGhost Features:

In the P2P connection, you will have with CyberGhost; you will accept more than seven devices under a very stable tunnel. The private network has a browsing speed of 130.1 Mbps and video upload speeds of more than 28.19 Mbps. The platforms you can connect to the network are Android, IOS, Windows, Linux, Mac, routers, SmartTV, etc.

You can enjoy military encryption, connection algorithms against IP leaks, and Double VPN in security. You will have an automated system where each cloned IP address will always be positive for your North America connection.

With CyberGhost, you can have up to 45 days of use after hiring it and have money-back guarantees.

3. IPVanish

You may need a small but stable VPN like IPVanish and its 2,500+ available servers. The private network has the best list of IP addresses so that you do not suffer from drops when connecting to streaming services. You will have access to all the television networks in North America in HD quality so that you can enjoy series and movies.


IPVanish Features:

With IPVanish, you can connect to Netflix, HBO, ESPN, Amazon Prime Video, and YouTube TV, among others. With the VPN, you will have the best military encryption with NO logs and double VPN policies to avoid being discovered. In browsing speed, you will have 121.9 Mbps, and for upload, you will have 31.2 Mbps.

You can link up to 5 devices between consoles, computers, and mobile for multiple connections with these private networks. The interface is very stable, and you will have a 24/7 technical support service for you to contact.

If you use IPVanish, you have money-back guarantees for up to 30 days after hiring it.


You have to know how to watch US TV in Thailand to enjoy high-quality TV content. If you want to enjoy marathons in Netflix series, you must use the best private network for hire like ExpressVPN. You have to know what makes ExpressVPN the best private network for its available servers and speed in uploading videos.

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