How to Watch USA TV in Australia

Whether you are Australian or an American in Australia and enjoy the series and programs offered by television in the United States, it is common for you to wonder how to watch usa tv in Australia. You may think it is easy, but in reality, it is not, and we will show you if you keep reading.

With the new technology, it has been shown that no activity is difficult anymore. For you to enjoy American television from Australia, it is only necessary to use a VPN program. This, in addition to providing security for your data, will also change your IP location for the United States.

Why Can't I Watch USA Television in Australia?

This is one of the most frequent questions that people in this situation ask themselves. And it is not so easy to explain. Since to understand this type of situation, you must understand the laws of distribution of programs in the United States and Australia's laws. As well as the agreements of these.

Why Can't I Watch USA Television in Australia?

When it comes to acquiring a channel from another country, it is through agreements. But this all falls into one point, and they are the subject of copyright licensing. Ensuring a bigger profit, the Streaming portals or simply the channels are reduced to the United States' limits for copyright.

That is why finding some of these channels on the internet for a free while outside the United States is complicated and illegal. However, by using VPN programs, this will no longer be a problem. Well, when you connect to American service, you will have a location in that country.

How to Watch USA TV in Australia With VPN

Next, we will show you the steps you need to know how to watch USA tv in Australia easily and safely by using Premium VPN. But don't worry, they are quite accessible and offer incredible encryption.

How to Watch USA TV in Australia With VPN

Step 1: One of the first steps you must take is to decide between one of the best VPN options that we will provide below in the list, and then proceed to register on the website of said program

How to Watch US TV in Australia With VPN

Step 2: It will quickly look for the website where you will have to download the VPN. Once you do, follow the steps shown by the application and log in to the program with your email and password with which you previously registered

How to Watch US TV in Australia With VPN

Step 3: To finalize, you will have to go to the list of servers that the VPN will provide you and connect to one of the countries that offer you, but in this case, the option must be the United States because the channels are located there.

How to Watch US TV in Australia With VPN

From here, you can access any channel that is from the United States, since the VPN will give you that new IP address in just 3 steps.

3 Best VPN to Watch USA TV in Australia

When it comes to downloading VPNs, it is highly recommended that you do your research before doing so. Since there are many cases of scams that you can find, however, here we will present the ones that we consider best for broadcasts:

1. ExpressVPN

With this VPN that tops most of the top, it is possible to download on Windows or Mac computers and on phones, tablets or smart TVs, and so on. Found in 94 countries with 160 IP locations, it has unlimited broadband for any website.


It facilitates encryption to preserve your data. With more than 3000 servers worldwide and 20% are in the United States, being a good option for transmissions, it can reach up to + 200mbps of download depending on your location. And the best you can find in more than 17 languages.

  • Master fast servers that provide you with the best streams
  • With a no-registration policy
  • It contains a divided tunnel
  • This VPN cost is quite high
  • Slow OpenVPN speeds

Try Expressvpn as you will make sure you have encryption and security. Well, it offers 30 days of service and excellent customer service.

2. CyberGhost

Another one that has great recommendations. This VPN can be located in at least 90 countries and has about 5700 servers worldwide, with 112 different IP locations. Provides a connection with 7 devices. It is available for Windows, Linux, Mac, Android, and iOS.


It can be used on different continents, having one of the best connections to transmit channels in the United States. It guards a 93mbps download speed with its incredible encrypted VPN and one of the best security.

  • Prevents all types of data leakage
  • It contains a large network of servers
  • Stable speed
  • In China, they have partial coverage
  • Very limited payment options

Find out what CyberGhost customers say, since it contains at least 3 plans according to your budget and time, plus a guarantee that varies between 14 to 45 days completely free.

3. NordVPN

For its part, with unlimited broadband, NordVPN is one of the most famous VPN programs globally, since its availability statistics are 59 countries and with more than 5400 servers, they provide security and privacy using military encryption.

Download the NordVPN App

You get to connect to hundreds of servers in America. You can use 6 connected devices simultaneously and be unequivocal that none of your data is leaked. It has a download speed of 252mbps, and you can use it anywhere in the world.

  • Contains top-level security with 256-bit military encryption
  • Maintains a policy that does not record any data
  • It offers a double VPN
  • Maintains some slow connections
  • OpenVPN configurations are difficult for beginners
  • It does not work in China

Find in NordVPN the different plans of different years that suit your budget. Find out what the users of this VPN are talking about.

Final Thought

When it comes to streaming portals or television channels in the United States while we are residing in different countries, it is common for there to be frustration, and we cannot find a way to know how to watch usa tv in Australia. However, we are sure that when you read the procedure, you discovered that it is much easier than you thought.

VPN programs have made our life a little simpler when it comes to protecting our data and information. That is why they also serve as helpers when we want to have another location to enjoy programs that help us entertain ourselves and enjoy our usual channels and series, even if we are in other countries.

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