Windscribe Vs ExpressVPN: Which Vpn Is Affordable For 2021

Now you have to know what the differences are between windscribe vs Expressvpn so that you can hire the best vpn. These private networks are excellent, but you should know which one has the highest functionality in speed, quality support, number of torrents, etc. Discover the details in comparison that each private network has for you to contract now under your system.

Find out what the corresponding price is for each VPN and its money-back guarantees so that you agree to have it. Finally, you have to know the number of devices that each private network supports to link with your devices.

A Quick Comparison Chart

It's time for you to look at a quick comparison table between windscribe vs Expressvpn and take the best one:

Details of Factor Windscribe Expressvpn
Available servers 1.000 + 3.000 +
Loading speed 25.8 Mbps 27.9 Mbps
Protection and security Double VPN, military encryption, DNS leak protection, 256-bit encryption Military encryption, DoubleVPN, IP / DNS leak protection
Money-back guarantees Three days 30 days

Windscribe Vs Expressvpn: Detailed Comparison

You have to see a comparison in details that windscribe vs Expressvpn present and hire the best one:

Windscribe Vs Expressvpn

1. Top Features

Among the main characteristics that you can observe among private networks are:


With Windscribe, you can have the best private connection with military encryption and an easy-to-use interface. This private network offers a free version for you to have, enjoy and decide to hire for a few months. It is a very small VPN but has stable servers destined for the United States, Canada, and the United Kingdom.



Expressvpn has gone through the best reviews in functionality for you to hire and use on your devices. The VPN gives you freedom in browsing so that you can access the blocked websites in your country as streaming services. With this private network, you can connect to many servers worldwide to enjoy everything you want.


2. Supported Devices

The number of devices that each private network supports is important for you to protect the internet connection at home:


With this private network, you will have a P2P connection with more than four devices in a stable and very secure way. You can associate platforms like Windows, Mac, Linux, IOS, MacOS, routers, PS4, Xbox One, SmartPlay, etc.


For Expressvpn, you will have the best connection on six different devices associated with a tunnel. You can link with Linux, Windows, IOS, Android, Xbox One, Ps4, SmartPlay, routers, among others.

3. Speed

Upload and upload speed are very important for you to choose a VPN, and they are characterized by:


In Windscribe, you will have an upload speed of over 118 Mbps so that you can surf the internet without interruptions. To upload files, you will have a speed of 25.8 Mbps giving you a good performance online.


For the use of Expressvpn, you will have an upload speed exceeding 128.2 Mbps on your device. You will have an upload speed of 27.9 Mbps to upload your files, videos, and other items online.

4. Servers

You must observe the number of servers that each private network supports and their available countries:


With Windscribe, you can surf online with up to 1,000 servers in 60 countries dominated by the US and UK. These servers are stable and upgradeable to each other so that you have the best browsing experience.


If you hire Expressvpn, you will have at least 3,000 servers available in 94 countries for you to connect to. There are 100 locations in the United States, 70 in the UK, and more than 50 in Canada for you to use now.

5. Customer Support

Customer service is important for these private networks, and you must know which is the most profitable of both:


Windscribe is very attentive to its users, giving you 24-hour customer service, seven days a week. You will contact them by email and have the solution to server failures in no time.


With Expressvpn, you have 24/7 customer service support for you to contact at any time. You will have the solution to your problems quickly, so your private network experience will not be bad.


Finally, when you decide to hire a private network, you should know what the price of each one is:


Windscribe has good prices on your hiring to have an immediate and anonymous connection. The private network gives you a few days of free use so that you can observe all its functions and dedicate yourself to hire it. With Windscribe, you have excellent money-back guarantees for the following three days after hiring it.


The contracting price that Expressvpn has is a bit high, but it is worth it for the amount of service. You can contact the VPN for one month or one year and have the best service in an anonymous connection with many servers. Expressvpn gives you up to 30 days of use per contract in which you will have money-back guarantees.

Windscribe Vs ExpressVPN: Which VPN Will You Choose?

If you compare windscribe vs Expressvpn, you will notice that there is a big difference in servers, available countries, and money back. You have to sign up for Expressvpn now and have the best service on the internet for a private connection. The quality of this vpn is impressive, and you won't regret having it for at least 30 days to request your money back.

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