Trick to Watch US TV in Thailand for Free

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American television has gained popularity around the world for its entertaining and fun content. People can keep watching the programming of the gringo channels for hours and hours without stopping. The problem is that they are not available worldwide, because some countries have restrictions on them.

If you want to know the best Trick to Watch US TV in Thailand for Free and enjoy these channels' exclusive programming. You can continue reading this article to learn a little more about the process, The steps you must follow to obtain the result you want.

Why Can’t I Watch US Television in Thailand?

Thailand is one of the Asian countries with the most restrictions in terms of media content. They ensure that the population of the country only has access to the content they want to disseminate. Besides, many people in this country live in low-income areas, where there is no access to advanced technology.

Why Can’t I Watch US Television in Thailand?

However, this country is also characterized by having excellent tourist areas. That is why many people have had to look for alternatives that allow them to enjoy their favorite programming without violating the country's law where they visit. It is also an alternative that allows them to remain in their homes' comfort and do not have the need to spend large sums of money in the process.

The best trick is to use a VPN responsible for unblocking American Television Online to enjoy the programming without dealing with government restrictions or advertisements presented on the web portal. Best of all, you can also enjoy a better way of surfing the Internet.

Trick to Watch US TV in Thailand for Free

Today, most United States channels have a web portal for people to enjoy the content, regardless of whether they are inside or outside the home. The good thing is that with this Trick to Watch US TV in Thailand for Free, they can also enjoy the content if they are outside the country. You have to follow a few steps so that the process is carried out quickly and provides excellent results:

Trick to Watch US TV in Thailand for Free

1. Download a VPN

A VPN is a tool that allows access to all kinds of content, regardless of the geographical location or the restrictions established by platforms and government entities. Many people worldwide use this technology to navigate the Internet and access all the websites they want.

Download a VPN

There are many VPNs available in the market. Still, the most important thing is that people choose a VPN that perfectly suits their particular tastes and needs to enjoy the service in a better way.

2. Configure Your VPN

You must enter the settings section of your preferred VPN and choose a server in the United States to ensure that you have allowed access to the platform of your preferred channels from the web.

Configure Your VPN

3. Enter the Platform Of Your Preferred Channel

Now you can fully start enjoying your favorite programming no matter where you are in the world. Besides, a VPN also makes it easy for you to access other popular streaming platforms. This is an excellent opportunity to be entertained and facilitate the work of accessing any website without having to deal with restrictions.

Enter the Platform Of Your Preferred Channel

By following this series of steps, you can enjoy a simple and completely free way to watch your favorite programming from anywhere in the world. Now, American TV is completely available to users worldwide who use VPN services to access the platform.

Top 5 VPNs for US TV in Thailand

Here we accumulated 5 best VPN so that you can watch US TV in Thailand without any restriction.

1. ExpressVPN

When it comes to getting a reliable VPN, ExpressVPN is the first option on the list. It is one of the best because it has an excellent reputation. It is available in Canada, Germany, Monaco, China, Australia, and 90 other countries and offers its services at the best prices globally.


It is available in approximately 160 locations and has more than 3000 servers that allow the service to be highly efficient. People can enjoy download speeds of up to 83.40 Mbps, and they don't have the need to connect to networks that put their privacy on the web at risk.

ExpressVPN Features:

  • Founded: 2009
  • Blocked in: China
  • Number of torrents: 160
  • Average download speed: 45.89 Mbps
  • Support for instant downloads?: Yes
  • Proxy / mirror sites:,,

Take advantage of the 30-day money-back guarantee offered by the platform. Protect your data and personal information efficiently. Enjoy a very simple and comfortable interface and also extremely affordable rates with ExpressVPN.

2. CyberGhost

If you are looking for the best VPN for streaming, CyberGhost is the best alternative available. This VPN works with the best technology to encrypt user data and hide the IP address and activity logs efficiently. It is available in Albania, Argentina, Belgium, Spain, the United States, and 85 other countries.


This VPN has more than 6393 servers in more than 89 locations around the world. This allows users to enjoy a download speed of up to 93 Mbps. They can watch all the movies and sports broadcasts they want without being detected by platforms and government entities, avoiding putting their personal information at risk.

CyberGhost Features:

  • Founded: 2011
  • Blocked in: North Korea, Afghanistan, and Kazakhstan.
  • Number of torrents: 90
  • Average download speed: 48 Mbps
  • Support for instant downloads?: Yes
  • Proxy / mirror sites:,,

Enjoy the great prices and discounts that CyberGhost offers to users. This is the number one option for all people worldwide who want to enjoy watching their broadcasts without putting their privacy at risk.

3. NordVPN

NordVPN has more than 14 million users because it has an extremely simple interface and provides high-security standards. Its monthly payments are really cheap. They offer frequent discounts, and it is available in Brazil, Chile, Mexico, Greece, Singapore, and 54 other countries worldwide.


It has 5462 servers around the globe to guarantee a download speed of 36.44 Mbps. Best of all, they work with protocols that guarantee twice the security of other platforms so that its users enjoy browsing the Internet without being detected or interrupted by ads in no time.

NordVPN Features:

  • Founded: 2012
  • Locked in: –
  • Number of torrents: 59
  • Average download speed: 46 Mbps
  • Support for instant downloads ?: Yes
  • Proxy / mirror sites:,,

Many people enjoy this service, and you can do it too without a problem. You just have to enter the official web portal of this VPN and subscribe to one of its plans. If you are not satisfied with the service after a month, you can use the 30-day refund plan.

4. Surf shark

This famous VPN has everything necessary to encrypt its users' personal information. They offer a top-quality service to guarantee the satisfaction of their users around the world. It is available in countries with high restrictions, such as Russia, China, Israel, Norway, Korea, and 60 other countries.

Surf Shark

They have around 3,200 servers worldwide, and subscribers to this VPN can enjoy a download speed of 82 Mbps. People can surf the Internet without running the risk of their location being revealed to platforms and government entities that regulate the Internet's functions.

Surf shark Features:

  • Founded: 2018
  • Blocked in: China, North Korea, Qatar
  • Number of torrents: 65
  • Average download speed: 65 Mbps
  • Support for instant downloads ?: Yes
  • Proxy / mirror sites: surfshark.zona,,

Surf Shark offers its users a first-class service, with highly accessible monthly payments, as well as promotions and a money-back plan within 30 days of starting to enjoy the service (in case the client is not satisfied).

5. PrivateVPN

This VPN is available to be used from any type of device with internet access. They work with military origin technology to guarantee the maximum safety, speed, and effectiveness in service. They are available in Puerto Rico, Korea, China, Spain, Luxembourg, and 60 other countries worldwide.


They have more than 100 servers worldwide and provide a download speed of up to 28.62 Mbps. This is the best opportunity for internet users to enjoy browsing without being detected by government entities regulating internet functions, not having to deal with advertisements, and preventing your personal information from being leaked online.

PrivateVPN Features:

  • Founded: 2009
  • Blocked in: China, Puerto Rico, Dubai, Qatar.
  • Number of torrents: 62
  • Average download speed: 62 Mbps.
  • Support for instant downloads ?: Yes
  • Proxy / mirror sites:,,

Users who enjoy PrivateVPN services can enjoy great prices and promotions. If someone is not satisfied, they can opt for the 30-day return plans or check the platform's FAQ.

Final Thought

Using a VPN is the best Trick to Watch US TV in Thailand for free to fully enjoy American programming in Thailand. Thanks to this alternative, people can watch their favorite TV channels from their electronic devices with internet access without having to break the law at any time.

It is only necessary to choose a VPN with everything you need to make the experience completely satisfactory and enjoyable. Besides, you will access all the platforms and websites you want with this tool without dealing with restrictions or advertisements.

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