Surfshark Review [2021] – Is VPN Safe and Secure?

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You know, there’s no such thing as a free lunch. Surfshark VPN is the proof of that, and it comes with more advanced features, yet the price is half compared to its competitors. The VPN service company claims that it is the best all-around from browsing the Dark Web to streaming the torrent.

Many of us want to secure our digital life promptly. Then a VPN service is a must option in this perspective. Surfshark Vpn provides you advanced functionality with tremendous customer support. The popularity of the VPN is increasing at a higher rate and the network has reached over 60 countries along with 1000 servers. Here, we’ve provided the true and unbiased Surfshark VPN review.

Is Surfshark a Good VPN?

Though it’s a newcomer to VPN’s world, it has already conquered many countries. Surfshark's local applications and program expansions are natural and straightforward to utilize. They highlight a perfect and negligible interface that anybody can explore.

Surfshark Review

The establishment procedure is quick and direct. You'll have to enter your login qualifications to set up another gadget.

The Quick Connect highlight makes it simple to locate a quick server. On the off chance that you like, you can physically choose a server area with a solitary snap.

There are likewise some helpful propelled highlights to improve your perusing experience, including a promotion blocker. Propelled highlights are marked and effectively available in the Settings menu.

Is Surfshark VPN Free?

Well, the Surfshark vpn doesn’t provide the free services. However, it has done one thing for you that one week free trial version for your mobile. You can download the software for free from Google play store or Apple App Store.

Is Surfshark legit?

If you’re familiar with VPN services, you might’ve found that Surfshark comes with many lucrative premium features but the cost is pretty little. Precisely, you can enjoy simultaneous connections through high-speed servers, no-logs, and stream or download whatever you want. Besides, you can access anything in the internet with this VPN. So, it’s worth buying this option and of course, legit as well.

Surfshark VPN Overview

NordVPN and ExpressVPN are the supreme companies that are reigning. These are the most common names among privacy-focused internet users. But some smaller companies are emerging and taking the traction as well. Surfshark is one of the topmost new VPN service providers that have compelling features.

Surfshark 1

Kill Switch:

The must-have feature comes with every good VPN. When you establish a stable connection, VPN cloaks your identity then. The kill switch feature is a lifesaver when your internet connection drops or client crashes. It immediately disables your browsing session, which restricts your IP address to be recorded. And the Surfshark comes with the dedicated kill switch to prevent data retention.

Private DNS:

Considering the DNS leak protection, Surfshark works beyond the imagination. You might've heard about DNS leaks as they're common terms with VPNs. When your device uses unsecured channels for making any domain name system request or DNS request, the DNS leaks take place. Then the whole VPN service becomes useless as the unsecured request is coming through your IP address.

To avoid this occurrence, Surfshark ensures that every server, which is more than 800, comes with its private DNS system. Having this feature justifies that the request is not built through your unsecured IP address but through the VPN.


You know, the feature is unique and many VPN service providers don't offer it. As VPN is used to ensure the security of your digital life, MultiHop adds another layer of protection in this regard. With this feature, it's really tough to find your original location. Precisely, you can access two different servers at a time and can choose between these servers which one you want to use. You'll find this option in the Surfshark's services list.


Having this feature, you can enjoy split tunneling. It's another trademark feature in VPN services. You can utilize it to permit applications and website pages to sidestep your VPN association. I would suggest ensuring all your traffic with the VPN. Be that as it may, it might some of the time be counterproductive if you have to change servers constantly.


It's a component that is available in increasingly more VPN programming. However, not with a similar name (that one is trademarked). So what's going on here? It's an advertisement blocker, a tracker blocker, and a malware blocker. Also, when empowered, it permits you to peruse the Web securely and secretly. Promotions can be extremely meddlesome, and this is an ideal answer for disposing of them.

Wi-Fi Protection:

It is another convenient component that permits your gadget to remain secured when you interface with another Wi-Fi organization. There's continuously a hazard interfacing with a free Wi-Fi arrangement. Since it's practically difficult to know who's on the opposite side, is this a solid switch? Has it been set up by a programmer to dispatch man-in-the-center assaults? Should be protected than sorry, so turn this element on, and you'll value it.

NoBorders mode:

The people in their group will engage in general trademark, practically the entirety of their highlights! What's more, this one permits you to muddle your VPN traffic. It's valuable in case you're in a nation where VPN use is confined, as in China, for instance. At the point when you turn it on, you can sidestep the VPN boycott, and you can get to an unlimited Internet. However, you can expect an association slower than expected – that is the main downside of this model.

  • Provides browsing protection Versatile functionalities Simultaneous connection High-speed and bandwidth User-friendly applications Superb customer support Money-back guarantee Doesn't keep logs Extreme privacy protection systems Compatible with all devices and operating systems Works with Netflix
  • Still doesn't have enough servers Different speeds in some server Geos. Hardly finds out who runs Surfshark.

How Do I Set Up And Connect Surfshark?

The Surfshark VPN comes with simple setup procedures that don’t take too much time. Here, we’ve discussed the step by step guide for your preference.

Create Account:

How do I set up and connect Surfshark

For any new VPN client, Surfshark is easy to introduce and initiate. By following the means beneath, you'll see that the arrangement procedure is easy to use and brisk. As a fresh out of the box new client, you'll be incited to make a record or sign in with a current one preceding introducing Surfshark.

Select Language:

How do I set up and connect Surfshark 02

After creating account you have to select your preferable language.

Software Storage:

You also need to select the disc where you want to store your software. Keep in mind that it needs 32MB of free space to be installed. So, you have to ensure this space available in your device.

Activation Process:

How do I set up and connect Surfshark 03

Now, you should run the downloaded software and finish the installation process. Now it starts the activation system.

Connect the VPN:

How do I set up and connect Surfshark 04

You’ll find a very simple, sleek, and easy interface of Surfshark that you can navigate easily.

How do I set up and connect Surfshark 05

You can activate the mini mode of the interface that can minimized for further use.


You’re almost done to go with the installed VPN. Just tap the connect button and secure the fastest server available.

How to Use Surfshark VPN?

Once you installed the Surfshark VPN software in your device, you’re good to go. Let’s discuss on how to use the VPN service:

Select Server Location:

How to Use Surfshark vpn

Before starting, you need to choose your temporary virtual location. The Geo targeting is totally dependent on your requirements. If you want a higher speed, you should connect the closest location from your current existence. In the event that you need to get to an alternate nation's Netflix library, pick a server in your focused nation. In case you're bypassing the administration's control, pick a nation that permits you to get to blocked applications or sites.

Quick Connect:

How to Use Surfshark vpn 02 1

Whether using the VPN service, it enhances the way of quick connecting. The feature uses smart algorithms that connects you to nearest server for higher speed without demolishing any privacy and data retention. When you open the app, just tap on the button and you’re secured.

Enable Kill Switch:


You have to enable the kill switch feature to secure your browsing data when your VPN connection drops on all a sudden. You connection is automatically dropped by the Kill Switch feature. You don’t need to turn on the kill switch every time after opening the app. Once you did it, you’re in a safe mood.

Choose a Protocol:

How to Use Surfshark vpn 04

You can choose a VPN protocol for yourself but the VPN provider selects an option for you and let you to change the protocol at any time. OpenVPN and IKEv2 are the most up-to-date protocols and you can choose any one of them.

Use MultiHop:

How to Use Surfshark vpn 05

This twofold VPN include includes an additional layer of insurance to your VPN experience. By associating with two distinct servers simultaneously, MultiHop guarantees significantly more grounded encryption. For instance, associate with a server in the UK and afterwards include France top of it.

Any Security & Privacy with ExpressVPN

Surfshark's protection highlights the VPN nuts and bolts. The security conventions (OpenVPN UDP and TCP, IKEv2), AES-256 encryption. Besides, the kill switch prevents any unauthorized interference if the connection suddenly falls.

Surfshark has its own private DNS on every server to lessen the opportunity of others keeping an eye on your exercises. Furthermore, the capacity to utilize a twofold VPN bounce (associate with Paris, state, at that point, leave the Surfshark to arrange in New York) makes it considerably hard for anybody to follow your tracks.

Like ExpressVPN, Surfshark is situated in the British Virgin Islands, and the organization brings up that this implies it's not required to keep logs of client activities.

A FAQ page on logging illuminates this, expressing Surfshark doesn't gather – approaching and active IP addresses; Browsing, downloading or buying history; VPN servers you use; Used data transfer capacity; Session data; Connection timestamps; Network traffic.'

Support by ExpressVPN for Facing Any Problem

If you’re facing any problem with your VPN, the support team is always ready to serve you. I am pleased with because of their friendly, responsive, and informative support. They provide 24/7, quality live support.

If you place your question, you’ll be added into a queue. When your turn comes in, the chat box immediately tells you about your position. No worries. You don’t need to wait for long. You’ll have a chat within a minute with anyone of their representative.

Pricing Plan:

You’ll find multiple subscriptions available in Surfshark VPN services. There’re different pricing tables and you can choose a plan according to your requirements. It doesn’t even matter which plan you purchased, you’ll have all the premium features to access.

Frequently Asked Questions

There’re many thoughts come across our mind when we tend to use new things. It’s natural because there’re certain things come in that we need to solve or know the answers. In this section, we’ve listed some common questions that people ask.

✅ Can I use Surfshark on my router?

Of course, you can. There’re some devices like Chromecast, Xbox, etc. where you can’t install the Surfshark VPN. But installing the VPN in your router, it would be beneficial.u003cbru003eu003cbru003eIf you want to set up a VPN on your router, the router must have the VPN functions. It merits referencing that not all switches have it.u003cbru003eu003cbru003eTo decide if your switch is perfect with the fundamental VPN convention, if it's not too much trouble read the client manual of your switch or inside the container of your switch. On the other hand, you can essentially sign into the switch and check on the off chance that you can discover some VPN settings there.

✅ Where is Surfshark VPN located?

The British Virgin Island is the location of Surfshark VPN Company. You know, the employees of this company are scattered throughout the world and even in the Europe, like other VPN companies do.

✅ Is Surfshark trustworthy?

Definitely, it’s a secure and trustworthy VPN provider for multipurpose.  It has such features that protect your anonymous identity on the web and also prevent your data from being recorded while your VPN connection falls suddenly.

✅ Is Surfshark good for FireStick?

Yes, it’s totally safe to use Surfshark for FireStick. You’ll find different VPN providers create different client features for FireStick. But, you can find premium security features with the Surfshark.

✅ How many devices can I have on Surfshark?

The VPN Company provides unlimited bandwidth and connections. You’ll enjoy simultaneous connections at a time without any limitation. The Surfshark allows you to have this exclusive service. Though it offers multiple connections at a time, it doesn’t lack the speed.

✅ Who owns Surfshark VPN?

Well, the CEO of Surfshark is Par Kaz, and Magnus Steinberg is the CTO. They introduced this VPN service to the world.

✅ Is Surfshark easy to use?

The features and the native browsers extensions of Surfshark are intuitive to use. It has a simple and easy interface that anybody can navigate. The establishment procedure is quick and precise. You'll have to enter your login accreditations to set up another gadgetu003cstrongu003e.u003c/strongu003eu003cbru003eu003cbru003eThe Quick Connect include makes it simple to locate a quick server. If you like, you can physically choose a server area with a solitary snap.


We’ve reached at the final stage of Surfshark VPN review. The VPN that is new comer in the industry but has already left it’s footprints in the premium category list. It not only provides the versatile premium features, but also protects your identity and security of your browsing history.

Moreover, it offers you the tremendous live support that is really helpful for solving any problem. So, I recommend that it’s a good option for VPN users to have multiple features within a cheapest price plans.

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